We’ve heard that straight men are a lot more bisexual than you might think, and science has even tried to explain why so many straight dudes fantasize about having gay sex, but when it comes to hetero daydreams about a same-sex encounter, who tends to pop up naked?

We asked Whisper to do a little digging. Here’s what they found:

I'm straight.  But I have the biggest man crush on Mark Wahlberg #sorrynotsorry

I'm a 99% straight guy and hate everything about Justin Bieber but I would sleep with him, no hesitation. He's so hot.

I am a straight guy with an unhealthy man crush on The Rock.  Like I would probably be willing to blow him if he asked me to.

I think I can speak for all fellow straight guys from Boston when I say Tom Brady can have his way with me anytime he wants

I'm straight but there's something about Ryan Gosling. Especially when he takes his shirt off.

I'm straight and embarrassed to admit my man crush list is longer than the list of female celebrities I find attractive

  Matthew McConaughey is the best looking guy I have ever seen and his voice is something else by the way I'm a straight guy

If I could look like any celebrity, I'd look like Matt Bomer. That dude has everything a girl wants, and can pull off a suit like a mother fucker! Yes, I'm a straight guy, with a man crush.

I'm straight as an arrow and have a wonderful girlfriend. But I have the biggest man crush on  Chris Pratt

I am secretly obsessed with Zac Efron. I mean, c'mon, he's amazing!   I'm ashamed cause I'm a guy. But I'm straight.

Pretty sure im straight but if I had the chance to kiss brad Pitt I would prob take it

I'm a straight guy, 21. But when I see Ian Somerhalder I just think "damn I wish I looked like him"

I'm straight but even I  have a huge man crush  on Bradley Cooper. That guy can get it.

I'm a straight guy and don't think I could go gay but I may have a man crush on Bruno mars :/  First time I'm admitting that

I spend far too much  time looking at pictures  of David Beckham then a straight man really should

Wish I was as good looking as Adam Levine I'm straight but God damn that mans been touched by God

My man crush is Ryan Reynolds and I'm not ashamed to admit it  as a straight guy

I'm 100% straight but I would TOTALLY bang Neil Patrick Harris

I'm a straight man, and even I would sleep with Channing Tatum

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