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Reese Rideout Is Straight, Married, And Gay-Por-Pay Strictly For The Cash

“I love the fact that my husband has a beautiful body and people want to see it,” says Becki. She is married to a porn star. Of the gay-for-pay variety. Fans know him as Reese Rideout, but his real name (or his real pseudonym) is Nicholas Dent. And getting so comfortable with her husband sleeping with anyone, let alone men, was a long journey.

“I don’t watch any of his videos because I’d feel strange seeing him touching anyone but me,” Becki tells British Marie Claire. “But I’m comfortable with him doing something he’s so good at. He’s just been nominated for porn star of the year. Finally, I’m proud of that.”

So often we hear about the personal lives of gay and gay-for-pay porn stars (thanks to the Twitter streams of folks like Brent Corrigan). But what about the women in these guys’ lives? Writing for the magazine in the first-person, Becki, who lives in Los Angeles with Dent, shares her courtship with her now-husband (the piece is titled “My Husband Is A Porn Star”); the struggle she had coming to terms with his porn career (it began with women, and Dent kept it a secret at first, supposedly to help pay for their house); and why she’s more comfortable with him having sex on camera with men than women:

Straight porn only pays men $300 a scene, but gay porn pays up to five times as much. I don’t care what people think. Reece isn’t gay and I’m just happy he isn’t filming with other women. When Reece is away, I go for a run or meet up with friends. I remind myself he doesn’t know the model’s real name, there’s no sexual chemistry, they’re just acting and it’s me he comes home to. He always wears a condom and gets checked every six weeks, so I don’t worry about STDs.

Meanwhile, as Dent — the burgeoning music video star — says in his own words,

[T]he first time I had sex on camera, it was awful. For a start, I felt guilty about Becki. But we were also a bunch of amateur actors in a hotel room worrying about getting caught. … When I’ve had sex with women, I’ve felt guilty afterwards. It’s ebcause of Becki that I’ve switched to gay porn. Now I can have sex at work without thinking about the other person because I’m genuinely straight. The first time I shot a scene with another man, it was oral sex, and I couldn’t keep it up because I wasn’t turned on. Now I watch footage of women or think about Beckie while I’m filming. Working in gay porn is better all around. I get paid more and treated with respect.

And if Becki one day decided she was tired of her husband screwing dudes? “If she asked me to, I would give it up tomorrow, but for now I’m making good money for our future, and what I’ve earned has given me the freedom to start working toward a movie production company of my own.” Never say porn stars aren’t ambitious.

[via BoyCulture]

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  • aleX Perez

    Oh u guys give me a break!!!And now more and more desperated straight couples can reach their dream goals becoming gayporn stars while living together!!!! I’m about to cry of joy!

  • aleX Perez

    Oh u guys give me a break!!!And now more and more desperated straight couples can reach their dreamed goals becoming gayporn stars while living together!!!! I’m about to cry of joy!

  • Andy

    And he can’t be bi? Why do these sort of articles always present some dichotomy?

    Given that gay men, on average, show gender-atypical traits, why is surprising that a man attracted to feminine women would be attracted to feminine men?

  • meego

    This is the biggest pile of horseshit I’ve ever read! Sure he’s straight. And I’m Santa Claus! Puh-lease!

  • Austin

    Ever seen his scenes? They do not pair him with fem guys.
    Everything he’s done at RandyBlue has been with muscle studs.
    Sure fooled me…..he’s a very enthusiastic….performer.
    Hope he has some savings stashed….he’s over exposed now.
    Been in way too many scenes to keep it fresh.
    About the time you’re declared “star of the year” you’re
    usually on your way out, or down to the lower ranks of bareback
    and wierd fettish stuff.

  • Rick Gold

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    @Rick Gold:

    Yes, aren’t straight men who get paid to sleep with gay me so HOT. NOT.

    It’s like straight girls kissing, soooooo boring but gays guys are self hating so no surprises it’s the only industry that actually CREATES that image successfully. No wonder people go on record aka Christians to say ‘no one wants to be gay’.

    They are obviously right since gay guys find other gay men so repulsive to look at during sex.


  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Yeah he is enthusiastic! Just like slave owners used LOVE impregnating those black female slaves.

    Just like some men love sexual harassing women who work for them. Just as some men love to f*ck their secretary’s.

    Power is an aphrodisiac y’all. Always has been and always will be for egotistical men or women.

  • American Patriot

    This is what happens with straight or “gay-for-pay” guys in the adult industry & a lot of “bi” guys in general. They use gay guys for sex (and/or money), but when it comes to a committed relationship or building a family with a man? They say “ewww”….and go for a woman for that. Even though they’re doing gay porn, it can come across as being ironically homophobic.

    This whole market for “gay-for-pay” is generated by us gay guys who, at best, find straight men to be alluring, and at worst, somehow see straight men as being superior to ourselves.

    It would be better if these “gay-for-pay” guys called themselves “masculine”, etc, and left out mentioning their “straightness”. Besides you can’t say that you’re 100% straight when you regularly bottom for other men, and enjoy it.

  • Harbo

    Sure he’s straight. Believe it, babby. He’s been at it troo long. Shouldn’t be longbefore before he’s on the bottom.

  • Dawson

    Well this is good to know. I don’t need to have to give him my gay dollars.

    I have never bought the idea that anyone could truly call themselves straight and appear in gay porn. Even if you are watching straight movies for help. It is hard to watch a movie with a dick in your month. PLEASSSSSE.

    Could most of us really get off having sex with women? Yet you can get off if there is a dollar sign in front of you.

    Most people have bi-interest. Can’t he just be like the Bel-ami boys who say that they are just sexual and leave it like that?

    But since he wants to make money off of the gay community but so unturned off by men he has lost any hope of many of us giving him our gay dollars. Reese/Nick find someone else to profit off of.

  • GetBalance

    How in the world can Reese think about his wife when he has a flag pole up his ass and is riding it like a rodeo star? Unless she straps on and goes to town on him, he’s at the very least bi.

  • Carl Marek

    Knowing that he doesn’t get turned on *filming* his scenes means that I will not be turned on *watching* his scenes. I don’t understand these queens who want to watch straight guys having sex. Personally, I want to watch people having sex who are into what they’re doing.

  • Marcus

    Well, I wonder if he’s sexing up the men off camera for free like some other “straight” gay porn stars I know…

  • scott ny'er

    His wife is deluded if she’s thinks condoms protect him and her from all STDs.

    I also think it’s interesting how it’s not considered cheating if it’s with a guy. Because, it’s just a physical act, there’s no real attraction. But if Reese had sex with a female prostitute or just wanted to get off with a woman, isn’t that the same thing? It’s just a physical act. The only difference is the gender.

