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New York Club Promoter Tells Ian Reisner Not To Blame Gays For His Business Mistakes


I have not talked (on line) about the OUT NYC boycott. BUT I just saw the New York magazine article on this whole Ted Cruz, Ian Reisner and Matt W thing…. Now I have to speak out to Ian on what he said in that article about gays ‘Gays are cheap comment..

Gays, like and any group, will spend their money when you give them something that they want or need. Do not blame the community for any of your failures to make money. xl made over $8M dollars the year Beto and I ran it. Then you all thought you could do it by yourself and we got the ax.
You lost your shirt the next two years trying to do it yourself.

So, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Gays are not Cheap… as a matter of fact we spend more of our money on going to bars, night clubs, hotels and resturants than do most other people.

Just tell the truth. You have lost money on The OUT NYC because of the way you and Mati managed or should I say miss-managed THE OUT NYC … don’t blame us for your mistakes.”


John Blair, who with husband Beto Sutter promoted Ian Reisner’s now-closed Roxy nightclub and his XL club, in a note posted to his Facebook page in response to Reisner’s comment to New York magazine that his businesses haven’t shown a profit because gay people are cheap

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