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  • Max Campbell


    Go male bisexuality!!!

  • jason

    I’m not entirely comfortable with porn-like images being used in advertising campaigns. Have the advertisers run out of ideas? Besides, what exactly are they selling? The ad seems intent on drawing attention to the image but not the product.

  • Max Campbell

    Two or many handsome bisex guys for one girl. It should be DOMINANT female fantasy! This will give carte blanche on publicity to us.

    This is our last chance to overcome bisexual double standards and to destroy a tabboo on male-male intimacy!

    There are just one cause of homophobia: suppression of their homoerotism and male bisexual potencial, which transform this to a homophobia.

  • Yuriy

    The ad is probably for the lipstick xD

  • DeuxM

    I agree. If the men released bisexual potential, then all will only get better.I agree. If the men released bisexual potential, then all will only get better.

  • Dan

    @jason: Good comment.

    What are they selling?

    From the photos, it looks like they may be promoting a depilatory product.

    Whatever they’re selling, I certainly won’t buy it.

  • Lucky Luke

    What an ungly foot in the third picture from left to right in the upper row. Ew. Wish my body was that good, though.

  • Joe


  • jacknasty

    I don’t find these homoerotic or any kind or erotic, they’re just crass and kind of boring pictures

  • Jules

    Are they trying to make the guy second from the right look like a girl? Almost looks like his back was computer tampered with

  • Brad Gough

    What happened to the world?

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