    Hey, whatever gets you through the day. Or marriage.

  • Zeus

    It’s still weird. The End.

  • Lucas

    This is why I appreciate the Queerty commentariat. Every other site is praising this fraud and his self-loathing (que)enablers as forward thinking messiahs.

    You guys just call ’em on their shit. Good deal.

  • PopSnap

    I love having bi guys as friends, but I agree with whoever said the somewhat harsh statement of “bi guys use gay men for sex/money and women for love, family, & serious relationships”. I wasted two years of my life chasing after a bi guy who used me for sex for a while and then eventually became engaged to one of my best (girl) friends. It was one of the toughest ordeals of my life, but it taught me never to trust a bi guy because he will ALWAYS chose a woman over a man.


    it’s simply easier that way. I told myself he’d fall in love with me eventually, that he’d come around and realize he’s actually gay, ect. never happened. Same thing with another friend of mine who was used by a bi guy for secret sex, and then said bi guy dated girls & is now married with a kid on the way.

    I mean, sorry if it offends anyone, but gays who know bi guys KNOW that this is 100% true.

  • Spike

    To bad they don’t have a daughter together, just imagine “Take Your Daughter To Work Day.”

  • lone star

    Say what you will, I enjoy watching this guy because he always seems to be having so much fun in his videos. Not like the other straight guys who act like they’ve got a gun to their heads.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    What kind of sites are you reading?
    @scott ny’er:

    I’m not judging their marriage and hate, HATE how some gay commenters ALWAYS have to throw it back to them that they are actually gay as if it’s such an insult. It’s like when they call Chris Barron Ms….it’s like what are you on? Why would you want this idiot Rideout on your side?

    Can’t you see that when straight people see this-like countless fitness of mine and when I speak to family friends-they think gays have such a low opinion of themselves because they must be the low of the low.

    Yeah, blacks and gays have different histories but if a porn star that was an interracial fetish came out and said ‘ yeah, and the first time I had to sleep with a black woman/man, my d*ck just couldn’t get it up’ and his blonde girly was like ‘I know he wants me because he would never be attracted to a black woman/man’ etc etc

    FYI, I have heard people say this ALL the time in dating sites but they’d never have the balls to say it in the real world.

  • Swine

    I hate this gay-for-pay bullshit cuz it puts it out there that being gay is something u can switch on & off. U can’t! Hear that gay-for-payers? Ur all full of bullshit! U too Ted Haggard! The wife should watch his vids to see the look of joy on his face when he’s suckin’ a dick or getting rammed. That ain’t acting, hun. Wifey is in denial bout being married to a gay (or possibly bisexual) man & he’s too skeered to admit he could be gay or maybe he’s using this as a gimmick to keep his porn career going. He’s cute & he’s got a nice body but he’s easily replaceable. Buh-bye to this asshole. Let’s please boycott the gay-for-payers please!

  • Nathan

    @PopSnap: A few guys to generalize a large, diverse group? You’re just like the conservatives who use a couple of bad apples to typecast the entire LGBT community. Two years after a guy who only wanted sex? You’re pathetic and desperate, or else exaggerating in a peabrained attempt to justify your bigotry.

    @Lucas: If he’s happy with his life the way it is, and his wife is happy the way it is, why do you have a problem with it? He can be straight and get into gay sex, it’s called acting.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    @lone star:

    Dude, we realise that there is no such thing as the gay community. Many lacks we’re for the Klan, don’t worry, everyone gets people like you that can’t bear to even get off with someone who may be gay.

    Right. Understood. We’re disgusting which is why gay for pay stars make so much money. Loud and clear.

  • Galaxy


  • Jeffree

    Maybe it’s just me, but as a guy who’s like 95+% gay there’s NO way I could ever do straight porn no matter how much my BF begged me to! [He’s in the same % category as I am]. That’s not a moral thing, just a question of inability 2 “make it work” with a woman. Or women.

    So…. group question: Would any one else switch teams for pay?

  • afrolito

    Anyone who believes this queen is straight has obviously never seen any of his “films”, or is just delusional. He even said on his twitter that most of the interview was completely made up by the writer.

    In any case this dude has sucked more cock, and been fucked more than I have in my entire adult life. Real actors were nominated for their talents this morning, so please don’t lump them in in with this small dicked muscle queen.

  • Swine

    Nathan u poor deluded thing — no hun — u are not straight if u get into gay sex. Maybe bisexual. Unless u want to add Reese to the Oscar noms?

  • bb

    All “gays for pays” should get an Oscar for their performances. They really good pretend to enjoy gay sex.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Hmm, how am I projecting? I think gay guys are HOT and I’ve never ever fallen for a straight guy but I think that’s because even if I watch porn, I like to see an aura of really truly going for it, not some mechanical weird dude who would rather be with s girlfriend.

    I find men who like men sexy. I don’t find men who like women sexy at ALL.

    I don’t see how I am projecting.

    That guy HATES himself that he sits there eagerly dialing in his card number for this cold kind of sex cr*p and actualy gets a kick that these people think he is so physically repulsive that they are only doing this because of cash.

    That’s sad.

  • Swine

    Maybe Reese shoulda gotten a Golden Globe (or 2) — sorry, couldn’t resist . . .

  • Cam

    His wife is fooling herself. Most of these porn stars use their movies as their calling cards for the real money making career, hooking.

    If it’s paying their bills fine, but from her statement it doesn’t sound like she’s working and if he is making house payments etc… then he isn’t just doing it off of a few gay porn scenes a month.

  • Nathan

    @Swine: If you aren’t attracted to the guy you are straight, even if you enjoy the sex, though that is just personal semantics.

  • Lucas

    @Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England): Read the comments at Boy culture that’s hyperlinked here. Like a few of the self-loathing tools here, most of them are part of the hive mind that’s essentially says “…But OMG he’s hot!!!”

    And you’re absolutely right, put this interview in the context of race and members of that race would have nothing to do with this guy and his backers.

    A gay guy I know was just trying to convince me how his friends love him even though he can never talk about his relationships with them like they can with him and “they make fag jokes a lot but it’s ok.”

    We are truly lost.

  • John

    @Lucas: Not really. 20-30 years ago that gay guy you know would have been ostracized or worse by his male straight friends for even being gay. We are not where I’d like us to be but things have come so much farther than I ever imagined over my lifetime and I hope the next generation has it even better.

  • jason

    A lot of you criticize Reese Rideout but how come you haven’t criticized the women who make out with women in so-called straight porn movies? These women are paid to make out with women even though they may not be attracted to women. Where is your criticism of them? Or are you too afraid to criticize women because of your pro-female political correctness?

