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R’n’b singer Tank has prompted much comment on social media after his appearance on the podcast Lip Service.

Promoting his new album, Elevation (out Friday), the singer got into a discussion about honesty. Host Angela Lee was talking about men who tell lies: If a man lies twice, does that mean he is a liar?

Tank says no, pointing out he’s done construction work a couple of times in the past but that doesn’t make him a construction worker.

The conversation starts around the 2.10 mark below.

The specific quotes were highlighted on social media.

Host Angela Yee goes on to say: “Let’s say he sucked a d**k one time… say twice… does that make him gay?”

Tank replied: “No, here’s the thing. Twice is excessive, but let’s dig into it.

“He sucked a dick once and then he’s like, ‘I’m not sure if I liked it or not. Let me try again.’

“And then he says, ‘You know what, it’s not for me, I don’t like the taste!’

“It doesn’t mean he’s gay. It means he sucked d**k twice… because the art of being gay is being gay.”

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The comments have prompted some raised eyebrows among his followers.

However, many others have said Tank’s right to point out that experimenting with one’s sexuality, and physical acts alone, do not decide someone’s orientation. As we all know, many gay and lesbian people have had sexual experiences with people of the opposite sex, but that doesn’t make them heterosexual. Others are bisexual or bi-curious.

Tank is best known for his US chart hits “Maybe I Deserve”, “Please Don’t Go”, and “When We”. He married his long-term partner, Zena Foster, in 2018. The couple have two children, and Tank also has three other kids from previous relationships.

He followed up the podcast by posting a video to Instagram last night in which he addressed his comments.

Promoting the podcast, he says, laughing: “I said what I said!

“You all so God-damn homophobic. You got to watch the whole clip, in any event. Homophobia is real, let me tell you. It’s just as real as racism, classism, all of these things, and just as damaging. And it plagues our community the worst.

“This can’t be used as a negative. You can’t use a human being’s existence as a negative. We’re going through enough shit … don’t do that: I get it. You want to call me gay. I don’t have to defend that to you or anybody, you don’t have that power over me, but … but let’s get back to positivity.”

He then gets in another plug for his album: “I don’t care what your sexual orientation is. Get this album. It’s gonna work for you.”

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Tank has made headlines before as an LGBTQ ally. In 2017, he performed at a Washington DC Gay Black Pride event. His latest Instagram comments were largely welcomed.

“People gone be so quick to say ya gay and miss what ya actually saying 🤦🏾‍♂️ the homophobia and double standard bout to jump outta a lot of people too,” said @vincebarries.

Tank (@therealtank) responded: “It’s social media. No one really listens they just find the part that gives them the gas to be evil. That’s what this place represents. It’s entertainment for me and I know how to”


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An amazing moment.. #DCPride #DopePic #TheGeneral 📸 @twelvepastseven

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