The shade of it all

Meet the stars of Fusion TV’s new reality series “Shade: Queens of New York”


Over the past several years, television and web series from around the world have tried to piggyback off of the popularity of RuPaul‘s Drag Race. Very few of those shows, if any, have had a high enough production quality to actually appeal to a broad audience.

So needless to say, when we received a screener of the first episode of Fusion TV’s new drag queen reality series, Shade: Queens of NYC, we were skeptical that it would be able to accomplish what so many others have failed to.

We decided to give the show a chance anyways, in hopes that it would prove us wrong… and boy are we glad we did!

If you enjoy watching reality television, you will enjoy Shade. The show is pretty much the drag queen version of The Real Housewives, but instead of following stuck up, pretentious women living in a wealth bubble, it features down-to-earth, relatable gay men living in the concrete jungle of NYC.

In addition to a bit of drama (and throwing shade, of course), Shade feels like a perfectly-timed series that will help showcase the stories of struggle the LGBTQ community faces in the hands of the current White House administration.

Below, meet the eight queens the show will follow, and tune into the premiere episode of Shade: Queens of NYC tonight, Thursday, October 5 at 10:30PM on Fusion TV.

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Brita Filter

Chelsea Piers

Holly Box-Springs

Jada Valenciaga

Jasmine Rice LaBeija

Marti Gould Cummings

Paige Turner

Tina Burner

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  • Jaxton

    Oh goodness – not another show that erases male homosexual desire in favor of some tragic -camp depictions of gay guys wearing eye shadow. Gotta keep those straights laughing at us, eh?

    • sanfranderek

      Oh look another self hating gay. Some of us are naturally effeminate or like to dress in drag, get over it.

    • Tim Winfred

      Your fragile masculinity is showing, Jaxton.

    • Danny595

      @sanfranderek – Jaxton is not a drag queen and doesn’t like drag. If he is hating something that he isn’t, how can that be “self-hating”?

  • Danny595

    Sad and gross. As a society, we have an obligation to combat toxic effeminacy.

    • Kangol

      Or toxic effemmophobia, which you’re exhibiting. You may be sad and find them gross, but their joy isn’t hampered one bit by it.

    • surreal33

      100% agree on the portrayal of gay men. We are constantly depicted as weak, flaky and sad. Most gay men are not swishy fem bots however, this narrative is used to debase gay men constantly.

    • Gaytaffuk

      Hi Danielle!

      I’m surprised your STILL beating that sad old ‘toxic effeminacy’ drum! I’d of thought you’d have more important things to get your panties in a bunch about!

      How exactly are you proposing to fight this ‘toxic effeminacy’? Are you going to slip on something tight, shiny and full of lycra with a fetching little cape and booties and become your alter ego ‘Toxic Effeminacy’ Girl’? Fighting sissies with a single swipe from your internalised homophobia purse? You must share photos, I’m sure you’ll look a dream!!!!!

      I’m certain you were badly bullied for your ‘swish’ ways when you were a boy, but I’m sorry it’s limited you so much as an adult and you need to get over it and let others enjoy their feminine side as is their right. You just carry on being you – big, butch and manly!

  • Jaxton

    I am not against drag or camp per se. I’m just against it when it is used to erase male homosexual desire to keep those straights amused and distracted.

    Male homosexual desire is being erased from our screens – it’s all part of the plan. It started around the time of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

    • hattiecurtis444

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  • He BGB

    When drag becomes mainstream it will be boring. What made it exciting was that it was dangerous and different. Ru says it wil never become mainstream though and he’s probably right. Used to they had to have at least 3 pieces of male clothing on or off to jail they went. What I’d like to know is are all these guys rich? Do theyu work a job other than drag or has grandma left them in her will? There are so many now!

  • Prax07

    Great, another show about bitchy queens wearing makeup and dresses…ugh!

  • judysdad

    I’ll pass. Probably the last thing I want to see.

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