WATCH: National treasures Kathy Najimy & Jennifer Coolidge school us on comedy

December 2, 2021
Seriously, how lucky are we?

Kathy Najimy and Jennifer Coolidge need no introduction. Both actresses have enjoyed successful careers in films and television for more than three decades. Viewers will know Najimy from such films as 'Sister Act,' 'Hocus Pocus' and the TV series 'King of the Hill.' Coolidge became a household name thanks to the movies 'American Pie,' 'Best in Show' and 'Legally Blond.' Now the pair team up (as sisters, no less) for the Netflix queer holiday romance, 'Single All the Way.'

'Single All the Way' follows the neurotic photographer Peter (Michael Urie), a gay man--once again--single on Christmas. Peter invites his longtime bestie/roommate Nick (Philemon Chambers) back to spend Christmas with his family on the east coast in hopes that his parents (Kathy Najimy and Barry Bostwick) and eccentric aunt (Jennifer Coolidge) might not hound him about another yuletide season without a boyfriend. Little to Peter and Nick realize, but Peter’s mom plans to set him up with a handsome local (Luke McFarlane) named James. The sudden introduction causes Peter and Nick to look at their own friendship in a way they never have before.

We caught up with Najimy and Coolidge ahead of the release of the new movie. 'Single All the Way' arrives December 2 on Netflix.