Two-panel image. On the left, Donald Trump sits in a navy suit during proceedings for his New York criminal trial. On the right, Rosie O'Donnell smiles talking into a microphone at the 2024 Queerties.
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It’s an election year, and Rosie O’Donnell is not staying quiet about what’s at stake when Americans head to the polls and see one-term, twice-impeached, quadruply-indicted ex-president Donald Trump‘s name on the ballot again.

In a recent appearance on Chris Cuomo‘s NewsNation show, the actress, activist, and icon firmly stated that “democracy is on trial.”

“I think [Trump is] the worst thing that’s ever happened to the United States and his cruelty knows no bounds,” she explained. “And when he’s upset and humiliated, he has no control and goes apesh*t.”

If there’s anyone who’s been sounding the warning sirens, it’s certainly O’Donnell, whose feud with the former president far predates his time in office.

In case you forgot, Trump went on a press tour bashing the funny lady in 2006 after she criticized then-Miss USA Tara Conner on The View. Apparently, when O’Donnell’s fellow co-host Barbara Walters tried to talk the orange man down, he said Walters called O’Donnell “a pig” that would be fired leading to Rosie’s eventual exit from the program. (Walters later denied Trump’s accusations.)

Of course, Trump later recycled the verbiage at his first-ever presidential debate, calling O’Donnell a “fat pig,” unprovoked. It was these types of attacks –– which Rosie called “not just an attack on me but on all women he doesn’t deem worthy” –– that inspired the 62-year-old to fight back.

“He’s the kind of person that is a grifter,” she told Cuomo. “And he is an evangelical preacher to people who believe that Celebrity Apprentice was true. And Celebrity Apprentice was not true.”

Furthermore, she intimated that partial blame for Trump’s rise lies with Apprentice producer Mark Burnett, who has “tapes of [Trump] calling people every racist word in the world [and] telling women to get down on their knees.”

Moving into the election, O’Donnell hopes more people will see the former reality star for whom he really is.

She expounded on the sentiment via TikTok, telling her 2.3 million followers, “I feel very strongly that people know the truth about Donald Trump … He represents the worst parts of human nature: misogyny, racism, elitism, white supremacy.”

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According to O’Donnell, Trump’s involvement in the overturning of Roe v. Wade –– not to mention his flip-flopping stances on abortion –– stand firmly against “the Founding Fathers’ values.”

“It’s surprising that we’re not in the street, ladies,” she said. “That we haven’t called a national ban on working for all women in light of this bullsh*t, Roe v. Wade overturning.”

It’s particularly fitting that the comedian’s TikTok bio proudly states, “Save democracy.” Since joining the platform, O’Donnell has amassed a new generation of followers with charming glimpses into family life and the occasional political rambling.

At this year’s Queerties, she was even nominated for Best TikToker and honored with the Icon Award for her impactful career in entertainment, and now, activism.

In her acceptance speech, O’Donnell shared a heartwarming story about her nonbinary child Clay’s coming out, and how being their mom inspired her.

“My 11-year-old is teaching me how to be a more fully alive queer person,” she said. “How to be the PFLAG mother that I wished I had, how to be the person that will stand up forever and fight for your nonbinary, autistic child who’s trying to fit in, in a world that wasn’t made for them.”

And as O’Donnell reminded us in her TikTok, that fight starts at the voting booth.

“Women, vote for yourself, vote for your children, vote for your mothers, vote for your grandmothers,” she said. “And husbands, vote for your sisters, vote for your aunts, your moms, your daughters. There’s no way that white men get to decide what women can do with their bodies in America in 2024.”

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