It makes you wonder if there will even be a Republican party left after all the dust settles from this election: a judge in Texas, exasperated over his party’s ludicrous behavior, has switched sides to the Democrats. And the turning point for him was presiding at a gay wedding.

His name is Terry Jennings of the Texas First Court of Appeals, and he’s been mulling the switch for some time. His kids kept needling him about it. And then last year when he presided over his first same-sex wedding, everyone kept telling him that most Republican judges wouldn’t have been so accepting.

“That’s when I started thinking,’Well maybe I’m not in the right party then,’” he told reporters.

Democrats are in short supply on Texas benches — there are only 12 of them in state appellate courts out of 73.

Here’s how he explained his switch:

My values and principles have not changed since 2000, but those of the Republican party have.

Over the years, I have watched this great nation, in all its diversity, grow richer and stronger. In 2008, I was excited when we elected our first black president. Too many Republicans were not. As the father of two daughters, and the son of a woman born before the ratification of the 19th Amendment, I am equally excited that we are about to elect our first woman president.  Too many Republicans are not. I appreciate and embrace that we are a nation of immigrants, of individuals of many different faiths and ethnicities — all one people under our Constitution — all of whom are guaranteed equal protection under the law. Too many Republicans do not.

He concluded that he’ll be voting for Hillary in the election.

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