Michelle’s “Political And Moral Schizophrenia”?

Michelle Obama was a hot commodity in Hollywood last night!

The potential first lady first hit up a fund raiser thrown by CAA honcho Bryan Lourd and meant to bring in some of the West Coast’s gay elite, like Tom Ford, and their money. Then, once that was complete, Obama headed on over to Sam Jackson’s Beverly Hills home, where she spoke to the likes of Magic Johnson and Denzel Washington.

The speeches, according to Patrick Range McDonald, were almost identical, but the Lourd event consisted of some more gay-themed issues, like DOMA and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. A shift in subject should be expected, because one tends to suit their topic to their audience.

If you’re talking to the gays, you better talk gay.

Ex-gay leader James Hartline disagrees. Mrs. Obama’s ability to refocus her oratory indicates severe political problems. He shrieks that Obama’s appearance at a LGBT delegate lunch and the convention last week only highlights her “moral schizophrenia”:

James Hartline says by talking about faith, motherhood, and basketball one night, and then the following evening calling on homosexual activists to “dismantle the institution of marriage,” the wife of Barack Obama showed she is “suffering from some political and moral schizophrenia.”

“It’s hard to fathom in stretching the parameters of what’s acceptable, that a woman who is going to be America’s First Lady for all of us would decide to give a speech in the convention itself – less than 24 hours after giving this ‘mom-and-apple-pie’ speech – to talk about introducing homosexuality and lesbianism into the military, to legalize it,” Hartline contends.

Hartline goes on to describe Obama as a “radicalized diva,” a summation only a homosexual could make…