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Miley Cyrus Closes VMAs With Performance Featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens; Releases New Album

rdrMiley Cyrus might not have brought much of a wardrobe to the MTV Video Music Awards, but she definitely delivered in other areas. Returning to the show that thrust her onto pop culture’s radar after her twerk-tastic performance with Robin Thicke two years ago, Cyrus came with guns blazing as she hosted last night’s awards ceremony. Her arsenal consisted of pasties, a backstage nip slip, plenty of f-bombs and a performance with some of the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Introduced by the LGBT youth who were featured in Happy Hippie Foundation’s InstaPride campaign, Miley closed out the show with a performance of “Dooo It!” — an ode to her love of marijuana. As she chanted, “Yeah, I smoke pot. Yeah, I love peace. But, I don’t give a f*ck. I ain’t no hippie,” she was joined on stage by 30 drag queens, the majority of them from previous seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race including Shangela, Alyssa Edwards, Laganja Estranja, Pearl, Willam and current reigning queen, Violet Chachki.

There was plenty of prancing and hair whipping to go around during the five-minute performance. Combine that with the brightly colored costumes and phallic-like rockets that shot out confetti from between Miley’s legs, and it was a performance that had all the pomp and pageantry you’d come to expect from a drag show.

Watch the video below. Can you spot your favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race queen in the clip?

“Dooo It!” is from Cyrus’s surprise new album, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, which the singer announced was available as a free download at the end of the show.

Condragulations, Miley. Shantay, you slay!

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  • Bruno Freitas

    I just hate her voice when she’s talking, hate her “clothes”, hate her music, her tongue…i just hate everything about this girl.

  • Giancarlo85

    Wow. Some people really can’t stand her lol. What a surprise. Some spend so much time being concerned with what others are doing. You aren’t being forced to watch. I don’t even care much for her, but some of the comments are so spiteful.

  • Lestar

    why people would just hate someone who’s not doing any harm to their lives remains a mystery.

  • Keith Perdue

    FINALLY! Some others are mentioning that horrible appendage of hers called a tongue! Up to now, I’ve been the only one (I’ve noticed) that’s bitched about that piece of meat she hangs out the side of her mouth in about every pic of herself. Once I even spent half an hour compiling all the “toongue-shots” I could just to see how many I could find & finally just stopped from exhaustion….just WTF is with that thing anyway? What does doing that signify? Does it make some kind of statement other than “look at my piece of meat”? Dizzz-gusting…

  • Desert Boy

    I must be getting older because I was only able to swallow 30 minutes of the VMAs and I turned the channel. The constant camera cutaways to Taylor Swift and Kim and Kanye was just more than I could tolerate. Does the audience really want to see the three of them so much? I don’t want to see them. Of well, I’m done with the VMAs. It’s a bore.

  • Manu Carreño

    Oh, and only because she used gay people to get more attention, now we like that bitch?…

  • Masc Pride

    @Bruno Freitas: She should really see a doc about that white coating that’s always on her tongue. She doesn’t seem like the most hygienic person.

    @Desert Boy: I was thinking the same thing when I was watching. I flipped occasionally (since it was on like 20 channels), and nothing really seemed worth watching. Miley is irritating. The trans speech was boring and forced. The drag queen performance wasn’t interesting and also seemed forced. Kanye can only do the same exact thing so many times before we’re all over it. The VMAs are just generally getting old. It’s not us, it’s them! lol

  • Masc Pride

    @Manu Carreño: So true. Now it seems she’s moved on to exploiting transsexuals. I read she said she’s a 15 year old boy in a woman’s body, but I think most 15 year old boys have bigger tits.

  • Faulk

    Wow, whats wrong with you people. You are so boring… Miley is really kinda crazy, and i love that about her!

  • Michael Feather

    It’s so nice that a young person can express themselves without being ridiculed by people who don’t feel they have an obligation to be interesting.