    And to those who rely on porn for their jollies, all I can say is “you are so tragic”. For fuck’s sake, get out into the real world. Go and experience sex. Watching it is dull and stupid. It shows that you’re dysfunctional and unsociable.

    At the end of the day, keep in mind that porn performers are not there to make you happy. They’re in it for the cash – the ka-ching thing.

  • John

    @Nathan: I can see how a straight man could enjoy receiving oral sex from another guy and perhaps even being on the pitching end of anal sex. Yet I cannot understand how a supposedly straight man could repeatedly give oral sex and play catcher for anal sex without being a least a little bi. A couple of times for money, perhaps, but numerous times with several different guys? No, I don’t see how that’s possible.

  • John

    Considering women have sex with women in porn all the time and don’t label themselves as LESBIANS or BISEXUALS, why can’t this man label himself straight.

    If money and attention are all that make sex with men enjoy for him, then he is definitely not gay.

    Why do gay men think they are an authority over other’s sexuality?

  • Lucas

    @John: If I made $1000 annually for 10 years, then started making $150 annually for 10 years, all this means is I’ve been homeless for 20 years. It’s hard to call that progress.

    To be less cynical, yeah things have gotten drastically better.

    In comparison to 30 fucking years ago.

    In 2011 there is no excuse for the apologetic attitudes our straight allies have, let alone gay people ourselves. Jewish and black people put a stop on the whole quisling thing (for the most part) much, much quicker than we have and as someone in his mid-20s who would at least like to see his people grow some balls before I get older and even more jaded, it’s incredibly disheartening.

  • Lucas



  • Mika

    It’s PORN. It’s not real.
    They are all performing for the viewers. Its not real sex, it’s porn sex.

    It is no more or less “real” in terms of emotions than non porn actors pretending to have sex on screen.

    They are acting in adult films. Who knows how much viagra and whatever else some of these boys have to take to do their scenes in straight AND gay porn. It’s not just gay for pay guys who need “aids” to get through scenes.

    I don’t understand why someone has to be gay to be a good gay porn performer. If they are skilled at performing a sex act and convincing on screen, that’s all they need. How they actually feel (or with whom they are having sex off scree) is irrelevant.

    It’s like saying Pachino has to be an actual bank robber or Columbian drug lord in order to be convincing on screen.

    Do people not get the concept of PERFORMANCE?

    A porn film actor’s job is to convince the viewers that they LOVE it, they are into it and they are experiencing the BEST SEX EVER.

    That’s what they are paid to do (regardless of genre or sexual orientation)

    Unless you’re actually on the set, you have NO IDEA what has gone into making the final scene look so convincing.

    PLEASE. People can and do a LOT harder things than pretend to enjoy having sex for money.

    As for his wife, maybe she simply doesn’t get jealous because she doesn’t see her husband have sex with men on screen, for work, as a threat to their relationship or marriage. She obviously isn’t intimidated or insecure and wants him to do something he is good and and that makes him happy.

    There is an overwhelming number of lesbians who do sex work (doming, stripping, even hooking) and they find it much easier to be good at their job because there is a built in distance for them because they have no sexual desire for their clients.

    Obviously Reese is a good performer (and seems funny, sweet and personable in his videos) so why does it matter if he is straight?

  • Ian

    It’s always FAR more of a turn-on for me when the porn actor in question openly and proudly states he is gay and loves to take & give DICK. I always roll my eyes at the constant “he’s str8 but experimental & starting to enjoy it” memos on so many amateur sites, it’s pathetic. I love me my GAY men and dont’ see straight guys as superior sexually in the least.

  • justiceontherocks

    Two rules about married guys who do gay porn: (1) they are always big bottoms, and (2) they always sound more effeminate than that kid on Glee.

  • jason


    Do you think a porn actor is going to be thinking “oh, I hope I’m making Ian happy” when he’s shooting a sex scene? Give me a break, Mac.

    Porn actors don’t give a rat’s about you, the viewer. All they care about is that they get their dues paid into their bank account. It’s all about the money, honey.

    I would highly recommend that you stop basing your turn-ons and happiness on what some sleazy porn actor is doing in front of a camera. Be your own “porn actor”. Go out and actually experience the thrills of sexuality.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Exactly.. I just watch….

  • Max Campbell

    Stop using the “gay-for-pay” term! Why no one calls hetero-porn actresses “bisexual-women-for-pay”? Most of the guys are bi-curious! Sex with another man does not automatically make a man gay or bisexual. This should be seen as routine. In ?ntiquity all the guys were bi and there was no homophobia.
    There is only one reason for homophobia – the taboo on male homoerotism and male bisexuality. ?he porn industry cultivates this taboo thus the guys are forced to replace their bisexual potential with homophobia. This is a huge problem. This is the reason for rejection of gay men and male homosexual behavior. We have to pay close attention to the problem!

  • Francis

    Just for the record, Reese said himself that basically they made up the entire article. So, take that for what it is.

    Anyway, as for gay-for-pay, most of the men aren’t really straight, or aren’t straight afterward. It’s a marketing gimmick, and an effective one. With THAT said, most people are not 100% gay or straight. So putting him in a box of “he can only be gay!” is also wrong. He very well could be mostly straight. Only he knows. Sex isn’t the same as sexuality. And porn isn’t really real sex.

    Also, blaming the porn industry is missing the issue. The issue isn’t the porn industry. The issue is that a large portion of gay men find straight men more interesting as mates, sexually, and even many times emotionally, than other gay men. The porn industry knows this and uses this. Falling for someone who isn’t into men in the way you are, and who you only know from a porn video, isn’t healthy.

  • Ian

    @jason: Oh well EXCUSE me PRINCESS, but you can just **** off if you think you know me in the slightest, which you don’t. Frankly, you come across as seriously ignorant of how the str8 label on the actors in gay porn as perpetuated by the directors of the sites can in fact effect self-esteem of gay men and what they think should be the desirable norm, which in turn affects our community as a whole. Try educating yourself BEFORE making generalized statements w/out knowing all the facts. Cheers~

  • jason


    Well, personally, I don’t build my self-esteem on the images I see in porn. I can see how some might but I’m here to tell you “don’t”. Don’t let the pimps and prostitutes of porn control your self-esteem. Your self-esteem should be built on yourself and the interactions you make in the real world, not the voyeuristic world of porn.

    Again, you need to remember that porn isn’t made to make you happy. I can understand that it MIGHT make you happy but that is not the motivation of the pornographers. The pornographers are in it for the money, period.

  • so,,,

    Is it Reece or Reese?

