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Over the past 15 seasons, RuPaul’s Drag Race has undergone many changes: New casts, new judges panels, new networks, new episodes lengths.

But one thing we can always rely on? Our steady rock in uncertain times? Why, it’s the Pit Crew, those grinning, underwear-clad gents who are always willing to give the queens a helping hand. (And, yeah, we’re pretty sure the queens wouldn’t mind giving them a hand, too, if you know what we mean.)

Of course, the Pit Crew roster does change every once in a while, and we’ll never complain about meeting someone new to pine after. But, in all this time, Drag Race has yet to gift us with a truly thicc crew member. Aren’t we overdue for some body diversity?

Content creator Elliott Norris sure thinks so! This week, the Drag Race fan has made his case to join the Pit Crew himself as its very first (in his words) “Big Boy,” and it’s starting to get traction online, with a number of RuGirls showing their support.

Here’s Norris’ “audition tape”:

Directly addressing the producers of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Norris says, “I mostly only see six-packs for the Pit Crew, and I think you guys are missing a little belly.”

After lifting his shirt and giving himself a nice jiggle, he adds, “I think you guys are missing a large margin of people.”

Clearly, Norris isn’t the only one to feel this way. Posted across Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, the video is getting plenty of attention from fans of the show, and even a few former contestants.

Alexis Michelle (who was just shy of making it to the finale in Season 9) offered a hearty, “AGREE,” while original Drag Race UK queen Cheryl Hole replied saying she “approve[s] this message.”

Season 8’s Cynthia Lee Fontaine even said she was writing a letter to RuPaul about it, she just…. got a little distracted:

As some commenters have pointed out, body diversity would be a welcome inclusion to Drag Race‘s “original recipe,” while international iterations of the series have already done the work to bring new shapes and sizes to their Pit Crews.

Back in 2020, Canada’s Drag Race made history when it introduced the franchise’s first Pit Crew member of size, Mina Gerges. Speaking with Out Magazine at the time, Gerges says he knew he needed to be on the show “so that the young gay kids watching the show can see a bigger body and stretch marks and learn to be kinder to themselves.”

And Gerges is right. By showcasing more than one type of body (i.e. the standard: abs a’plenty) on its Pit Crew, Drag Race could really help combat stigma around weight and size. Norris elaborated on this further when he was a guest on Delta Work’s hit podcast Very Delta:

It’s worth pointing out that even some folks who agree with Norris’ message are disagreeing with the fact that he’s the “Big Boy” the show needs—they don’t actually think he qualifies as a “Big Boy” at all.

“This isn’t the diversity the pit crew needs,” one Twitter user writes. “Give us a hot butch lesbian pit crew member. Give us more pit crew of color. Give us a wide range of body types with actual big boys.”

Still, Norris seems unbothered by his detractors, and is going to just keep doing his thing. Case in point: He followed up with a “part 2” of his Pit Crew audition on Twitter a few days later:

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