  • TheBigOne

    @Michael Feather:

    Don’t worry, hang around the gay crowd long enough and you’ll soon realize just how hypocritical some of us can be. Personally, I don’t get my panties all wound up over whatever Miley does, I’m no fan of hers, but I do like that she does whatever the hell she wants to do and couldn’t care less what a bunch of middle-aged queens think about her.

    More power to her!

  • Xzamilio

    @Keith Perdue: Then you’ve been living under a rock because almost everyone has something to say about her tongue… or other crap.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Of all the hateful, vicious things that you have said and written about so many others, I find it a bit incredulous that you have the gall to lecture anyone about spitefulness.

  • Captain Obvious

    She’s trying way too hard to hold onto her “career”. I thought she reached the height when she was swinging around on a stripper pole. Apparently she was planning to go full on crazy.

  • Sebizzar

    My gosh. We get it Miley, you’re a pothead, “d0nt [email protected] wut ppl th1nk!”, and want to be as unclassy as possible. Just don’t try to represent the LGBT like this -.- She ruined the closing performance.

  • Brycedavid

    She’s awful. I guess it doesn’t take much for her supporters to be impressed.

  • Uppity

    She’s desperate for attention at all times. And much less interesting than she thinks she is. But with a net worth of $160 million, she feels she can do what she likes. Long after Madonna has passed, we will still be putting up with Miley.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: I don’t even like Miley Cyrus, but it appears some are jealous of her. What I write about right wing nutcases is all factual and true. You need to learn how to read better. And what happened? Your ego get damage because people on here destroyed your arguments with facts? You really have no ground to stand on. Right wing sleazebags like you are not wanted on here. So run away like you always do when confronted with facts.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Masc Pride: Coming from someone who constantly bashes trans people your concern for her exploiting them is hollow. You aren’t being forced to watch anything. We have a bunch of old queens putting up a hissy fit on here because they can’t do what they want. Well start by moving out of your parents basement… That might help.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    “Right wing sleazebags like you are not wanted on here.”

    Is that because you love diversity so much!?!

    Actually I’m still waiting for your clarification that I asked for previously. This is the third time I have asked you to back up your assertion that Republicans are making minorities show alternate forms of identification to vote. That Republicans are asking for more than one form of id and not accepting a state issued driver’s license.

    This is the third time, which Republicans and/or Republican states are making such an outrageous demand? If you can’t give me specifics, I can only assume you are lying. Lying for political reasons.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: YOu hate diversity. You want leftists and liberals locked up because you suffer from paranoia.

    You are sick in the head. Very sick. And yes republicans are making minorities show alternate forms of ID to vote (many who have presented driving licenses have been rejected from voting). Republicans are also rigging the vote by removing people from the ballot rolls (this is a fact).

    You are a stupid ignorant fuck who doesn’t look at the facts. I’ve already stated specifics. I am not lying under any circumstance. As a leftist, I speak factually. As a right wing conservative douchebag you live in fantasy land and suffer from brain damage.

    And what does voting have to do with a Miley Cyrus article? You fucking moron… you can’t even read. You just write bullshit and post it on here. You lie about everything.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    “You are a stupid ignorant fuck who doesn’t look at facts.”

    I would look at facts if you would supply some for me.

    Fourth time, which Republicans or Republican states are making minorities show alternate forms of identification to vote? That Republicans are asking for more than one form of id and not accepting a state issued driver’s license?

    You made a serious accusation and if you can’t back it up, then you are lying.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: I’ve supplied tons of fucking facts for you, but your little mind is not capable in processing them. You are an inbred troll who comes on here making stupid statements about the political left. Everything you post is a repeat of what is seen on Fox News or right wing blogs. All your so called “websites” are all right wing rags and blogs. I’ve already posted evidence.

    But please show me how a Miley Cyrus thread has anything to do with elections. I haven’t lied about shit, dipshit. You can’t prove I’m lying about anything. Prove I’m wrong, asshole. Or shut up.

  • Giancarlo85

    So what does this have to do with an article about Miley Cyrus? Oh yes, one more of Alistair Wisemoron’s off key remarks…

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Fifth request, which Republicans or which Republican controlled state?

