Queerty Applauds Starbucks For Giving NOM A Very Respectful Bitch-Slap

At the annual Starbucks shareholders meeting yesterday, NOM showed up to question Starbucks’ “controversial stance” on gay marriage. Starbucks stood in pro-gay solidarity with Microsoft and other prominent Washington-state companies when governor Christine Gregoire led the successful push for marriage equality in January.

After questioned by a NOM lackey whether it was a decision made at the highest levels, an eloquent Starbucks spokesman replied:

“Any decision of this type and magnitude has to be made with great thougtfulness and I would assure you that the senior team of Starbucks discussed this. To be candid with you, it was not something that was a difficult decision for us. [applause] We made that decision through the lens of humanity and being the company that embraces diversity.”

And you know what, we applaud NOM for standing up for what they believe in with their wallets, no matter how wrong they are.

They have their right not to patronize Starbucks, and to start a DumpStarbucks petition, which currently has less than 2,500 pledges. We don’t think they’ll have much economic impact on Starbs, just as “One Million Moms” had little effect on JC Penney.

In just the same way, we reserve the right not to patronize Chick-fil-A or Urban Outfitters, companies that hate the gays.

The thing is, though, that Starbucks merely vocalized their support for gay marriage, they didn’t pump money into any pro-marriage groups, as far as we know. Chick-fil-A and Urban, on the other hand, have provided money to anti-gay hate groups for years.


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  • azalea_k

    I would have loved to hear what he _wanted_ to say to both those shareholders, but kept back.

  • FreddyMertz

    I hadn’t “patronized” Starbucks..but after their support for marriage equality I started going..yes a little pricey but worth it…decaf Americano..I know I’m a wuss. lol

  • Erich

    Holy cow – the guy that starts talking at 2:50 has a major case of Marcus Bachmann disease. When he started talking I thought he was going to thank Starbucks for promoting diversity.

  • Christopher Banks

    The coffee may be crap, but their hearts are in the right place. Let’s hope more companies join them. And yeah, maybe they could grow some balls and pump some money into the Human Rights Campaign.

  • MJ

    or in short – we support gay marriage. more people are buying our coffee. get the fuck over it bitch

  • Mark

    Green Tea Frappachino ftw.

  • Riker

    @Mark: I’m addicted to their iced skinny vanilla lattes.

  • scott ny'er

    CEO Howard Schultz was really great in how he responded to those questions. Especially that 2nd question. He was eloquent and defended their position on it in a such a way that one couldn’t question the business-sense of the decision.

    Kudos to Starbucks!!!

  • xander

    Starbucks was one of the very first major companies to offer healthcare and other benefits to part-time employees. That was HUGE at the time…. That’s why your cute l’il barrista may be a temp. out-of-work lawyer, actor, engineer or History prof. The pay may be crapola, but those employees can get the bennies.

    p.s. If you’re of a mind to tell NOM what you think of their position, head over to nomblog DOT com to share your feelings. They mod comments, so watch yr language, but yes they need to realise that their one-sided hatespeech is seen and noticed beyond their holy huddle.

  • Ryan

    NOM wants you to “DumpStarbucks” – however their reps/members aren’t willing to dump their Starbucks’ stock.

  • Cam

    Once again, NOM is a front for the Mormon church. How else do you think a group that can’t even get 2,500 signatures on a petition can spend millions upon millions fighting against gay rights? Where is the money coming from when they can’t even get many people to sign a petition.

    In the last year Queerty really seems adamant about attacking Jews, Catholics, etc… but letting the Mormon church off the hook.

  • cwm

    @Cam: Others have suggested NOM’s funding is coming from the Catholic church.

    It could be them, the Mormons, both, or…? Who knows.

    NOM has already lost several lawsuits, for failing to disclose the identity of their donors. But still, they refuse to follow campaign-finance laws. Until they’re jailed for contempt–or hit with very large fines–they’ll continue this intransigence. Why shouldn’t they, if there are no consequences?

  • Alex

    @Mark: YES! My favorite! It’s the only drink I get there!

  • Matt

    I am incredibly impressed with the poise and eloquence of the response from the CEO. WOW!

  • Peter

    NOM says “Dump Starbucks” ??? Then let’s all take a DUMP on NOM. It can only improve their appearances and smelly ideas.

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