Bachelor Gays

People Magazine’s 2014 Hottest Bachelors Issue Is Gayer Than Usual

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People magazine’s “hottest bachelors” issue already hooked us with the cover photo of True Blood star/male stripper anthropologist Joe Manganiello‘s abs, but they also included a few gays that are in the market for some lovin’.

We were definitely happy to know that with the inclusion of out GLAAD National Spokesman Omar Sharif, Jr. Ricky Martin, and everyone’s new favorite lonely hearted boy Sam Smith, they’re throwing the gays a little love, too.

Sharif, Jr., the grandson of legendary actor Omar Sharif, is listed in the not creepy at all “hot grandsons” section of the issue.

The GLAAD blog shared a quote from his People interview about his grandfather as well as what he’s looking for in a man:

My grandfather told me, ‘I gave you my looks and my name. Everything else you must earn. I admire him for that.” He also said his ideal partner would be “a guy with strong family values, self-confidence and the ability to see the world for what it could be.”

We’re not sure what (if anything) Sam Smith or Ricky Martin have to say, but they’re featured prominently on the “sneak peek” section of People‘s website where you can click on their photo and add them to your “faves” list, presumably right before you settle into a game of Mystery Date.

The issue is on stands now.