    And if his real name is Nicholas, why does his wife refer to him by his porn star name?

  • Francis

    It’s ReeSe.

    I’ll repeat: Reese said that MOST OF THE ARTICLE IS MADE UP. These people are characters, so what they say doesn’t carry much weight. Everything is manufactured to gain appeal from fans and those interested in these porn actors and actresses.

  • Ian

    @jason: Seriously, did you even bother to read my first comment (42)? Because what I said in (48) stands, you make comments w/out understanding what people actually said. I never said I get my self-esteem from porn or that it exists to make me happy, those are YOUR inferences, NOT what I actually said or talked about.

    All I was originally talking about is that I prefer whether porn actors or celebrities or news anchors, that I prefer men who are OUT & PROUD about it, closet cases and rejoicing in them I think is pathetic and sad.

  • alan brickman

    BRING BACK MORING GOODS…no wonder the haters are frustrated…

  • Robbie K

    Becki with an i looks like a lovely happy housewife who according to her enjoys long runs while her husband is off sucking cock and meeting up with friends likely chatting around the benefits of prozac and how denial is the new black.

  • Ian

    @Robbie K: LOFL :)

  • Swine

    So how many dicks do u have to suck on till u officially go from gay-for-pay to just plain ole gay? Hmmm, u can suck 10 billion dicks like Reese, but if ur just not attracted to any of the guys possessing those dicks then ur still straight. Whew, guess Reese’s wife has nothing to worry bout cuz she’s married to ur average ordinary straight man who just happens to suck 10 billion dicks a day & gets fucked by thousands of men ONLY cuz he’s paid to. Ah, life is sweet, life is good . . . .

  • prohomo

    @Swine: LOL!!!

  • redball

    I’m gay as the day is long but if someone paid me good money to lick a pussy or get sucked by a woman…. :)

    Funny that some folks are so intent on bringing (sexual) politics into the bedroom. If it’s passionate porn that gets me hot, ’nuff said.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Yes it is good when you are paid that much because gay men are so pathetic that theybfind you more attractive because you are straight in porn!

    How do you know?

  • exception!

    ironically enough, the original Marie Claire article was not published to exploit gay men’s fascination with straight guys, but to exploit straight women’s fascination with gay guys.

    Just the other day I read an interview with Arpad Miklos, I thought he was “gay for pay” and he’s actually openly gay gay gay. Which makes him even hotter if that’s possible.

    Arpad FTW!

  • GeriHew

    @exception!: Arpad Miklos has done “straight-for-pay” and got a lot of flack for it. He certainly appeared to enjoy the scenes he did with women. And he didn’t say he didn’t enjoy them.

    The problem I see with “gay-for-pay” and “straight-for-pay” in porn is that it encourages so much biphobia.

    A lot of porn performers don’t just do porn for money, they are also doing it to explore their sexuality – and getting paid for it is a good excuse to try sexual activities that you can claim you wouldn’t try in “real life”. And a person’s sexual identity can change as a result of working in porn. Consider this quote from one of the first g4p porn stars, Joe Dallesandro:

    “I consider myself bisexual. It wasn’t that I was sexually attracted to men per se, but you know, if you do something for awhile you can acquire a taste for it.”

    Veteran bisexual porn star Nina Hartley advises people coming into the industry not to do anything in porn that they wouldn’t try at home.

    Female porn stars who do a lot of girl-girl or only lesbian scenes are very ill advised to call themselves gay-for-pay and they hardly ever do. Even if they do consider themselves straight it’s much better to say something like “I’m bisexual but I prefer men” than to say they’re gay-for-pay. The core audience for lesbian porn just doesn’t want to know about girls who only do girls for cash. There are some lesbian studios now who won’t hire women who don’t identify as bisexual or lesbian or queer.

  • hephaestion

    I’m gay as blazes and I’ve had sex with women many times (by visualizing my boyfriend during sex). One woman said I was the best sexual partner she ever had. She had no idea I was gay.

    So why can’t Reese Rideout do the same?

    I can’t believe these silly people saying he can’t possibly be straight. Of course he can.

  • TheInsider

    Let´s just boycott this trashy couple and give our dollars to gay guys.

  • Max Campbell

    Most of the guys are bi-curious! Sex with another man does not automatically make a man gay or bisexual. Also bicurious guys can enjoy gay-sex!

  • Max Campbell

    62 – you’re cretin.

  • justiceontherocks

    @hephaestion: No. You are bi-sexual. You have sex with both genders.

  • David in Houston

    Both of the photos above scream “gay” to me. I don’t find him the least bit masculine.

  • Goodnight Moon

    for a str8 guy he sucks a mean cock

  • GeriHew

    @hephaestion: Well “gay” doesn’t always have to mean homosexual does it? But if you are trying to say you are not bisexual you are homosexual then what is your motivation for having sex with women as you say: “many times”?

  • kae

    A “genuinely straight guy” (as he calls himself) would do almost anything other than sleep with a guy to make money. It turns them OFF! He just would not contemplate it. Ask any of your straight friends. As a matter of FACT, this guy is bisexual whatever he likes to call himself.

  • afrolito

    @hephaestion: “I’m gay as blazes and I’ve had sex with women many times (by visualizing my boyfriend during sex). One woman said I was the best sexual partner she ever had. She had no idea I was gay.”

    Um…Why would you be having sex with women repeatedly, if you’re gay? Why would you be having sex with women, if you have to visualize your boyfriend? Why are you having sex with women, if you have a boyfriend in the first place? Does your boyfriend know you’re having sex with women?

  • i_dunno_but...

    @Carl Marek: absolutely agree… it does NOTHING for me to see a “straight” man having mechanical sex with another. Way too much porn is just that – mechanical sex – and as a result is BORING beyond belief. I don’t need an academy-award-worthy plot, but a little “passion” or affection and appreciation between the participants makes for hot sex. I can usually tell if it’s gay-for-pay and that’s when the ‘model’ gets crossed off my interest list.period.

  • Jon

    @PopSnap: Completely agree, bi guys CANNOT be trusted. If a man tells you he likes women, HE DOES NOT WANT YOU. I found this out from experience because mine cheated on me for 7 months near the end of a 7-year relationship and is married now; has kids and is undoubtedly still cheating on his wife.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Why can’t many just take their story as it is. Why should I question them? Do they owe everyone an explanation? Who cares?

  • Corvidae

    @Andy: He said he was straight, and acknowledged it was because he’s not turned on by bed.
    He hasn’t trampled on bi identity because he would be saying he was straight while he finds gay porn really hot or something of that ilk.
    Let it go, already!
    Ps. I am also bi and am getting tired of how aggressive bi people are on this forum.

