Kevin "KJeezy" Gadalinkski as Kingdonm Hearts hero Sora.
Kevin “KJeezy” Gadalinkski as Kingdonm Hearts hero Sora.

In light of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom being released last week, it’s apropos that we’re shining a spotlight on Nintendo nerd Kevin “KJeezy” Gadzalinski.

The Milwaukee-based gaymer doesn’t just play video games, he embodies them, often cosplaying prominent characters such as Kingdom Heart’s Sora and Legend of Zelda’s Ganondorf.

“I should play the new Legend of Zelda for daddy Ganondorf alone,” joked KJeezy via Instagram, “but I find I always eventually get stuck in the Zelda games and I never finish.”

But, cosplaying as Hyrule’s biggest baddie belies KJeezy’s adorkable visage and chiseled physique. These attributes are better displayed through his portrayal of a Pokémon trainer.

For KJeezy, this connection to the multigenerational Nintendo franchise is somewhat emotional. Although the most recent iteration of Pokémon dropped back in November, the gaymer is still inching along his journey through the region of Paldea. The reason for that highlight’s the sensitive aspect of his personality.

“I’m still in Pokémon Violet, but it’s the last gift my mom got me before she died so I’m going slow with it,” KJeezy confided to us.

Video games aren’t the only niche of geekdom that resonates strongly with KJeezy. He’s also a huge fan of the Power Rangers series, gravitating towards the Blue Ranger Billy who is portrayed by openly gay actor David Yost.

Yost recently reprised this role in Netflix‘s anniversary special Power Rangers: Once & Always where, to the delight of KJeezy, the one-time class nerd stepped up into the position of team leader.

“I so loved Once & Always,” beamed KJeezy, “and Billy finally getting that leadership role!”

The Blue Ranger isn’t the only team leader to which this gaymer relates. He also closely identifies with Scott Summers aka Cyclops, the X-Men leader he often cosplays.

KJeezy as Cyclops.
KJeezy as Cyclops.

“He’s technically the leader, but among X-Men fans, he’s kind of an underdog,” he explained during a 2020 interview with Gaycities. “People think he’s a big boy scout who doesn’t have much emotion. But, he has all this grief inside of him, and no control [of his powers], but he has to put up a front to be strong for his team. I like that.”

For more on this sweet and sensitive cosplaying gaymer, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite posts from his IG.

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