o-AIDEN-LESLIE-570When I wrote this song, I was probably at one of my lowest moments…I was running with the wrong crowd, partying a lot, having probably too much fun. I was lost. It was definitely a jet-set type of lifestyle that lots of people from the outside would think was fabulous, and it was! But it took its toll on me spiritually. I was searching for lots of things, and in all the wrong places. So I dug deep and wrote about it, and by doing that, it healed me. …The video definitely illustrates a relationship from a literal standpoint, but it’s more of a metaphor for the song. There are lots of layers. I went to many things to numb the pain, and the relationship was one of those things. If you look at the lyrics, they are on the dark side: ‘I could care/Should care/But I just go.’ It’s that universal thing of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So many choices were before me and I chose things that were not serving me. In the bridge of the song I write, ‘Running down this path with my eyes closed searching for the truth.’ I didn’t want to see the truth, so I chose to keep going no matter what…a survival technique, one I think most of us can identify with.

— Singer Aiden Leslie discussing the inspiration for his song “I Just Go” in an interview with HuffPo

Watch his video for the song below.

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