These Heartfelt Letters Written By Parents And Mentors Supporting Gay Youth Will Make You Cry


A mother’s encouraging letter to her 13-year-old gay son has gone viral. The note was published on PFLAG’s A Note To My Kid message board earlier this week. In it, the mother writes that she is proud of her son for coming out, and that he will always be loved and supported by both of his parents.

“Dear Connor,” the missive begins. “I am writing you this letter so you have something tangible, something to hold onto, if you should ever need it, to always remind you that we love you.”

It continues: “I am pretty proud that we have the kind of relationship in which you felt comfortable coming out to met at 13 years old. I am hoping that we have created an environment in our house in which you know you are loved, you are safe, and that we will support you and fight for you.”

“Dad and I love you very much,” the letter concludes. “You are growing into such an amazing young man. You are pure potential. We can’t wait to see where it takes you!”

Seriously, if that doesn’t make you just a little bit misty-eyed, you might not be human.

Scroll down to see more letters written by parents, grandparents, teachers and mentors supporting gay youth.

Teenager Zach Gibson came out on Facebook last fall. When his mother found out, this was her response:


When Nate’s father overheard his son’s plans to come out, he beat him to the punch in this super sweet note that went viral in March 2013:


Singer Fiona Apple sent this letter to a gay fan in support of high school gay-straight-alliances:


This amazing 90-year-old Chinese grandmother released a video in support of her gay grandson last summer and asking her country’s government to support same-sex marriage.

Speaking of amazing grandparents, when this man’s adult daughter disowned her son for being gay earlier this year, he decided to give her a taste of her own medicine:


Matthew Brent stood behind his bullied son and demanded action from his son’s school.


When a student came out to his teacher in an essay, her response was pretty much perfect. The world needs more teachers like this:


In 2012, President Obama heard that 10-year-old Sophia was being bullied for having two dads and took it upon himself to send her a note of support:


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  • Mezaien

    I wish Parents except their children and support them like my 6 children excepted me and support me as a HOMO dad. Thank you all my beloved children.

  • bsaucy00

    When I told my Aunt I was gay her response was “And what do you want me to do about it?”

  • heavyset34

    Beautiful letters

  • technicolornina

    These aren’t tears, shut up. I just have a memory of my grampa sticking up for me in a diner stuck in my eye.

  • gjg64

    Wow….just wow.

  • Silke

    What wonderful heartwarming letters. Makes me cry-for joy.

  • Dakotahgeo

    This is what is so wonderful about being a Christian minister, being able to fully accept the GLBT community, and assure them that they are exactly how God made them, 100% beautiful, and God doesn’t make mistakes. And God DOES NOT condemn those that are God’s children, no matter what their sexual orientation.
    Pastor George M Melby

  • LadyL

    I’m speechless. Thank you for sharing these beautiful, beautiful letters.

  • mezzacanadese

    I don’t have to write my son or my daughter letters to let them know they are loved. She is a lesbian and he is gay, and I am proud of both of them.

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