Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell is sounding the alarm.

The queer icon, who’s been warning the public about Donald Trump ever since he descended down that infamous escalator, posted an impassioned TikTok Monday about the Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity.

By a 6-3 vote, split along ideological lines, the highest court in the land granted presidents “absolute immunity” from prosecution for core official acts, and “presumed immunity” for acts within the “outer perimeter” of his responsibility.

The ruling all but guarantees Trump’s criminal trial for trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election will be delayed far beyond the 2024 election in November, if it’s even tried at all. Now, a lower court in Washington D.C. must decide whether Trump’s alleged criminal actions fall within his “official” or “unofficial” responsibilities.

Writing for the majority, Chief Justice John Roberts made it clear the conservatives on the Court view goading the Department of Justice to conduct investigations, either regarding nonexistent voter fraud or the possible prosecution of political enemies, falls within the president’s purview.

“The president may discuss potential investigations and prosecutions with his Attorney General and other Justice Department officials to carry out his constitutional duty to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed,’” he wrote.

The ruling takes a legal sledgehammer to checks and balances, and the core American tenant that nobody is above the law. With Trump vowing “revenge” in a second term, the prospect of a sitting president using the power of his office and the DOJ to combat perceived adversaries now appears to be a possible reality.

O’Donnell says the ruling, ironically issued days before Independence Day, subverts American democracy.

“What a day, ladies and gentlemen. What a day to go down in infamy and never be forgotten,” she says. “As we come to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, 248 years ago. What does it mean this Fourth of July? Not a lot, according to to Supreme Court. Although no one is above the law is literally the foundation of this nation, apparently a president is above the law.”

Later in the video, O’Donnell expresses her rightful anger in more explicit terms.

“We’re in deep sh*t people. We are in deep sh*t,” she states. “Everyone says, ‘What are you gonna do when it turns like the Handmaid’s Tale?’ We’re there, OK? We’re there, make no mistake.”

Few people know the extent of Trump’s vengeance more than Rosie, who’s been one of his favorite targets for over a decade. Their feud started when she ripped him on The View for his treatment of a crowned Miss USA, propelling the now-convicted felon to start blasting the comedian.

Despite Trump’s onslaught of taunts, Rosie stayed silent. That is until his first presidential debate in August 2015 when Trump called her a “fat pig.” She called his disgusting words “not just an attack on me but on all women he doesn’t deem worthy.”

While Trump’s indictments piled up, O’Donnell took understandable pleasure in the disgraced ex-president’s apparent downfall. But with the Supreme Court’s ruling, Trump may never face justice… especially if he’s re-elected. As president, it would be within Trump’s power to instruct the DOJ to dismiss the federal cases against him entirely.

In fact, Trump may not even face repercussions after being convicted of 34 felonies in his criminal hush money trial. On Tuesday, the judge presiding over the case, Juan Merchant, said his July 11 sentencing is now postponed until September 18… if it happens at all.

Apparently now free to act with impunity, Rosie fears what Trump could do next.

“He’s a truly sick man. Truly, truly sick,” she warns. “There’s no length he won’t go to, and he must be stopped. That’s my opinion.”

Following last Thursday’s disastrous debate, Joe Biden doesn’t appear up to the task of stopping Trump. O’Donnell, like many Democrats, thinks it’s time for the president to withdraw from the race.

“I think what the right thing to do would be for him to step aside,” she says. “We all watched for 90 minutes, and it wasn’t just a bad night. We have aging parents. We know what it looks like, we know what it feels like. We know that look of confusion on their face. Come on, people. We’re fighting a dark force here… dark force.”

Is it too late for Rosie to jump into the race herself? Asking for a friend…

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