Well, this is just the best news ever! Taking a cue from NBC’s live staging of The Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood, Fox has just announced plans to produce its own live version of the blockbuster Broadway musical Grease. 

Execs are still hammering out the details, but a three-hour production of the musical is set to air live some time next year, and it will no doubt be a huge, huge hit. After all, the 1978 film version of Grease starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John earned nearly $400 million worldwide, and remains the highest-grossing movie musical ever.

Of course, the burning question is: Who will be cast? Historically, Grease has always been cast with actors whose teenage years are in the rearview mirror. We can think of so many teenage-ish actors and singers we’d love to see light up the the small screen in this latest production.

Scroll down to see our dream cast. And let us know who you’d like to see in the comments section below.

Zac Efron or Bruno Mars as Danny

Zac Efron is probably the most obvious choice. He has the classic Greaser look. Not to mention he’s Hollywood’s current “it” boy. But we think Bruno Mars would also make an excellent choice. Not only does he have the pipes for it (he’d have no problem hitting the high note at the end of “Summer Nights”), but he’s got the big hair and the smooth style to boot.

Lupita Nyong’o or Jennifer Lawrence as Sandy

We have no idea if Lupita Nyong’o can even sing, but we don’t care. We love watching her. She’s absolutely beautiful. Not to mention, she’s insanely talented. Our second choice would be Miss Jennifer Lawrence. We’re not sure if she can sing either, but that’s beside the point. She’s young, she’s hot, she’s hilarious, and she’d make a fantastic Sandy Dumbrowski. Although, on second thought, she doesn’t have the best luck when it comes to live television. Here’s hoping she doesn’t trip during “You’re The One That I Want.”

Taylor Lautner or Adam Lambert as Kenickie

Taylor Lautner is our first pick for smooth-talking, hip-shaking Kenickie because — well — isn’t it obvious? He’s a total stud muffin and he looks great in leather. We’d love to take a ride on his Greased Lightnin’. Of course, realistically, rocker Adam Lambert might be a slightly better fit for the role. He gives off the same bad boy vibes as Lautner, but he’s also got the voice and the dance moves to go with it.

Adele or Lorde as Rizzo

We’d like to nominate Adele for the part of Rizzo simply for the pleasure of hearing her belt out “There Are Worst Things I Could Do.” She’d steal the show. If she’s not available, our second choice is Lorde, who would also very likely steal the show.

Lindsay Lohan or Lana Del Rey as Frenchie

As much as it pains us to say this, reality star Lindsay Lohan would make a pretty good Frenchie, the hot mess/beauty school dropout who can’t seem to get her act together. Not only does she have the fiery red hair, but she could draw from her own life experiences. The trick, of course, would be getting her to show up to set. On the very likely chance that she bails at the last minute, we’d make cool crooner Lana Del Rey her understudy.

Neil Patrick Harris as Vince Fontaine

This one’s a no brainer. In fact, we’d be surprised if Mr. Harris wasn’t already negotiating his contract.

Jane Lynch or Angela Bassett as Principal McGee

Jane Lynch is probably a safe choice for Principal McGee, given her ample experience in the high school musical genre from her work on Glee. However, we think Angela Bassett would also do well in the role. We were reminded of just how much we loved Miss Bassett during the last season of American Horror Story. She’s one badass bitch who’d have no problem whipping those kids at Rydell High into shape.

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