Queen of clapback

Nancy Pelosi’s “f*ck you” clap to Donald Trump has been immortalized in memes for posterity

Nancy Pelosi clapping

Donald Trump blabbered on for an hour and 22 minutes during last night’s State of the Union address, making it the third-longest one in modern history.

Trump stood at the front of the House chamber, with Vice President Mike Pence seated behind him on one side, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi watching over his shoulder from the other.

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Throughout the speech, Pelosi sat with pursed lips and a grim expression on her face, rolling her eyes and shaking her head as Trump spewed lie after lie, with a few bombastic partial truths thrown in for good measure.

But it wasn’t until the end of Trump’s harangue that the woman who sits third in line to the presidency issued, as the Washington Post so perfectly described, “a ‘literal clap back’ to the president on national television and in front of a room full of the country’s most powerful people.”

And now, the memes…

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