OUT ON DVD: Eating Out: Open Weekend, Dragon Tattoo, The Muppets And A Battle Royale!

This week’s home video lineup is like a trip around the world, kicking off stateside with a popular rom-com series’ fifth entry, Eating Out: Open Weekend (above) which sees the gang transported to Palm Springs for more sexy hijinks. The cold and dark side of Sweden is the setting for David Fincher’s version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And from Japan comes Battle Royale — a pre-Hunger Games cult hit about high-schoolers forced to battle it out in a bloody contest of survival — which finally gets its long-awaited American release.


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  • Christopher Banks

    I remember the original “Eating Out” as being a really funny, sexy, bawdy low-budget comedy. How did it evolve into a Bel Ami ad?

  • Marie Cohn

    ONE of these is actually good: The Muppets.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Christopher Banks: I was just thinking that. Basically they lost all of the talented actors and turned to removing clothing and praying we didn’t notice.

  • T

    Wow Battle Royale is a great film
    I saw it years ago on bootleg cuz they couldn’t secure the rights to release it here in USA

    Hunger games blatantly ripped this film off.

    And Eating Out series is just embarrassing itself now. Just go rent porn for god’s sake.

    The script is just as bad but no money shots

  • MJ

    the first and second eating out were the only ones I ever saw. I read about the third one and just said HELL NO

  • Zack

    “a gay guy being slutty, call TMZ” I love it :o)

  • george

    im glad equality has evolved to the point where the gay community can make lame, mediocre movies just like straights can

  • Robert

    I love Lawrence Ferber! He’s the authority!

  • SG

    I love the Eating Out movies. Yes, they’re cheesy.

  • isaac420

    I’m bummed that this eating out didn’t have Ronnie Kroell in it. That guy is hot!!

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