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Rudy Giuliani’s bank account is almost empty and guess who’s totally iced him out

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As the summer drags on, things only seem to be getting worse for Rudy Giuliani.

In addition to being ensnared in multiple lawsuits and a federal investigation that is reportedly costing him millions of dollars in legal fees, he also had his law license suspended, and Donald Trump, the very person who got him into this mess, won’t return his calls.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted yesterday that the 76-year-old lawyer is running dangerously low on cash and his allies are “aghast” that Trump isn’t stepping in to help out.

In a followup tweet, Haberman said Trump’s camp believes Giuliani is on his own, saying he “took actions a lawyer should have known were problematic, even if the client wanted it.”

To add insult to injury, Trump is swimming in dough right now. The ex-president has raised more than anyone other Republican so far this year, raking in over $60 million in just six months. And he’s been hoarding almost all of it.

Yahoo! News reports:

A fundraising group run by former President Donald Trump raised $62 million in the first half of the year but only spent $3 million, with the biggest chunk of money going to a pro-Trump research center and more than $65,000 to Trump’s own hotels, according to federal records published on Saturday.

Mother Jones adds:

That’s particularly worrisome for Giuliani, whose legal defense fund has effectively failed to raise anything in his fight against the federal probe into whether he worked as an unregistered lobbyist for Ukrainian officials. Giuliani, who was recently suspended from practicing law in New York, is also facing a separate lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems over his relentless election lies. And despite his penchant for conspiracy theories and misinformation, it appears, as Haberman notes, that Giuliani does seem to understand the gravity of his precarious legal situation.

On Friday, Giuliani slammed the Justice Department’s investigation into his alleged unlawful dealings with Ukraine, insisting he “committed no crime” and saying anyone who thinks he did is “probably really stupid.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” he insisted. “They lie! They cheat!”

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