Mike Pence ignored NASA “Do Not Touch” sign, and Twitter is letting him HAVE it

It wasn’t exactly open to interpretation like an ee cummings poem: The sign says pointblank “Do Not Touch.”

But Vice President Mike Pence was apparently stumped by the vagaries of the three-word sign — written by NASA staffers, of all things — and instead decided to touch the important piece of space flight hardware. Let’s hope he doesn’t have the same instinct around bright red buttons.

You’ll notice that the “Do Not Touch” sign was not his wife. She’ll be sure to have words with him.

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The photo, snapped by Reuters photog Mike Brown, quickly made the rounds on social media.

In case that wasn’t awful enough, Pence later referred to outer space as “the heavens” during comments at the recent NASA tour, as though to demonstrate just what kind of folksy ass he is. There’s a lot of them about lately.

Obviously, people got right to work cooking up memes and Photoshop parodies and posting them on Twitter and Imgur: 

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Rub mah bell

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PS Battle – Moonlanding

Wet paint

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h/t: Bored Panda