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There’s A Queer Twist On Love And Loss In This Gorgeous Jazz Video


Wistful longing for a lost love has always informed popular music, but it’s incredibly rare to see a jazz video that evokes such nostalgia for a same-sex romance. However, that’s just what out jazz vocalist Antoine L. Collins with the video for his smoky rendition of the Nat King Cole standard “Somewhere Along The Way.”

Collins wanted to create a video to match what he describes as the song’s universal message.

“It’s a song that everyone — young or mature, male or female, gay or straight — can relate to: the one who got away,” he says. To create the accompanying clip he chose acclaimed film director Matthew Mishory, who made Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean, a moody and mesmerizing glimpse into the early life of the late superstar.

“I was inspired by the grain, the textures, of super8,” Mishory says. “We looked at old jazz photography and news reels as well some of Derek Jarman’s super8 films, which I love, and William Friedkin’s grainy urban landscapes in Cruising and The French Connection. I had previously shot a lot of super8 in bucolic settings; it was exciting to get urban and gritty.”

Watch their beautiful video collaboration below.

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  • Xzamilio

    Okay… this is so damn creamy and beautiful. I am getting some SERIOUS Luther Vandross vibes here.

  • queermarek

    This is a beautiful video and song. Sexy, classy, beautiful guys, we need more music like this!

  • woodroad34

    @Xzamilio: Excellent rendition…I wasn’t crazy about the video, but when I turned my head and stared into space…it just took me back to my favorite piano bar/nightclub. Really beautiful.

  • woodroad34

    @queermarek: I agree. I miss going to piano bars (straight or gay) and sipping a Manhattan or Martini and listening to this kind of music.

  • Xzamilio

    @woodroad34: Yeah, I’m not feeling the video either, but I do love the song. I’m a big jazz buff, so it is damn nice to get some on this site.

  • jack dixon

    Bittersweet and romantic, boy I miss that.Antoine L. Collins, damn,great mood great voice, I’ll definitely get his music.

  • cin-gay-aste

    Loving this video. Finally something gay with some style and substance. Lovely.

  • cin-gay-aste

    @jack dixon: me too.

  • enlightenone

    MORE, PLEASE!!!!!

  • Claude Courval

    The most beautiful song and well performed and i don’t usually like jazz.

  • dannysax

    The most beautiful song and still so sad, reminds me of someone I knew once in my own life. I started tearing up listening to it.

  • Kangol

    I love this! Getting his LP ASAP! More, Queerty, please.

  • WillIAmNot

    Love love love!! Thanks for this classy, sexy and sultry vid Antoine

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