Meet Sally Kern’s Opposition: A Transgender Oklahoma City Attorney

When we demanded back in June for elected bigot Sally Kern to get the hell out of office, little did we know that a transgender attorney might be the one to help the cause.

Kern, the Republican Oklahoma House member, wasn’t Queerty‘s No. 2 Homophobe of the Year by chance. She’s cultivated a niche of hating on gay Americans, with brash public statements and alignments with groups like Americans For Truth About Homosexuality. But now, a challenger to her House seat.

She’s Brittany Novotny, an attorney from Kern’s Oklahoma City, and she’s considering a campaign against Kern for the House District 84 seat. Novotny is in the beginning stages of her campaign, but she is moving forward; she’s filed the necessary paperwork to begin collecting funds, reports Gossip-Boy.


“I’m exploring a run for House District 84 because we need a representative who values all families in the district, who is dedicated to bringing good jobs to Oklahoma, and who will work tirelessly to make sure our children are getting the best education in our public schools,” said Novotny (pictured on right, with megaphone) in an earlier statement. “I believe I have the experience, drive, and determination to do that.”

According to Novotny in a communication received this evening, an official announcement about the race is expected in October. That will be preceded in September by two fundraising events, which are in the planning stage. A website will be launched next week and will allow supporters to begin contributing to Novotny’s campaign.

Novotny operates a private law practice specializing in employment and civil rights law in downtown OKC. She represents the Young Democrats of Oklahoma and is a National Committewoman for the Young Dems – who do acknowledge her gender as being female. After receiving a sociology degree at the University of Science & Arts in Chickasha, OK, she obtained her law degree from the University of California – Hastings College of Law in 2005. Since returning to Oklahoma, she has been active with the Democratic Party and participated in highly visible roles during civil actions for LGBT rights.

In June, she successfully argued on behalf of plaintiff Keith Kimmel in the “I’m Gay” license plate issue, which saw the Oklahoma Tax Commission refusing to issue a car tag with those words. Administrative Judge Jay Harrington found for the plaintiff and made a number of recommendations to the OTC, which have now gone to the state agency’s commissioners for review.


It’s unclear what type of political support Novotny already has, and can build up over the next 12 months. But at the very least, we imagine the state press will back any alternative to Kern; they already hate her.

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  • Geoff M

    I’m out of state, but I’d back her in a heart beat.

  • blake

    I was there when you spoke at the
    prop 8 rally. My employer gave me time in the middle of the day to be there. Ive got ur back. I would love to help in any way possible

  • jamesnimmo

    Sally Kern Descended from Emperor Justinian?

    With the latest proclamation from Oklahoma GOPer Rep. Sally Kern, she has finally revealed her true lineage: she’s not a christian at all, she’s descended from several Roman emperors–Constantius, Valentian, Theodosius, and the most famous of all, Justinian the Great. ( )

    Justinian (JG for short), a christian of course, really got the ball rolling to advance the persecution of same-gender sexual activity in 6th century, when what passed for science was called philosophy and the earth was thought to be at the center of the solar system.

    Just as Ms. Kern’s proclamation declares “this nation has become a world leader in promoting abortion, pornography, same sex marriage, sex trafficking, divorce, illegitimate births, child abuse, and many other forms of debauchery; she’s just fulfilling her empirical destiny. JG declared in 538 AD that homosexual activity was immoral and lead to earthquakes, famines and pestilence.

    JG also made it Roman (dba christian) law that homosexuality would be punished by torture, mutilation, and castration. Plain stoning wasn’t enough, I guess, to really put the stamp of disapproval on same-gender attraction.

    As you can read from Ms. Kern’s laundry list of sexual activities she’s really hot-and-bothered about some of the things responsible adults do in private.

    Her proclamation goes on in part to blame the latest capitalist economic recession to be caused by immoral behavior: we believe our economic woes are consequences of our greater national moral crisis. She also said in a video on an Oklahoma City television station that her god will look after the checkbook if we humans will look after the morality. ( )

    Yet she fails to show the connection between her private confusion of mind in regard to legal, private adult activities and the workings of the international economic markets. Can it really be true that major world financial centers aren’t listening to Ms. Kern’s advice?