    Please supply with your beloved facts, if you have them (which obviously do not).

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: And what does this article have to do with elections?

    Many fucking republicans like those in Ohio and Florida. But then again this isn’t the article for it. You randomly showed up making bullshit remarks you can’t back up.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Do the “many fucking republicans like those in Ohio and Florida” have names or are you “making bullshit remarks you can’t back up?”

    I’d really like to know their names.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: Yes, the Governor and Secretary of State for example of Florida. They have made it impossible for many people in urban areas to even vote and many have been removed from voting rolls. I’m not making up anything. I post the facts and only the facts.

    No, people have been turned away because their identification is supposedly invalid. Their “official websites” don’t count and don’t tell the real story of massive republican vote rigging. You can’t win an election if too many people vote because most people don’t support republicans.

    This is just the painful reality for you.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    “You can’t win win an election if too many people vote because most people don’t support republicans.”

    Really? Tell that to the House of Representatives, the Senate and the majority of governorships.

    You are hilarious. I shouldn’t joke, your Republican Derangement Syndrome is very serious.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: You suffer from massive mental brain damage. Your parents were most likely alcoholics. Most don’t support Republicans. The last midterm election had a record low turnout. Turnout was so low in certain states like Ohio… Lowest it has been in decades. You sir are a fucking idiot. If more people voted, Republicans would never win. Republicans are only popular among white males. Which explains why the have lost the last two general elections. You have anything else stupid to say? Most people hate Republicans. Probably around 60% of Americans. Less than 30% support them.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Do you have anything other the continuous, juvenile, gratuitous ad hominem attacks?

    Apparently you are unaware, but elections are based on who actually voted, not who didn’t vote.

    Thus, we have a Republican House, a Republican Senate and a majority of Republican governorships.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: So have you joined the Stormfront yet? They are waiting for your reply since you are in such strong agreement with their views.

    There are hundreds of thousands who are being prevented from voting because of republiturds like yourself.

    “Thus, we have a Republican House, a Republican Senate and a majority of Republican governorships.”

    Yet republicans have lost the last two general elections and will most likely lose the next one and the one in 2020 too.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    “There are hundreds of thousands who are being prevented from voting because of republiturds like yourself.”

    There you go again, making accusations that you can’t prove. You can’t prove them, because they aren’t true.

    How exactly am I preventing “hundreds of thousands” from voting?

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: Disprove me idiot. The statements I have made are completely true. You just can’t look at reality because you suffer from massive brain damage.

    It’s not bullshit. It is very real. There is a massive GOP voter suppression machine in this country. Everybody knows if urban areas vote in huge numbers, republicans would face catastrophic losses.

    Republicans will go down in the fucking ditch in 2016 anyways. They will lose the Senate and possibly the House. They will also lose the White House in a landslide.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Let me do what you do.

    “Slate!!! Are you kidding me with this left wing bullshit!?! Come back with a real website.”

    That is about all I hear from you. I read the article. First it says “tens of thousands” have been removed, not hundreds of thousands. Good!!! I want everybody removed from the voter rolls that are not suppose to be there – even if it is millions.

    I’m glad Republicans are trying to limit or end same-day registration. This is only another venue for potential fraud. We have a big election coming up on the first Tuesday in November in 2016. If you are not able to register by then, then you don’t deserve to vote.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: You’re a total failure. Slate is not bullshit. It’s a factual website. Hundreds of thousands have been throughout the country. For no reason.

    And no, they weren’t removed because they weren’t supposed to be there. They are law abiding citizens who have a right to vote.

    You’re an idiot and a fraud yourself. Republicans are engaging in massive voter fraud. You are a ridiculous moron.

  • Giancarlo85

    By the way, those people who are being removed did register, do have IDs and are citizens… but were removed anyways. Idiot, you can’t even read the article. That image is a disgrace. Right wing bullshit. How dare a republican nasty fucker insult Nelson Mandela like that? Mandela was a leftist and a hero… the republicans are NOT.

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