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Reese Rideout Is Straight, Married, And Gay-Por-Pay Strictly For The Cash

“I love the fact that my husband has a beautiful body and people want to see it,” says Becki. She is married to a porn star. Of the gay-for-pay variety. Fans know him as Reese Rideout, but his real name (or his real pseudonym) is Nicholas Dent. And getting so comfortable with her husband sleeping with anyone, let alone men, was a long journey.

“I don’t watch any of his videos because I’d feel strange seeing him touching anyone but me,” Becki tells British Marie Claire. “But I’m comfortable with him doing something he’s so good at. He’s just been nominated for porn star of the year. Finally, I’m proud of that.”

So often we hear about the personal lives of gay and gay-for-pay porn stars (thanks to the Twitter streams of folks like Brent Corrigan). But what about the women in these guys’ lives? Writing for the magazine in the first-person, Becki, who lives in Los Angeles with Dent, shares her courtship with her now-husband (the piece is titled “My Husband Is A Porn Star”); the struggle she had coming to terms with his porn career (it began with women, and Dent kept it a secret at first, supposedly to help pay for their house); and why she’s more comfortable with him having sex on camera with men than women:

Straight porn only pays men $300 a scene, but gay porn pays up to five times as much. I don’t care what people think. Reece isn’t gay and I’m just happy he isn’t filming with other women. When Reece is away, I go for a run or meet up with friends. I remind myself he doesn’t know the model’s real name, there’s no sexual chemistry, they’re just acting and it’s me he comes home to. He always wears a condom and gets checked every six weeks, so I don’t worry about STDs.

Meanwhile, as Dent — the burgeoning music video star — says in his own words,

[T]he first time I had sex on camera, it was awful. For a start, I felt guilty about Becki. But we were also a bunch of amateur actors in a hotel room worrying about getting caught. … When I’ve had sex with women, I’ve felt guilty afterwards. It’s ebcause of Becki that I’ve switched to gay porn. Now I can have sex at work without thinking about the other person because I’m genuinely straight. The first time I shot a scene with another man, it was oral sex, and I couldn’t keep it up because I wasn’t turned on. Now I watch footage of women or think about Beckie while I’m filming. Working in gay porn is better all around. I get paid more and treated with respect.

And if Becki one day decided she was tired of her husband screwing dudes? “If she asked me to, I would give it up tomorrow, but for now I’m making good money for our future, and what I’ve earned has given me the freedom to start working toward a movie production company of my own.” Never say porn stars aren’t ambitious.

[via BoyCulture]