  • Corvidae

    @Andy: He said he was straight, and acknowledged it was because he’s not turned on by guys.
    He hasn’t trampled on bi identity because he would be saying he was straight while he finds gay porn really hot or something of that ilk.
    Let it go, already!
    Ps. I am also bi and am getting tired of how aggressive bi people are on this forum.

  • Swine

    Well, since Reese gives such awesome-lookin’ blow jobs, I guess we should all be lookin’ for “straight” guys to have sex with. Oh yeah good luck w/that . . .

  • Jay

    Somewhere Pastor Ted Haggard and ex-douchebag Senator LArry Craig are saying “why didn’t I think of that excuse?”

  • Jay

    Beautiful Mag Asked reese: The whole Man Of The Year election got extra attention when people start to complain about the fact you aren’t gay. Can you comment on that?

    Reese: Everyone has a little gay inside of them. I’ve been doing this work for a while now. I’ve worked with guys who had never done anything with a guy to the gayest and I feel that a little right was earned to be able to say everyone has a little gay inside of them. I am just a sexual person and everyone has a libido and a sweet spot. Ya know I was brought into this industry by gay men and if it was not me, it would have been a different straight guy. Some gay men have a thing for straight guys just like us straight guys have a thing for lesbians (hot!). I’ve had a dick in my ass and my dick in too many to count guys asses… how much more do I need to do to be accepted? Beautifulmag THE END

  • GetBalance

    Come on you big silly pack of geese. This is all a marketing ploy. Every gay guy wants the hot straight guy, minus a few turkeys. Whatever he is he’s brilliant In his marketing.

  • GeriHew

    @Jay: how much more does he need to do to be accepted?

    He could stop saying stupid shit like “Everyone has a little gay inside of them.” and just try identifying as bisexual. That might help.

    And most straight guys don’t have a thing for lesbians at all. They have a thing for femme bisexual women and girl-on-girl action. They’re not being serious when they refer to bisexual women as lesbians and neither is Reese.

  • GetBalance

    Like gay guys like watching gay sex and could care less about labels, same w straight guys who just wanna see 2 girls fuck around. Lesbian bisexual call it what you want, it turns straight guys on no matter what.

  • GeriHew

    @GetBalance: Reese is clearly happy to use the term “lesbians” somewhat loosely and therefore I conclude he uses the term “straight” somewhat loosely when describing himself.

  • justiceontherocks

    Why does anyone give a rat’s behind what a porn performer says about anything. In a couple of years he’ll be too old to film or escort and the family will be on public assistance.

    If he wants to delude himself fine.

  • Jay

    @GeriHew I agree 100% he sounds so stupid. hes bi point blank he can play that coy shit all he wants. but like what someone else said does it matter? his wife is perfectly content on being in denial let her deal with that

  • Travis

    I guess I’m the ONLY gay guy here who BELIEVES HE IS STRAIGHT. He is a great actor.


  • GetBalance

    this is the first time I’ve ever actually seen blond hair stick out of a comment.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Travis: A great actor????? No, no. He’s a bad actor even for porn, which is a pretty low standard. My cat could read lines better.

  • Nate

    hey if he wont admit it to himself then why not let him be “strait” and just be doing gay porn? sexuality is a complicated thing and is not within the boundaries of gay strait or bi.

    and hey justice & getbalance
    i didn’t know you guys still came here! whats up?

  • justnow

    @Austin: Woe peoples career is that short….. entertainment industry……

  • justnow

    @Carl Marek: and like it!

  • GeriHew

    @Travis: PEGGING? I was wondering if Reese is a bend over boyfriend for wifey too.

  • justnow

    @justiceontherocks: maybe not #2, bu mainly #1!!!!

  • Andre


  • Bryan

    What I find more pathetic is gays obsession with letting straight guys explore their gay side? Why is it such a turn on?

  • ajar


    AMEN i am gay and i say it all the time, one of the biggest things u should always ask ur potential friend mind u a ‘boyfriend’…innocently just go

    Have you ever felt you are bi , and make sure u ask it in a coniving open friendly way, cause if hes bi, HE IS NOT UR BOYFRIEND, and, think twice about him being ur friend, cause I’ve had it up to THEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!!! (loook way way way up), with Bi guys and there messed up lies….

    I do think they can’t help it…., sorry stereotype, but for real…

    And this gay for pay thing is driving me nuts, most porn clips nowadays are that way…..there is even ‘porn’ with a bunch of STRAIGHT guys not having sex, and just bathing each other talking about gym and how awkward it is doing a gay porn movie when ur straight…I mean if there is any gay who finds this hot…i pity you to the extent that i hate YOU! how can u be so pathetic.

  • ajar

    Travis I PITY U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    who gives a shit how long it takes, thats so sickening to see people justifying dishonesty and disgusting qualities, with defending them with how dedicated they are….how Dedicated is a mass murderer…or a peodophille, ud be surprised how dedicated they are actually…

    bleh makes me consider why homosexuality is indeed a sin! coz lots of gays are just suckers and emotionally MESSED UP!…and im at the top of that list…And so r u!

  • Joe

    He is straight. What a waste of a perfectly good hunk of man.

  • Warren Keith

    I’m not certain about alot of things, but not my sexuality. I’m gay period! It disgusts me that some people are making money off of pretending to be gay, when in actuality they are straight. There is still such a stigma associated with being a homosexual. We, gays, have to live with that stigma day in and day out. These porn actors can be gay on screen without having to live with the stigma of actually being gay. What a way to make money, all the pleasure without any of the pain. I find the whole idea revolting…of course this guy is gay, enough said! Maybe someday he will come out of the closet,but for now he has to suffer a different kind of pain,the pain of knowing he is living a lie.

  • M.

    @Warren Keith:

    we must show that sex between 2 men is a ordinary thing! we must advance male bisexuality in all levels! only fashion on male bisexuality will bring freedom to gay guys!

  • Bryan

    I am gay and my brother is bisexual. I don’t know about all bi guys I am sure most are great, but I know that my brother treats his boyfriends like shit and treats his girlfriends like royalty. The ironic thing is that he always has like 4 to 5 boyfriends at a time and 1 girlfriend. Sex-wise he seems to prefer men but when it comes to love and relationships he certainly seems to prefer women. He devastated his last boyfriend that he dated and strung a long for years before finally tossing him aside once he was done with him because of a female that is a total hateful bitch.