    Well, if listening is what she needs in order to get along with her life and perhaps find out why her 32-year old son isn’t married and gives his sexuality to his god ( ) she’s given us an opportunity to hear her on Thursday, July 2, noon, at the Oklahoma Capitol Building, NW 23rd and Lincoln, Oklahoma City. You can join her and others to help sign her historical document or you can join an alternative event, same time, same place, sponsored by the ACLU of Oklahoma ( )

    You can read the proclamation and some other background on the spurious quotes it uses at .

  • schlukitz

    “A decent society does not discriminate against any of it’s citizens” – José Luis Rodriguez Zapetero, Prime Minister of Spain

  • jamesnimmo

    Fundie Baptist Paper Attempts to Stump for Kern

    video —

    Tulsa World —

    snip: The Baptist Messenger, the official newspaper of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, published Kern’s proclamation in its July 16 edition, making the document appear to be on state of Oklahoma “executive department” letterhead, complete with the state seal and signatures of Gov. Brad Henry and Secretary of State Susan Savage.

  • mb00

    @Rick: Wow Rick, how adult of you to say that. WTF is wrong with you? Saying she’s a “tranny” is an insult to the transgendered community, your statement is an equivalent to kids going around saying “that’s so gay”.
    Sally Kern is an indecent, disgusting excuse for a human being who doesn’t deserve to walking this earth; Transgendered people on the other hand, NEED to be running this country. Maybe then we’d get a our shit together.

  • Don Jones

    Sally Kern is an upstanding representative. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Judging by the comments to this story, you should all be charged with hate crimes. Hypocrites!

  • schlukitz

    @Don Jones:

    And judging by your comments, you should be considering psychiatric counseling.

  • DeAnimator

    @Don Jones: …Your momma.

  • Steve Rider

    When Sally Kern first burst onto the national scene some time ago I was among the thousands of people to reply to her incomprehensible stupidity on YouTube. Later that day I noticed that nobody, including the Representative herself, had ever registered an Internet domain name in her name, so I took care of that for her. Ha, ha, ha, ha take that you exceptionally ignorant moron.

  • Blake

    @Don Jones: Sally Kern stands up for HATE! She thinks she is in a “religous” war… The truth is she is blinded by her own hatred. The gay community has stood by long enough. And as for her war… Sally has OBVIOUSLY been reading a different version of the Bible than I have….

  • Brian

    @Blake: A “different version of the Bible?” No kidding. She is a Christian and she shouts what other Christians whisper or at least believe. She is only following orders – from your Bible.

  • Blake

    @Brian: You scraped the top… Truth is its very easy for Christians to come off that way.. Most of them only go deep enough to stir up the hatred.. so its easy to understand your point of view. BUT… with real education and actual study of the Bible the realization that the verses used in support against homosexuality are no longer valid. When they were written the literal consequence of two men having a relationship could have infact stopped the buiding of a civilization… The rule no longer applies along with hundreds of other laws in the bible. So much if it… is just LOL-able… I could spout out so many verses….

    Point is…. with every group of people there are many different levels represented… Dont let one type of Christian dictate who an entire group is… It would be like saying all Gay men are dress wearing drag queens….

  • Brian

    @Blake: So, which Christians have officially cancelled all the hate-generating biblical references to homosexuals?

  • Blake

    @Brian: I could actually name off a few churches in the OKC Metro area if you would like. There are even church services in OKC that are led by homosexual clergy members… They are the sames ones you see at the Pride Parade and linked to the Homosexual websites for the OKC AREA…… all of the above are easily found through GOOGLE…

  • Brian

    @Blake: Those are “gay-friendly” Churches. Which ones have formally declared that homosexuals are “not wrong, sinful and deviant?” Until then a Christian is a Christian is a Christian.

    Welcoming is not the same as rejecting the biblical lies about homosexuals. Not a single denomination or Church has ever rejected those beliefs. “Gay-friendly” is just marketing, Jesus-style.

    Let me know when you find a Church that has deleted that part of their beliefs. It would be a big deal.

  • Blake

    If your so worried about finding a Church that has “deleted” a belief you my friend should talk to the Clergy members yourself.. I have done my dirty work.. I have talked to the Head members of my church… You CANNOT delete part of the Bible… But like I said before Educated Christians understand the reasons behind the laws of the past…. I am a Christian of Jewish blood… I am Gay and the ONLY person of my family that is an active Christian….

