So Who Is Winning The GOP’s Anti-Gay Elephant Race For President?

Which of the mostly anti-gay GOP Presidential candidates might go up against Obama were Republican caucuses to choose their nominee today?

According to an average of four nationwide polls, Mitt Romney would. But also take note, Sarah Palin just beats out Michele Bachmann even though Palin’s not even officially running (ouch!). And Rick Santorum polls even lower than Newt Gingrich whose campaign continues to implode by the day.

Satisfyingly though, Santorum’s color on the graph is appropriately brown.


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  • randy

    Well, Taliskin, if you are not happy with they way the queer news is presented, the answer if very simple: Start your own blog. Thousands have done it, and you will be doing a terrific service to gays all over. It isn’t difficult, nor is it costly. Heck, you can get your blog started up for free. Once you get some traffic, you can start selling ad space to pay for the costs and a little bit for your time.

    So instead of bitching, do something.

  • Juha

    I agree with Tallskin. This site has been focusing on US politics way too much on the cost of happenings everywhere else.
    That link I posted earlier, well in it there’s something about 4 pastors making a prayer for blessing same sex marriages.. But that’s not newsworthy.

  • aagblog

    Santorum’s in brown. I see what you did there.

  • The crustybastard

    Barney Bubbles’ charging elephants painting from Elvis Costello’s “Armed Forces”? Heh! More apropos than you know.

    This sounds totally like these chuzzlewits:

    You want attention
    You try my patience
    With the best intentions you are nothing but a nuisance

    Busy bodies
    Busy busy
    Getting nowhere
    Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere

  • Abel

    Yeah, Santorum’s is brown and Bachmann’s is appropriately black, to match her heart.

  • ron

    Obama must be pinching himself…these clowns are handing him 4 more years on a silver platter.

  • Spots

    How dare a blog by Americans feature American politics as the American political campaign season opens! What a travesty! I’m not even a huge supporter of queerty and this complaint seems silly to me. If you really want to complain about this story, you should complain about it being non-news.

    Romney is the only one in the current group of GOP candidates with a chance. This story doesn’t tell us anything that we didn’t already know and doesn’t tell us anything that will be relevant one year, one month, one week, one day, or one newscycle from now.

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