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  • terrwill

    I am pissed!! Paula added so much to the show!! I think the producers underestimated the appeal of Paula’s incoherant ramblings and gushing for even the most meodicre of performances. It was great camp. However Q-people you have an incorrect heading for this post. You should have stated that “One of the Drag Queens has left” Miss Seacrest is still employed at an astronomicaly overcompensated rate!!

  • Geoff M

    At least she has that quality line of “Paula Abdul HSN Jewelry” to fall back on.

  • Mike Philly

    I gave it a shot but your stuff is just painfully bad. Without the funny, being obnoxious–toward Paula Abdul, no less!–is just stupid. I’m sure you won’t care but I’m no longer following you on Twitter, nor will I continue visiting your little site. Even Perez is preferable to this!

  • Helga von ornstein

    The once or twice per season I watch this show was because of Paula. I still fail to see what was the problem with her. So she did drugs. AND??????

    America makes me sick with this so-called wholesome hypocritical image they insist on trying to ram down our throats. I was through with this show years ago after that B/S surrounding Frenchie Davis. If any of those farts are without sin let them cast the firt stone.

    And thank you Elton John for exposing Simon for the ass-hole he really is.

  • Tim

    I’m appalled. Not only with how Fox has treated Paula, but that this site disrespects her as well. Queerty lost credibility with the horrific redesign several months ago and now the title of this article, which is offensive and disgusting, only indicates the further degradation of this site. What has Paula Abdul(a friend of the gay community) ever done to you? Queerty editors, shame on you.

  • Stef

    I have to say, I used to love Queerty – and on occassion, I still do – but the hypocritical tone to some of your posts is just awful.

    You rip on Perez Hilton like he’s the second coming of Satan because he called someone a fag, yet you have no problem ripping on Paual Abdul without any hesitation and without any warrant.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize fag and “over medicated drag queen” were so spaced on the “insult-o-meter”.

    I don’t even like Paula Abdul, but your ridiculous post title made me want to say something.

    I think this site has taken a turn for the worse. It no longer seeks to empower gays or make gays aware of what their hurdles might be, or even counter the negative and false images put out by the far right…instead it seems like a cliquey bunch of HS girls who make fun of everyone else, but when someone makes fun of them, they are on the shit list and biggots and “mean girls”.

    Give me a break. I much prefer Less hostility, more honesty. Sorry guys.

  • terrwill

    I think some of the people posting here need to have THEIR meds adjusted!!

  • BrianZ

    @Stef: Really? Seriously? You equate Perez Hilton calling a faggot with Queerty calling Paula a drag queen? You think that’s on par? I hope your not queer.

    Drag queens are fierce, fiesty bitches who turn it the fuck out. You queers who take the “drag queen” label as a negative have some serious internalized homo-hate to deal with. Yes, YOU bitches!

  • 7SK

    First of all, @BrianZ: shut up. Queerty used the term “drag queen” in a negative way, so don’t go barking at others for calling them out on it. “Internalized homo-hate”? Please.

    And secondly, I’d much prefer Paula than that Kara woman. At least it doesn’t take me two minutes to fast forward through Paula’s dribble.

  • TANK

    This will ruin the show! Paula was a mainstay, fucking the guests acting all cracked out and high most of the time…the only person who could possibly replace paula is anyone else.

  • BrianZ

    @7SK: Yes, of course they used it in a negative, because that’s the ONLY way to take it isn’t it? YOU read is as negative because that’s where you live, bitch. Don’t put that off on me.

  • TANK


    It was a compliment. They were compliment this big pile of mess….by calling her a drag queen–a gay man that dresses up like a woman. Because paula looks like a man that dresses up like a woman…she looks like she’s got a penis and testicles and an adam’s apple, and pronounced jawline, and stubble… And she sings showtunes in a deep brassy manly voice. Yup, this was a compliment alright. Drag queens are brave and proud, and paula’s brave, too. I mean, she walks around in a drug induced stupor all day long and co hosted a shitty but popular tele show for a few years. That’s courage.

  • TANK

    also paula looks like she can and HAS taken a punch before. That’s a drag queen who knows how to fight dirty! I’d tell you wear she keeps her knife, but it’s dinner time.

  • angelo

    thank god.

  • 7SK

    @BrianZ: And I suppose you think “over-medicated” is a compliment? Or do you think the editors decided to slap her across the face and give her a tiara in the same headline?

    Also: “YOU read is as negative because that’s where you live, bitch.”

    I live in Negative, or are you saying that South Beach is a hostile environment for drag queens?

  • Jon

    It’s absolutely bizarre that they feel Ryan Seacrest is worth $15 million per year and they only offered Paula $10 million. I don’t know anyone who watches Idol to see Ryan. They could put most anyone in his place and the show wouldn’t suffer. With Paula gone the show is gonna go down faster than a virgin on prom night.

    @BrianZ Educate yourself, bitch. Uneducated fags make me ill.

  • jason

    The whole show is confected nonsense. Paula Abdul has the IQ of a carrot. Nuff said.

  • hyhybt

    @Stef: Well, to be fair, the site’s also mostly dropped the stories about furniture and makeup that were once regular features. (apparently one of the other things it’s dropped is all the pages before about January 2008, so I can’t cite examples.)

  • Stef


    I don’t equate the two, but I don’t understand how Queerty expects a pass for a derogatory comment but nails PH to the cross for his.

    Perez is gay, non? So him calling someone a fag, in my own opinion, isn’t like, the end of the world. Wasn’t a great idea, but did Queerty need 37 posts on the subject matter when there’s a whole lot more going on in the LGBT community? Ehhh no.

    My point is, what the f*ck does Paula Abdul leaving AI have to do with gay anything? Better yet, what does calling her an overmedicated drag queen have to do with gay anything?

    Like I said, I just feel like the site’s become kind of hostile and taking a turn for a Perez Hilton kind of deal. Reporting on meaningless gossip and creating a bad impression of the LGBT community.

    Also, I’m not gay, so..homo hating really doesn’t apply to me. I happen to just be a friend of the LGBT community. But thanks!

  • BrianZ

    @Jon: The fact that you list Perez Hilton’s site as “Best blog around” disqualifies you from any discussion of what intelligence is or is not. No wonder you’re the only one who believes your brilliant.


  • BrianZ

    @BrianZ: uhm *you’re

  • edgyguy1426

    @Mike Philly: see ya

  • edgyguy1426

    Oy. She’s kind of a mess but such a gentle soul. She almost had something nice to say about everyone, that’s her appeal to me.

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