  • Wozil

    @Zeus: lol here here. I really love your comment! SO spot on and succinct! Just my thoughts on the topic. No way around that and although I feel he is being so very sweet and considerate, there is no WAYS he would be doing gay porn if he wasn’t turned on at LEAST by the idea! lol :D

  • Cramer

    A couple of years ago, Reese talked about being married in another interview, but he said that he considered himself bisexual. He never said anything about not being turned on by guys. I generally view porn as nothing more than sexual entertainment, but when a porn star chooses to make controversial public comments about a sexuality, then I think they have opened the door for a discussion about the politics of sex.

    There is nothing wrong with being bisexual, nor is there anything wrong with a couple mutually agreeing, hopefully with some thought, to having an open relationship. But, I there is a big problem with hypocrisy and homophobia. And, there is an even bigger problem with self-loathing and homophobia being used as marketing tools. The message being promoted is that being gay/bisexual is wrong and that the ideal man is straight. Also, gay/bisexual men are being told that gay/bisexual men are not “real men,” that gay/bisexual men should desire to be straight and that the next best substitute is to fantasize sexually about straight men, that gay/bisexual men should not have feelings when they have sex, and finally, that the best one can hope for out of gay sex is some sort of ritualistic affirmation of masculinity. It is just bizarre.

    I agree with the other posters who are angered by Reese’s comments in this interview. It is very offensive to have someone spout homophobic statements and then expect to profit off the gay/bisexual community. In his earlier interviews, he seemed like a nice guy who was comfortable with who he is. Now, he just seems like a cynical jerk and a hypocrite.

    Even in this depressed economy, there are plenty of other jobs he could be doing, if he just needed to do something for the money. Reese is not that good of an actor. If he were not into doing his the sex scene, it would show in his sex scenes, as it does with certain individual who really do just do a porn scene to make a quick buck. Such individuals do one or two scenes and then never do porn again because they do not enjoy it and their performance is not enjoyable to watch. Reese obviously enjoys having sex with men, and it is very insulting that he thinks he can lie directly to his fans and the general public while also making disparaging remarks about gay sex. But, as long as gay/bisexual men pay to watch videos of Reese perform, I guess the joke is on them in the end. They are paying for the privilege of watching a man have gay sex while he pushes the message that gay sex is not “real sex,” that the only legitimate sort of relationship is between a man and a women, and that gay men are only to be used as a means to get money. The whole situation is rather pathetic.

  • anyone!!! d'oh!!!

    I’m still confused until now… It doesn’t make any sense at all…I think he was “bi” so clearly…

  • kemirss

    How come that wife’s wonder does not force her to just open up google, type reese rideout and in 5 sec (not too much), see what is going into her husband’s ass. She talks about not wanting to see him touching other people, maybe she just imagines him having a forced sex with arbitrary guys he will never see again. but the bitter truth, some arbitrary guys ramming him, several times, they got so called friends, they repeat some scenes for several times etc. etc.
    I am not here to decide somebody is gay or not, (out of question, i am totally gay, but does not like this sexuality labeling which the capitalism has brought ), but it is a clear fact that this guy is having good times with his colleguaes, even some porn stars accepting being gay dont seem having so much fun as reese does. And I think that this article is just a marketing shit, where we are seeing the ideal gay porn star who is not gay and has a super life, living the american dream to the fullest. How do we know the truthness of this crappy marriage (if it exists) or that womens satisfaction?

  • hulky

    @Cramer: So much of goooooooood comment you added.

  • Azhrarn

    Wou. With straight guys who knows how tu s*ck and f**k other guys, why do we need gay men?

  • NYCdude

    New flash! If a man dick is getting hard, or having a sex with another man. Guess what? he’s not straight. Gay-for-pay. call it what is. Bisexual dude. His poor wife…

  • recco

    im gay and i love this guy.. but that lifestyle is just too weird.

  • SexyME

    WOW! That must be wonderful! I am not gay but my dick does get really hard when i watch it. And i watch straight as well which is much, much, much, much better! I had safe sex with my girlfriend.

  • Josh

    Screw that I do it for the money bullshit. If so called ‘gay for pay’ pornstars are really as they say they are they should try real acting because they are that talented definitely grammy’s in their future for their performances because this bs about not liking it is as I said BS. Have you seen the way that guy smiles when he’s kissing a guy, and the way he shoves large thick dick into the back of his throat. What about how his eyes go in the back of his head when Gabriel on Randy blue was riding his cock and he was pumping that ass hard. or how animalistic he was when Chris Rockway was fucking him. Either he likes it or he’s a sucker for punishment and something tells me he loves it. He has done too many videos and has taken too much pleasure in them all to be a straight guy doing it for the money. As for his wife sweetheart ur man likes a dick perhaps he likes ur poonani too but he definitely enjoys a stiff cock, get real, get a grip and get with it.

  • Josh

    @Azhrarn: Let me high five you and that one buddy.

  • wolfe

    “Given that gay men, on average, show gender-atypical traits…”
    uh-huh. how many gays have you met and know? have you watched his videos? if not, then don’t say it like you know anything.

  • davidWEBB

    I have a buddy that I have known since the 5th grade. We both have grown up into
    good-looking college guys and we are like brothers because we dig everything the same except he is Heterosexual and I am Homosexual. He is completely comfortable in his own skin and it doesn’t matter that I am gay. Once in college we had a threeway where his girlfreidn and I sucked his dick I finished him off. I was a very happy camper. But it wasn’t something that happened again. He experimented. His GF said I said she thought some of the gay porn actors were hot and I said yeah I would like to see Justin fuck so and so. Justin said that the guy would have to fuck him because there is no way his noodle would get hard enough to put it into another guys ass. I said for for 5 grand cash he said Ryan (me)I honestly wouldn’t be able to keep it up. I could fantasize about Adrian Lima sitting on my face and I still couldn’t do it. Ladies and gentleman I think that is a TRUE straight mans answer. It was one thing to do what we did knowing each other all our lives with a girl in the mix but it was a one time experience and it wound’t happen again. She was the trigger for our 2way blow job and he was comfortable with me but he’s truly straight and just couldn’t do it for money. This guys is diluded!

  • davidWEBB

    PS. David Webb is Jason Bourne’s real name in the Bourne movies. My name is Ryan.

