Second meth death in home of Democratic fundraiser Ed Buck ruled accidental overdose

Ed Buck (L) and Timothy Dean (R)

The Los Angeles Sherrif’s Office has ruled that the death of a man in the West Hollywood home of Democratic donor Ed Buck was the result of an accidental methamphetamine overdose.

55-year-old Timothy Dean died in Buck’s home in January. His death was curiously similar to another tragic incident just 18 months prior, when Gemmel Moore, another black man, died in Buck’s home of a meth overdose.

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According to attorneys for Buck, Dean arrived at Buck’s home already under the influence. “We stand by our position that unfortunately, Mr. Dean ingested drugs at a location other than Mr. Buck’s, and he came over intoxicated, and it’s a tragedy,” attorney Seymour Amster said in a statement.

The statement will likely do little to quell the anger toward Buck, a longtime donor to Democratic candidates like Hillary Clinton. Politicians who have accepted funds from Buck have already begun donating them to charity, and the mother of Gemmel Moore has filed a lawsuit claiming that Buck assaulted, drugged and battered her son. A passage from Moore’s diary allegedly attributes his meth habit to Buck, who gave him his first dose.

Buck maintains his innocence. Police have said they will continue to investigate Moore’s death as the inquiry into Dean’s continues.