Meet Bob Frey, The Sodomy-Obsessed AIDS Villain And Heir To Michele Bachmann

10491348_1505998149634186_5450185553742143228_oMinnesota’s local political candidates probably aren’t too high up on many people’s radar, but this guy certainly should be.

Republican businessman Bob Frey (pictured) is currently running for Carver County’s house district 47A in the Minnesota House of Representatives, and he has made sodomy one of his key campaign issues, claiming it’s the cornerstone of… the economy?

Yes, the economy.

Frey is a father of five, a “lifelong conservative Republican,” and the founder of Frey Manufacturing, which boasts “the best traffic signal mounting equipment in the World!”

Before running for office, his biggest political success was helping Michele Bachmann dismantle the Profiles in Learning program in Minnesota, which was designed to promote higher standards in education by requiring minimum competence in skills like basic reading, writing, and math for all graduates from state high schools.

When questioned recently about his various political positions by local media outlet Minn Post, Frey said he believes all social and economic issues lead back to the same thing: the gay agenda and/or sodomy.

Said Frey: “It’s not about the gay agenda, but about the science and the financial impact of that agenda. It’s more about sodomy than about pigeonholing a lifestyle.”

10519774_1512132492354085_8786559526675823552_nIf you’re having trouble understanding what the hell he’s saying, have no fear. Frey went on to elaborate:

When you have egg and sperm that meet in conception, there’s an enzyme in the front that burns through the egg. The enzyme burns through so the DNA can enter the egg. If the sperm is deposited anally, it’s the enzyme that causes the immune system to fail. That’s why the term is AIDS – acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

(For the record: This explanation is entirely false. Both the parts about reproduction and AIDS.)

So how exactly does this impact the economy? Well, according to Frey: “It’s about sodomy. It’s huge amounts of money. AIDS is a long term illness, causing pain, suffering, death. A long-term illness that’s very expensive to treat.”

Um… Okay.

This isn’t the first time the political hopeful promoted ridiculous and, frankly, offensively inaccurate comments about HIV/AIDS.

10502492_1511674909066510_850962743448716490_nIn May, local media outlet Bluestem Prairie reported that Frey began distributing an antigay, pro-bullying DVD to his supporters. The video, titled “Sodomy, Health, Money, and HF826,” was produced by the Pro-Marriage Amendment Forum, a hate group founded in 2011 by Republican Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen and “ex-gay” activist Kevin Peterson.

In the 40-minute video, an unidentified male narrator, which some have speculated is Frey himself, boasts: “Gay marriage or sexual orientation is not about gays, bis, heterosexuals, marriage, right, wrong, et cetera. That is just a diversion. It is deceitful and in most cases a downright lie.”

He continues: “It is about legalizing sodomy, causing avoidable pain, suffering, death, and financial ruin.”

Later in the video, the narrator repeats what Frey told Minn Post almost verbatim: “When sperm enters the digestive system, it is quickly absorbed into the blood. It is the enzyme in the sperm that causes the immune system to fail. AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome.”

He continues, “Sodomy is a voluntary act to destroy the immune system that protects us from disease, various cancers, and other health issues.”

10338281_1508606716039996_5162176959252192512_nEvidently Frey and the producers of this video didn’t do much, if any, research before making these outrageous claims. If they had, they would have learned that HIV/AIDS is not a gay disease and is, in fact, most commonly transmitted through heterosexual intercourse worldwide.

According to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, of all the HIV-positive people in the world, slightly more than half of them are women. And according to, slightly more than 80 percent of HIV infections in Africa are acquired through heterosexual intercourse. Most infections in Latin America are acquired through drug injection. Heterosexual intercourse and drug injection are also the main modes of transmission in both South and South East Asia.

Neither Frey nor his Republican opponent, Jim Nash, were able to clench their party’s nomination earlier this year, which means the men will battle it out in a primary scheduled in August. District 47A is heavily Republican, which means that, if he can beat Nash, Frey has a very good shot at actually being elected.

Now there’s a terrifying thought.

See a disturbing two-minute excerpt from the DVD Frey circulated that was acquired by Bluestem Prairie below.

Photo credits: Facebook

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  • tricky ricky

    are these morons unaware that a) sodomy has been the number one form of birth control since time began – close second is infanticide which occurred in all cultures up until the late 1800’s – and b)it is the number one favorite act on film for consumers of heterosexual pornography.

    sodomy is the financial tent pole of the pornography trade.

  • gaym50ish

    He says, “It’s about legalizing sodomy…”

    I wonder if he failed to notice that the U.S. Supreme Court did that a long time ago.


    That district of MN doesn’t seem too bright if they elected Bachmann and are even entertaining the election of this douche.

  • hyhybt

    It’s obvious why he targeted the state’s education system first.

  • Alan down in Florida

    In my next life I’d like to be a political assassin and get guys like this to STFU.

  • LubbockGayMale

    I wonder if he smokes, or drinks alcohol? Both of those cost society much more than treating HIV/AIDS. But of course, railing against ‘legal sins’ won’t gain him points with the GOP/TP voters, will it?

  • Lvng1tor

    Should we start the countdown to finding this guy in a NoTell Motel with a trans prostitute and a lil person sodomizing this guy with a GI Joe Doll while the young man he paid to carry his bags forces meth into his veins…..

  • Chris Vogel

    Being Republican certainly correlates with being so stupid, but it is being a religious conservative that explains the vanity, arrogance, malice and wilful ignorance. Since religious individuals live by ridiculous fabrication, they feel free to invent whatever suits their purposes and, being the Chosen People of God, they expect everyone else to believe them.

  • Horse Lips

    He has nice boobs.

  • Shanestud

    Do any of these rightwing nuts realize that sodomy in legal terms is not just about gay anal sex? Oral sex or, in fact any sex that is not procreative between str8 people is called SODOMY. Put down your bibles and open a dictionary first.

  • Mezaien

    He is like all %99 of the American, fucked up Christian who is in denial, of their mental illness.

  • Ted Hayes

    He can have Michele Bachmann just as long as he is not elected to the House.

  • Frank

    He must be a big fan of Westboro Baptist Church where they also make up their own nasty flavor of Christian religion just to fit their hateful bigotry.

  • i43neile

    Wow, his ignorance about AIDS….

  • scotshot

    Just mad because the wifey won’t blow him.

  • Patsy Stoned

    Why do none of these right-wing idiots possess a top lip? It must be a sign of insanity.

  • Queer4Life

    Whenever I read anything about politics I keep seeing “House of Cards” and wonder why people vote. This guy is… Not intelligent. He is a politician, nough said.

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