No one was staring at Conor McGregor’s face during his face-off weigh-in with Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor ultimately didn’t win his fight against Floyd Mayweather, but that’s not important right now.

What demands your utmost attention is this footage of the face-off weigh-in between the two fighters. We can’t put our finger on why, exactly, we think it will captivate you. Perhaps we sense McGregor is just One To Watch, possessed of that innate charisma that screams star staying power. Or perhaps it’s his meticulously crafted tattoos. Or his hypnotic accent.

Yes — it’s definitely his hypnotic accent.

His fluting accent makes every turn of phrase into beautiful lyrical poetry, and we’re mesmerized by it. We think you’ll be mesmerized by it, too.

Is it just us, or is his accent absolutely marvelous?


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  • Xzamilloh

    It’s just something about Conor McGregor that just screams unhinged raw animal magnetism in the bedroom. I see that a lot with Irish and Dominican guys

    • Xzamilloh

      But, Floyd was not pressed by a long shot and knew he had dat azz… Conor knew it, too. No one lost on Saturday. Floyd keeps his perfect score, and Conor gets a payday he’d likely and will likely never see in the UFC

    • Donston

      I’m kinda over his over the top persona. I still think he has some sex appeal when that persona goes away.

  • Kangol

    Conor kept spewing rac!st BS but couldn’t help getting hard for Floyd, who kicked his @ss! Chumps jump up to get beat down! LOL

    • markinwashington

      No Kangol, you are wrong.

      Conor spewing rac!st BS?
      –False. debatable at most.

      Mayweather calling Conor a “[email protected]” to his face?
      –True. Recorded at one of their press conferences.

      Mayweather gave a half @ss apology claiming racism is worse than homophobia… hypocritical much?? Lame. Kangol, get a clue. You can’t run your mouth and then be a snowflake and play victim.

    • Kangol

      @markinwashington, sorry, but Conor is on record making rac!st comments, it’s not “debatable,” and he got his @ss kicked, so deal with it.

      And that Breitbart/Alt-right/white supremacist lingo like “snowflake” is really tired. BTW, your boy Conor probably still has a hard-on for Floyd to kick his @ss again.

    • markinwashington

      Ok snowflake, would you rather me call you Mr. Hypocrital [email protected]?

      You didn’t once address the issue that Mayweather called Conor a “[email protected]

      Are you condoning his behaviour? Or are you conveniently leaving that tidbit out to express that you are ok with homophobia as long as they’re not [email protected]? Either way, your argument is futile and baseless. Lmao

    • mbuddy

      Kangol, are you condemning one– and letting the other one off the hook??

      Tsk, tsk…

    • Kangol

      @mbuddy, Floyd Mayweather’s wifebeating and homophobia are disgusting, and I condemn them, but I also condemn anyone dismissing racism (are you?), which happened on this thread and happens on this site. Floyd beat Conor’s @ss, though, so it’s academic at this point.

    • mbuddy


      If that’s the case, in your original post why didn’t you condemn them both?! Or were you just ignorant to Mayweather’s transgressions??

      My point exactly..

      I could care less of who beat who, but to overlook that oversight is asinine.

    • mbuddy

      Ps. And who’s dismissing racism?! Your initial post favoured Mayweather when they both are clearly douchbags. Are you dismissing homophobia?! Lmao

    • Tête Carrée

      You think THAT is a hard-on? You have small expectations.

  • RIGay

    Though, IMHO, MMA is the GAYEST sport second only to men’s figure skating, I am so glad that a classical boxer beat the snot out of him.

    Otherwise, I have no use for either – useless sports that do nothing except teach people it’s okay to beat the crap out of someone else.

  • Chris

    aaaaaand he still got his ass kicked.

  • Dedric Walker

    I’ve always thought that Conor McGregor was sexy and very Metrosexual with Homosexual characteristics. Also, I don’t think his comments are racist. He would say the same or similar things to any opponent. It is just his personality and the image that he has chosen to portray. It is purely for entertainment purposes.

    • Kangol

      You think he’s sexy so you’re willing to overlook overtly racist comments like “Dance for me, boy,” and “I turned him [Mayweather] into a Mexican,” and “That [Rocky III] was the one with the dancing monkeys in the gym” and “[Nate Diaz] is “cholo gangster from the hood” and that he would “invade the favela” of a Brazilian fighter “on horseback and kill anyone who wasn’t fit to work, but we’re in a new time, so I’ll whoop his ass instead,” and “I’m half-black from the belly button Down,” etc. Mane, come on now, don’t excuse this blatant BS. Dude rightly got smoked. He’s lucky, because that 40-year-old brother could have laid him out, but he didn’t.

    • mbuddy

      @ Kangol

      If you can overlook Mayweather’s blatant homophobia on record, Dedric can have his own prerogative too.

  • dubstepskater94

    (Coughs) I’m sorry. I know I’m gonna sound like the pervert in the convo… but everyone is debating who’s racist and who’s homophobic and who beat who’s ass… when the whole article was about some white guy who showed off his bulge at some weigh-in. Guess I need to watch more sports because apparently I’m missing out.
    p.s. The white guy wasn’t all that cute (the black guy was waaay cuter IMHO)… but the white guy seemed to have more of a “pumped up” attitude (which was hot) and not going to lie, the fact that he was showing off the goods (if that’s soft, imagine what it is hard) was the only reason I read this article….

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