    As sad as I am to admit in PART you are correct.. at one point… The father of my Pastors church asked to speak for fathers day… Needless to say he spouted hate against Women and Homosexuals causing a huge backdraw of the church being as 98% of the church is not that mindset…

    Being a Christian has nothing to do with what Church you go to… But I would def invite you to attend mine. I think anyone would be suprised. and NO my Church is not listed on that list of “Friendlys”

  • Brian

    @Brian: Mayflower Congregation in Oklahoma City, a franchise of the United Church of Christ (UCC) adopted the following statement:

    “So it is that we publicly, reverently, and happily issue a Welcome to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people as they are, to join our congregation in the same spirit of neighborly love as we welcome and accept all new members. We covenant not to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. We seek to include those who find themselves in exile from the community of faith because of their orientation. We actively encourage churches and secular government bodies to adopt and implement policies of non-discrimination. And we join together to celebrate and share our common communion and the reassurance that we are indeed all created by God, reconciled by Christ, and empowered by the Grace of the Holy Spirit.”

    So, they welcome the “wrong, sinful and deviant” homosexuals and agree not to discriminate based on sexual orientation. There is nothing about reversing the beliefs about homosexuals. You could be sitting next to a fellow Christian that believes the Bible completely and in fact, hates you. But, what the heck – they paid to be there, too.

    “Gay-friendly” is a Christian con-job. In 2,000 years we have converted 3,400 churches into “friendly” churches. That’s less than 1% of the 350,000 churches in the US. I guess in another 98,000 years about half the churches will be friendly. Wow.

    I guess from the above you might conclude that 1% of the Christian churches are headed in the right direction, although none has deleted the anti-homo crap from their bible. I don’t think they ever will. That means Sally Kern and Bishop Vicki-Gene Robinson have the same beliefs until the say otherwise.

    Sally Kern is very vocal because she is a Baptist. She’s also married to a Baptist Preacher. I don’t think she’ll be changing the terms of her religion – remember that other Christian belief “women serves man.”

  • Brian

    @Blake: It’s all bullshit until some Christian group has the balls to reject the biblical lies about homosexuals.

    I don’t need to speak to a pastor. It’s very simple to take stand and reject those lies. Until they do you simply belong to a church that uses “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Yeah, DADT Church.

  • Brian

    @Blake: “You CANNOT delete part of the Bible.”

    Episcopalians deleted the parts about slavery AND apologized. Other Christians have not. If, like you have suggested, they don’t take the homosexual parts seriously – like “truth,” then it would be easy to say so. Ask your “Head Clergy” to do that. THAT would be progress.

  • Blake

    Being a Homosexual WAS a sin… Its not being deleted from the Bible sorry games not played that way… And it HAS been acknowledged as wrong… Your so against Christians it wouldnt matter anyway… and there is no apology to be handed out… Would you in return apologize for labeling all Christians as one class??? Most Def NOT…. On top of that…. Ive handed you an open invitation… Ive already talked to my clergy… Ive explained this…… I have better things than to argue with you about who is right and who is wrong…. It seems to be all most Gays like YOU are capable of doing…

  • Brian

    @Blake: See, I knew it. Your particular brand of Christianity HAS NOT ended the WRONG of being a homosexual. Next time you talk to your clergy, who you have suggested “no longer believes THAT part of the Bible, have him put it in writing. He will lose his job.

    The biggest problem with Christianity are you self-proclaimed Moderates and Progressives because you claim you are NOT LIKE THOSE BAD CHRISTIANS, but YOU NEVER DECLARE THAT FORMALLY. It is a very simple declaration.

    It’s a holy version of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and hope people don’t notice at your Church. Many of us have noticed – it’s a con-job. They have Jesus-ly tricked you.

    In earlier comments you had a lot of confidence about your Church changing the Christian doctrine. Now, it seems we know the truth – they haven’t. If I were you, I would ask for a refund.

  • Brian

    @Blake: Oh, all Christians are followers of Christ, right? All with the same Word of God, right? Couple of minor differences, but basically the same deal, right?

    So, Christians are all in the same club. Just because Sally Kern shouts what other Christians whisper, doesn’t mean they are any different. It’s just a conviction thing, with a volume control.

    Make time to get the facts. You are believing something that you were told, but isn’t true.

  • MarkBoston

    would that not be PERFECT to have Kerns beat by a Transgender rival !!!!! What would that say to her LOL !!!!

  • Tom Hoey

    I’m a former Oklahoman who now lives in Minneapolis, a far more enlightened and Chritian country. A Quote from Mohandas Gandhi comes to mind: “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”

  • ytreeuq

    damn, I wanted to be the first trans congresswoman!
    go Novotny!

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