Photos: The Sexiest Cosplay, Artists, And Geeks At ComicCon

We’re halfway through New York ComicCon and so far everyone is looking amazing. Whether queer or straight or ambiguous or whatever, Manhattan’s experiencing a tidal wave of lovely cosplay and artistry. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite instagram photos to share with you, and if you’re attending, maybe you’ll see yourself in a few of them.

Here’s the on-site psychologist:

Had a blast at the first day of #nycc!

A photo posted by @harleyandcoffee on

Need your phone charged? Just hold it near this pika-pup:

It’s dangerous to go alone. Better find a hero of time to accompany you.

R2 seems to have developed a bit of a crush.

We may be able to see through your disguise.

#apamanation #mystique #nycomiccon

A photo posted by Ted Sikora (@tedsikora) on

A strange adaptation of Steve Martin’s King Tut act:

This is like that Halloween episode where Homer goes 3D.

Deadpool looks like he’s ordering a sandwich. I’ll have what he’s having.

New York comic con!!.. #deadpool #nycomiccon

A photo posted by ALR ? (@zombiieking) on

Look who made the trip all the way from Quahog!

It was great meeting @reallifepetergriffin ! #familyguy #petergfiffin #NYComicCon

A photo posted by carlosg36 (@carlosg36) on

Nice try, but this is the worst ripoff of Inspector Spacetime ever.

So, i like found the doctor #nycomiccon

A photo posted by David Strange (@the_magician89) on

No, we haven’t seen the missing kid; and yes, you can search us.

Jamie Lee Curtis has really been working out.

The hero ComicCon needs.


Eyes up here, buddy.

? #nycc #comiccon #nycomiccon #soulcalibur #nightmare #siegfried #rosariovampire #moka #cosplay #nyc #manhattan

A photo posted by Lily Grace Cummings (@bl0ndeberry_shortcake) on


bring it on. #jax #jacksonbriggs #mortalkombat #nycc2016 #nycomiccon #nyccomiccon

A photo posted by Germane Pakeman (@magnifythedarkknight) on

Is that guy back there about to sniff Bane’s pits?

#nycc #nycc2016 #nycomiccon #toys

A photo posted by Bruce Wayne? (@phuckyahfigures) on

Oh no big deal just doing a little seahorsing.

#nycomiccon #nyc #merman #manwithagun #comiccon2016 #nycc

A photo posted by lilyj980 (@lilyj980) on

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