  • Ronnie

    I fell madly in with him till I found out he was married. Now have fine a new porn star to fall for. I fall for too many married men. R

  • Hairspray_Harry

    Hi Ladies & Gents

    There is something about guys like Mr Rideout,they keep using this excuse that gay porn/bi porn pays much much more than straight porn, so this is in fact the man reason why they like to keep getting mounted and their lollipop licked,well guess what my dear boys why don’t you use your brains this time and start your own STRAIGHT production company and give the men as much as the women or give the men enough that it keeps them interested in the company but yet it pays more than gay porn and it has some juicy added benefits….but i guess the new excuse will soon be,it just won’t work…..hhmmmm, no not really i believe just the so called “straight males” won’t work

  • Hairspray_Harry


    Acting !!!???…really,how can you for the love of god “get hard” when you have NO
    interested in what your doing,i could not imagine getting it up for an 80 year old woman
    with bone white sagging skin/no teeth or a overweight black man with bad hygiene,it would not happen no matter how much tape they use or the brand of starch they spray on my dick,no amount of money can replace your sex drive/interest,i truly believe any so called straight identified closet man who gets it hard for another man is seriously in doubt of his bi- sexuality…. Mr Rideouts attitude is an a-typical one of the American people,yes Mr U.S.A homosexuality is a CHOICE,clap on clap off

  • Hairspray_Harry



    i think your wearing blinders again, i’ve seen Arpad Miklos fuck the twat/arse off a few women,sorry but the dear boy is bi-sexual

  • Hairspray_Harry


    did you actually touch her during sex and who payed for the batteries

  • GeriHew

    @Hairspray_Harry: “Gay Porn pays more per scene but nowhere near the money Straight Male Porn Actors make each month. 4×1000 is way less than 20×500 (industry averages)” Christian XXX (aka Maxx Diesel)

    The Basics:
    Women get paid more than men.
    For B/G scenes it’s 500 for him, 1500 for her.
    2 women get the same amount for G/G scenes. 1000 each.
    2 men also get 1000 each for B/B scenes.

    Amounts may vary, but ratios usually stay about the same.

    Christian did his first porn scene circa 2000 with his then girlfriend, porn actress girlfriend Lovette (who, like most porn actresses, is a bisexual performer). Circa 2003 he contacted director Chi Chi LaRue with a view to doing boy/girl work in LaRue’s straight movies. LaRue suggested he work in his gay movies instead as it would pay more per scene. Christian agreed and did around 13 gay scenes as Maxx Diesel. Then he moved to Las Vegas and figured out how to switch to straight porn, which is more or less what he’s done ever since. He does work with TS-Girls (and he clearly likes them) and does some pegging scenes with females as well as straightforward hetero scenes. Some porn actresses refuse to work with him because he’s done gay &/or because he continues to do TS as well. In at least some of those cases it’s not really the actress that refuses, but her agent/manager. He is however still successful and gets plenty of work.

    He might possibly be persuaded to do some gay/bisexual scenes again because one of his favourite female porn directors/producers to work with has recently started making gay/bi-male porn. She, however has stated that she only hires bisexual and lesbian identified women for her lesbian porn movies because she feels “real lesbians want to see real lesbians.” Will she, does she, apply the same standard to her gay male porn?

    I think she also probably tries to pay men better than average rates for her boy/girl scenes too, as it is “for woman & couples” type straight porn she makes, where the camera focuses as much on him as it does on her. That would probably only work though if the female performer agrees to be paid a bit less than average – which she might do if she prefers (or only does) this kind of boy/girl work to the more typical “circus sex” type of stuff that is so common in “straight” porn these days. If she takes a cut, she will still be earning at least as much as she gets for doing lesbian scenes.

    Is Christian XXX bisexual? He doesn’t really ID as such, but admits he’s not totally straight and doesn’t make a big point of only being “gay for pay.” Heteroflexible might be a better term to describe him as he can function sexually with both but apparently experiences no romantic feelings towards men. He sees the TS-Girls he works with as girls. He dates women in his personal life and I guess he might well date, or consider dating, TS-Girls too.

  • Hairspray_Harry


    “Heteroflexible might be a better term to describe him as he can function sexually with both but apparently experiences no romantic feelings towards men”

    the above quote basically means nothing

    I’ve had plenty of sex with men and neither did i have romantic feelings for them,it was lust and appreciation for a man who was friendly and had taken care of his body

  • Hairspray_Harry


    Another though,the man may never come to except that fact he has a certain percentage of attraction to men but doing transsexuals does lighten the load/make it easier to deal with,he basically is having his cake and eating it…..

    My dear gents please do yourself a favour like i have,please except that the majority of men are basically bi-sexual or straight and the rest are solely gay(as in having NO attraction whatsoever to women,emotional or sexually)learn to deal with it,be open as much as possible with your male friends or lovers/boyfriends and try to create a trusting relationship

  • Hairspray_Harry

    Quite a few years ago there was a telling of a male actor by a male owner/madame of an exclusive escort service in hollywood.This actor who could not for the life of him except being a male homosexual,he tried everything known to man to change,he went as far as paying for these exclusive female escorts in California,in the range of $5000 a night,these women were like no other,quite beautiful and bodies like Greek statues,one lady after another,this actor nearly bankrupted himself into trying to make himself appreciate these women,physically,basically trying to make himself straight or close to it

    …..these now very rich women pointed out in detail,the actor could NOT even get aroused or hard,the actor giving up after several weeks and over 50 beautiful women,he left frustrated and confused believing that one of these beautiful ladies could do something to make him forget about men…..this was/IS a GAY MAN

  • Hairspray_Harry


    “but apparently experiences no romantic feelings towards men”

    Really….so for ever straight man who NEVER had romantic feelings/emotional experiences for a woman,you mean he is basically asexual or gay until he does have those feelings…hhmmm

  • GeriHew

    @Hairspray_Harry: Excuse me. I didn’t say anything meaningless in my previous reply to you.

    It’s a fact that many people who are bisexual in their behaviour don’t identify themselves strongly, if indeed at all, with the word. One of the reasons for that must be that it is just one word to cover a whole range of sexualities.

    Personally I would describe Christian as bisexual, but not bi-emotional. But then I’m bi, so maybe I’m biased.

    Former pornographic actress Sasha Grey identifies as bisexual and has stated that she thinks she’s a Kinsey 2 ( i.e. predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual ). I’d say Christian XXX is about a Kinsey 2 as well. However he could be a Kinsey 2 just because of his work in porn. If he’d never done porn he would probably be Kinsey 1 or even Kinsey 0. Sasha Grey on the other hand may well be a Kinsey 2 regardless of the fact that she’s worked in porn.

    I’m not a great fan of the Kinsey Scale btw. But it has it’s uses.

    Definition of heteroflexible (UnWords.Com)
    1. (adj.) Describing one who is predominantly heterosexual, but is willing to partake in homosexual acts.

