NOM Hacker Apologizes For Race-Baiting Strategies, Turns Twitter Page Gay

It appears that the National Organization for Marriage’s Facebook page was hacked earlier today. A tipster sends a screenshot where NOM apologizes for banning Facebook users from commenting on their page.

“We sincerely apologize to anyone we have banned from this page in the past,” said the Facebook update. “That is why anyone who was ever banned for simply exercising their right to free speech is now welcome once again to engage with this page.”

Sounds too good to be true, right? I checked back on NOM’s Facebook page now and the post and thread have been deleted, indicating it was probably the work of a hacker.

Later in the thread, NOM even apologizes for their recently revealed race-baiting tactics: “We were embarrassed by the truth of a racial wedge strategies being made public. So this is a gesture of our good faith to turn things around.”

What a benign, benevolent hacker. NOM sure could learn something from him or her.

UPDATE: Twitter also hacked. Screenshot below. Plus, the NOM blog is “down for maintenance.”

Oh, BTW, NOM endorsed Romney now that Santorum’s dropped out.

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  • Casey

    LOL serves em right :)

  • Johnny Q. Doe

    On Twitter: @NOM4Equality has now been deleted or taken down. This was formerly @NOMTweets, and it stands to reason that the name change and some of the posts declared this, so someone else could register @NOMTweets. This was done, and the new @NOMTweets is sending out Pro-LGBT links. No clue if NOM4Equality was taken down by Twitter or if the new “owner” simply wanted to de-link all of the Twitter followers NOM had amassed (only 5k at the time of the above screenshot).

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