Unfair fight

Scott Baio tried to one-up a comedian on Twitter. He failed so hard he’s trending now.

Scott Baio should leave the jokes to the comedians and stick to… whatever it is that Scott Baio is good at. Your guess is as good as ours.

The former Charles in Charge actor and current homophobic Trumper clown did his best to clap back at actor/comedian Patton Oswalt on Twitter, but it was clear he was doomed from the start.

It started when Oswalt made a joke about the QAnon conspiracy theory that Trump would regain the presidency on March 4.

“Guys, I’m at the DuPont Circle Pinkberry for the #TrumpInauguration,” he wrote. “I’m here with four Proud Boys, their moms and Scott Baio. Did we get the address wrong? Help me out, this Minuteman costume is super-itchy.”

Baio clearly didn’t find it funny. In response, he tried to take the “super-itchy” gag and turn it against Oswalt.

And sure, humor is subjective, but can we all agree his comeback is lame as hell?

The thing is… because Oswalt never tagged Baio in his post, that left the door wide open for him respond with:

“Oh YIKES. I didn’t even ‘@’ this guy. Poor sap searches his name on Twitter. No one dunk on him, this is really depressing. BUGSY MALONE’s still a great movie, right?”

Baio apparently felt the need to further embarrass himself, replying with, “Wrong again, you fat, ugly shi*head!”

And because we can’t make this stuff up, he also shared a tweet from one of his supporters that reads:

“Hey loser back off @ScottBaio. Scott can kick your butt. Scott’s wife can kick your butt. Scott’s whole family can kick your butt. In summation PaTtOn Scott Baio and his family are badasses and you are definitely NOT.”

Oswalt even had a clever response for that, too.

“I must respectfully disagree,” he wrote. “BUGSY MALONE is a really good movie and you were lucky to get to work with Alan Parker. Dude is an under appreciated genius.

For anyone keeping score, that’s Oswalt, 3; Baio, 0.

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