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Oof: Bette Davis explains why she disliked “impossible”, “unprofessional” Faye Dunaway

If Feud: Bette and Joan is as successful as we suspect it’ll be, perhaps Ryan Murphy can cobble together a second season by pitting Bette Davis against Faye Dunaway.

An old Tonight Show clip has been making the rounds thanks to Davis’s bitter reminisces about working with Faye Dunaway on the 1976 TV movie The Disappearance of Aimee. 

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Why does Davis dislike Dunaway? As she explains to Johnny Carson, “I don’t think we have the time to go into all the reasons.”

Dunaway is “uncooperative” and “totally impossible.”

“Ms. Dunaway is for Ms. Dunaway.”

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“Truly, seriously, she’s a very unprofessional, difficult woman.”

She explains her side of things here: 

Watch the trailer for Feud: Bette and Joan here:

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  • Billy Budd

    I am anxiously waiting for this Feud. I love WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE and I am sure that their hatred in real life brought more value to the movie. I must also add that Joan Crawford was nuts and Bette was awesome.

  • Chevelter

    In 1997 Andrew Tobias devoted a wrote a fascinating series of columns about an absolute monster he calls “Ms. Star” – who was later revealed to be Faye Dunaway. Here’s his first column, and you can click the forward arrows above each column’s title to get to the next installment. It’s well worth your time to read.

  • dinard38

    Oh, Ms. Davis. Please don’t hold back how you truly feel about Faye Dunaway.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Not only do I think All About Eve was the best movie Bette Davis made but I have my doubts about her acting in that movie. I believe that was Bette David being herself in that movie. Mildred Pierce for Joan Crawford. She looked just as though she was “acting” the role of a mother who cared about her daughter. I congratulated her because she “acted” out the part perfectly and it showed. She couldn’t give a damn about anybody (I doubt even her own mother) in real life.

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