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  • Thom

    Guess what I want for my birthday???

  • hells kitchen guy

    nice abdominal midsection


    One word. Yummy

  • ninebone

    drool Yes, he is my kind of man…

  • madmax

    He can spend the weekend ANYTIME.

  • mn

    is the inappropriately placed gun an attempt to give this guy something to distract from a noticeably absent package?

  • dvlaries

    Funny how my instinct to bitch if they’re too young is dialed-down in suspicious proportion to how many crotch shots the set contains. Ryan goes in the okay column :-)

  • Suburban

    I really like the couch shot. very nice chest and abs. he has to look even better out of those shorts.

  • xsoorudex

    his eyes are gorgeous.

  • gregg


  • parisinla

    lol omg shutup gregg.

  • Pheonix

    He is smiling! Finally, somebody who hasn’t gone to Tyra’s modeling school and had their personality surgically removed!

  • Paulo

    Is it wrong of me to imagine him with a mono-brow?

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