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Mel B throws her drink on Simon Cowell. He totally deserved it.

Simon Cowell gets paid an awful lot of money to act like an entitled prick, but hey, a brand’s a brand.

And while his jabs, digs and jokes usually come at the expense of some hapless would-be performer wearing their heart on their sleeve, occasionally Simon will direct his focus to his fellow judges.

In this case, he opted for the two birds, one stone approach, attempting to insult America’s Got Talent cohost Mel B (a.k.a Scary Spice) and the performer all in one breath.

Mel was not having it.

Watching the below video, you get the sense that this wasn’t “play fighting” — girl looks pissed, and understandably.

“I feel like this would be a lot like Mel’s wedding night, a lot of anticipation…” Simon says. “Not much promise or delivery.”

Mel is currently in the midst of a difficult divorce with her husband of ten years, Stephen Belafonte. Nice timing, Simon.

See how she reacted below:

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  • surreal33

    Staged, trite, transparent and an unnecessary flash back to 80’s daytime tv.

  • zoomlens

    Yes, exactly. You figured it out. Queerty and all of its readers support antifa and BLM. We dress up in scary outfits and go out in large groups at night, dragging poor innocent Trump supporters from their homes and hanging them from the nearest tree. It’s basically all I do these days. We lynched four college republicans just last night. Lucky for us all the local sheriffs are secret antifa members and so we don’t worry about arrest. Even if some rouge prosecutor did try to put us away, no jury would ever convict us. We are every where. Death to Whitey!!!!!

    • zoomlens

      Sorry guys. Looks like Queerty already delete the posting about antifa and BLM to which I was responding. Without reading it, my posting comes off a wee bit crazy.

  • silveroracle

    If you want me to watch your dammed videos Queerty then stop using way wire because it doesn’t damn well work. ?

  • silveroracle

    As for Simon Cowell, that’s just typical.
    I hope Mel B caught him full on as he’s an arse anyway.

  • Jack Meoff

    Mel B is such a has been so over her routine send her back to the UK and let them put up with her. She already got kicked out of Australia.

  • GayEGO

    I surprised Simon did not call the two twin brothers puffs when he said he did not get their act. I have seen Simon roll his eyes on gay acts before.

  • dustychiffon

    Simon: alright you sad sacks for judges, ratings are way down, what should we do tonight to get people talking?
    Scary: I’ll tell you what I want…

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