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Teen Breaks Up With Secret Boyfriend After Being Blackmailed By His Own Brother


A recent Reddit post in which a gay teenager alleges that his sibling has forced him to break up with his boyfriend has generated a lot of attention this week.

The fifteen-year-old begged for advice on how to deal with his floridly homophobic older brother, who is apparently forcing him to date girls… otherwise, his sexuality with be exposed to the rest of his family.

The fifteen-year-old asked fellow users on Reddit for help dealing with his homophobic older brother, who has threatened to tell their religious parents all about his sexuality unless he meets his “every demand.”

He writes:

“My brother found out that I’m gay by looking through my phone and reading texts between me and my boyfriend.

“He confronted me about it and said that I had to break up with my boyfriend and start dating girls or he’ll tell my parents about me and tell my boyfriend’s parents about him.

“He screenshotted my texts and some pictures from my phone and has them saved somewhere.”

The teenager has been acquiescing to his brother’s requests: He broke up with his boyfriend and is dating girls.

But obviously he’s miserable.

He “really, really misses” his ex-boyfriend, particularly after meeting up with him secretly.

“I tried talking to my brother about it but he just said that he’s trying to help me and that one day I’ll realise that this is the best thing for me and that he’s doing it out of love.”

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He’s wondered whether he should come out to his parents, but is afraid they’ll disown him, kick him out of the house, or force him to undergo conversion therapy.

Reddit users have been offering their support. Many have suggested that he should tell the truth; that even facing the dire consequences of his confession beats living a lie.

But the fact that his brother will out his ex makes the situation even harder.

“If it was just about me it wouldn’t be as bad, but the fact that he can out my ex as well makes everything a 100 times worse.”


H/t: LGBTQ Nation

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