Last week’s elimination on RuPaul’s Drag Race left plenty of fans in shock: after trying so hard for so long to get on the show, Mayhem Miller seemed destined to make the Top 3 this season. With one of our strongest contenders suddenly chopped and no clear front-runner in the crowd, we thought it was time to assess the remaining nine.

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Who has what it takes to snatch the crown?

1. Asia O’Hara

Her improv performance wasn’t everything we would have hoped for, but it also wasn’t outright bad. And on the runway, she’s repeatedly brought the fire: despite tripping up in the Ball, it speaks volumes that she has the chops to make three outfits for herself and still help everyone else. Plus, the promise that she’s going to get more cutthroat has us ready for her to raise the game even higher. We think there’s a strong chance she’ll make it to the finale.

2. Aquaria/Miz Cracker

We hate to keep lumping these two together, but the editors do it so consistently that we don’t have much choice. The truth of the matter is that they’re both fierce fighters, but there can be only one. Our prediction? A lip sync showdown between the two of them to determine who makes it to the final episode, because one of them probably will, but not both.

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3. Blair St. Clair

This baby-faced broad surprised us with how well she’s turned it out thus far, delivering solid looks on the runway and solid placement in the main challenges. Still, safe isn’t enough, and anyone that who needs to use a safe word with her scene partner probably doesn’t have the nerve to be America’s Next Drag Superstar. Expect to see her sashay.

4. Eureka

Season 9’s returning hopeful is certainly making a big impact. (And yes, that’s a fat joke: she’d never forgive us if we didn’t make one.) Personality-wise, she’s still clashing with her sisters, but the judges appear ready to serve up her redemption arc, even if that means force-feeding it to us. It’s not 100% clear that she deserves to be in the Top 3, but we could see it happening for plot-related reasons.

5. Kameron Michaels

Even with some extravagant eleganza on the main stage, she’s fading way too far into the background. Ru says Miss Vanjie more than she says Kameron. No doubt about it: her days are numbered. Maybe she should have auditioned for Pit Crew after all.

6. Monét X Change

On the one hand, she’s considered one of the top queens in New York, and that kind of reputation is difficult to come by. On the other hand, she can’t seem to translate that prowess into success in this competition. Then again, she’s such an incredible lip syncer that she might ride that place in the bottom all the way to the end, knocking the other girls out one by one. We put the odds at 50/50 that she’ll stay the course.

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7. Monique Heart

How many times has she said she should have won now? A lot. And if we’re being honest, she really has turned out some spectacular looks, some hilarious one-liners, and an overall charming persona that makes us root for her. She’ll have to really push to get the panel’s attention and squeeze out a win or two, but if she can manage it, then she has an outside chance at the crown.

8. The Vixen

At this point, her “don’t poke the bear” mentality has left her out in the woods. With previous winner Tyra Sanchez threatening violence against other performers and even DragCon attendees, Ru can’t afford to choose another loose cannon to represent her brand. Even if the Vixen’s fashion and wit propel her to the end (which seems increasingly unlikely anyhow), there’s probably no way for her to convince the judges that she’ll carry the title responsibly.

Who do you think will be America’s Next Drag Superstar? Comment with your predictions below!

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