Trans Violence Watchdogs Issue Advisory Warning Against Advocate Writer And Trans Activist Parker Molloy

2014-04-20-pm-thumbLast week we published an essay written by trans activist and writer Kelsie Brynn Jones titled Park That Attitude: The Danger Of Trans Activist Parker Molloy

Kelsie details her interactions with Parker (pictured right), an activist and writer for The Advocate, providing screenshots of chats in which Parker tells Kelsie (among other things), “Stupid cunt…Cut yourself…Drink bleach…Die in a fire…”

Kelsie notes that her, “behavior…is violent, hypocritical and damaging” concluding:

“The transgender community needs people who love and support their brothers and sisters. It does not need an abusive Parker Molloy.”

And it looks like we weren’t the only ones taking note of Parker’s less-than-exemplary harmful and nasty tactics in dealing with dissent from within the very community she purports to be advocating for.

Parker Molloy 2 Die in a FireParker has been added to the Trans Violence Tracking Portal, a website dedicated to “collecting data on anti-transgender violence in order to protect the transgender community in real time.”

Here’s some of what they have to say about her:

“We wish no ill or harm to Parker. Yet as an advocacy group focused on ending violence against transgender people, we feel that prudence demands greater accountability and an immediate response to insure no other parties are harmed now or in the future. We appreciate that Parker has apologized and admitted to anger issues in a statement on Facebook, but we strongly feel that the community needs to be informed to insure the safety of our community as well as Parker’s own well-being.”

For their part, The Advocate suspended Molloy without pay for a month. For telling someone to “die in a fire” and “drink bleach.” A shockingly mild slap on the wrist if you ask us.

Especially since Parker has a history of unprofessional aggression. The same day she blasted Ru Paul as “transphobic” and started the word-police conversation that seemed to never end, she Tweeted this:


Andrea James wrote at the time:

When not expressing hate for subjects of her reporting, Molloy is part of the eyeroll-inducing “hashtag activist” movement currently infecting the internet.

Here is the apology Parker posted to Facebook:


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