    And from the Collins English Dictionary:
    adjective: (of a person) predominantly heterosexual but not exclusively so

  • Hairspray_Harry


    Sorry your confusing people with your Rhetoric,your trying to split hairs with sexuality and emotions,so your emotionally turned on but don’t have the sexuality to finish or start the job,sorry doesn’t make any sense but does sound like a man who can not deal with his sexual emotions for another man,as these emotions would make him see himself as effeminate/girly and not a real man,his identity is now vulnerable,he would start to be conflicted

    my dear boy i knew men who basically had to dress up like a woman in order to deal with there attractions for men,as long as he was dress as a female/presented himself as one,his feelings and desires made sense to him,the situation was now tolerable and NOT REPULSIVE,he could deal with it

    we have been told over and over since time and tide,real men don’t fall in love with men,its basically not possible,its not manly,not something real men do,keep those emotions under control

  • GeriHew

    @Hairspray_Harry: “My Dear Boy” I’m a tomboi, but I’m not really a boy :)

    Which just goes to show you are prone to making assumptions about people which aren’t true.

    Human sexuality is complicated. I’m sorry if you find that confusing. But it is. We can’t simply categorize everyone as “straight”, “gay” or “bi”.

    Most female porn performers (at least 90%) do girl/girl scenes, but most of theses women will never marry, or want to marry, another woman. Similarly there are lots of men in gay porn who have no desire whatsoever to marry a man. You can call these people bisexual if you like, because technically they are, but that doesn’t make them suitable relationship material for anyone of the same sex no matter how bi-friendly that someone might be.

    Hence some bisexual people are bi-emotional and others are not; they’re hetero-emotional. Indeed some people are bisexual and homo-emotional. There are a few female porn performers who do boy/girl (and are very good at it) who are exclusively lesbian outside of work – they’d never actually date a man.

    I know a lot about porn BTW. It’s my job.

  • Hairspray_Harry


    “Which just goes to show you are prone to making assumptions about people which aren’t true.”

    EXCUSE you but sexuality is not as confusing as people like you need it to be,why…well so you can either avoid feelings or not deal with emotions you have not maturely excepted yet.No i do not find sexuality confusing,what i find confusing is people who want to split sexuality into 1500 different directions,excuse you again but you also make accusations and use silly words

    “We can’t simply categorize everyone as “straight”, “gay” or “bi”.”

    Why and the hell not,are they going to melt,really you do not help the next generation of gays by confusing them with your silliness,

    straight: men or women who have no desire for the same sex either emotionally or physically,its repulsive/boring

    Gay: men or women who desire for the same sex either emotionally or physically,its not repulsive/boring

    AND BI -SEXUAL : men or women who desire for the same sex/opposite sex either emotionally or physically,its not repulsive/boring

    “Most female porn performers (at least 90%) do girl/girl scenes, but most of theses women will never marry or want to marry, another woman.”

    SO WHAT,WHAT IS YOUR POINT !!!their acting,i know female prostitutes who acted sexually with other women to a point,it did not turn them on,its a different story when a guy you know starts to get an erection from seeing a naked man or get turned on from sucking cock!!!

    Another point Viagra,seems to be a cure for some gays in the last ten years,don’t know about you but if some one gave me Viagra to fuck my dog,i might be capable with viagra,but the enjoyment and desire is still not there,i would have a serious problem with trying to ejaculate,viagra is for getting an erection,it is not an antidote for a sexual desire

    how the fuck do you have emotional desires for someone and not want to express them physically?suppressing feelings maybe….hmmmmm

    “Similarly there are lots of men in gay porn who have no desire whatsoever to marry a man.”


    “You can call these people bisexual,if you like, because technically they are”

    BOTH SEXES DESIRABLE IN A PHYSICAL WAY,technically they are not !!!???

    “but that doesn’t make them suitable relationship material for anyone of the same sex no matter how bi-friendly that someone might be.”

    they would not be suitable relationship material?, reason would be they don’t want one,a relationship or ever care to have one,if they were BI-SEXUAL,they would not make suitable relationship material because they can not be faithful to their partner whether they are a man or a woman

    “Hence some bisexual people are bi-emotional and others are not”

    Hence bisexual males can deal with being sexually emotional with a woman more so than a man,Hence women can deal with being sexually emotional with a man more so than a woman,why because of their upbringing or societies demeaning influence,some bi-sexual,woman or men can deal with their feelings hence some can some can not,denial is also a part of the situation

    “There are a few female porn performers who do boy/girl (and are very good at it) who are exclusively lesbian outside of work….

    probably because these women like a lot of men i know do not believe there is such a thing as bi-sexuality and neither do their so call lesbian friends,these woman are bi-sexual they can choose their relationships any way they want,they can choose either the man or the woman,their needs either way are being met,it is no way the same for a gay woman or gay man who’s needs are lacking from not having what they need

    i know of black men who will have sex with men and women but there is no way in hell that they could or would deal with being affectionate/loving with a man,not even kissing,kissing and love are a much bigger problem/hurdle for them then fucking a tight white arse or sucking on a pretty pink dick

    “I know a lot about porn BTW. It’s my job.”

    Really than do not give up your day job because you will never ever make it as a pychologist,you know about porn you do not know about human sexual behaviour as it is controlled through society

  • Hairspray_Harry


    I really think maybe you should take your own advice…..i have no interest in psychologists
    you can ask 10 psychologists about the same topic and get 25 different answers,trust me there is a lot of psychologists who could use a good doctor themselves,many even bring in the own beliefs,some even religious……its like pissing up a wall

  • Hairspray_Harry

    Starting to believe that there really is not any gay men in gay porn but more than likely money hungry male heterosexuals/bi-sexuals with dicks made for money,its not a sex drive but a fund raiser,added note…it was told many so called gay porn stars of the pass actually needed a female playing with her cherry spot,off to side in order for these so called gay males to handle the work on their male counter parts,wives/girlfriends of the male producers were some of these women…..i would guess,the gay film industry,would like to have us believe,homosexuality really is a choice

    P.s there is an unbelievable amount of straight men in control of the gay website industry
    and some gay video internet sites,why is this,because there is money to be made and they could absolutely fucking care less about feelings or desires and the loss of truly gay porn

  • Brendan

    I’m not saying that it’s not true or that he doesn’t believe that it’s true, but it really doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t care how much money I was paid, I could not maintain my erection if I was not attracted to the person I was having sex with. So if these guys are having sex with other guys to completion, then they are on some level at least bisexual. You cannot be 100% straight and have sex with a man, just like you can’t go out in the rain and be completely dry. It’s just not possible. It’s pretty obvious that he switched to gay porn for the money but he maintains the persona of totally straight for his wife’s sake – it’s easier for him to have sex with men and be ‘straight’ than to admit that he’s actually bisexual and that he also enjoys what he does.

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