Trans Violence Watchdogs Issue Advisory Warning Against Advocate Writer And Trans Activist Parker Molloy

2014-04-20-pm-thumbLast week we published an essay written by trans activist and writer Kelsie Brynn Jones titled Park That Attitude: The Danger Of Trans Activist Parker Molloy

Kelsie details her interactions with Parker (pictured right), an activist and writer for The Advocate, providing screenshots of chats in which Parker tells Kelsie (among other things), “Stupid cunt…Cut yourself…Drink bleach…Die in a fire…”

Kelsie notes that her, “behavior…is violent, hypocritical and damaging” concluding:

“The transgender community needs people who love and support their brothers and sisters. It does not need an abusive Parker Molloy.”

And it looks like we weren’t the only ones taking note of Parker’s less-than-exemplary harmful and nasty tactics in dealing with dissent from within the very community she purports to be advocating for.

Parker Molloy 2 Die in a FireParker has been added to the Trans Violence Tracking Portal, a website dedicated to “collecting data on anti-transgender violence in order to protect the transgender community in real time.”

Here’s some of what they have to say about her:

“We wish no ill or harm to Parker. Yet as an advocacy group focused on ending violence against transgender people, we feel that prudence demands greater accountability and an immediate response to insure no other parties are harmed now or in the future. We appreciate that Parker has apologized and admitted to anger issues in a statement on Facebook, but we strongly feel that the community needs to be informed to insure the safety of our community as well as Parker’s own well-being.”

For their part, The Advocate suspended Molloy without pay for a month. For telling someone to “die in a fire” and “drink bleach.” A shockingly mild slap on the wrist if you ask us.

Especially since Parker has a history of unprofessional aggression. The same day she blasted Ru Paul as “transphobic” and started the word-police conversation that seemed to never end, she Tweeted this:


Andrea James wrote at the time:

When not expressing hate for subjects of her reporting, Molloy is part of the eyeroll-inducing “hashtag activist” movement currently infecting the internet.

Here is the apology Parker posted to Facebook:


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  • DarkZephyr

    Parker Molloy is severely mentally ill, homophobic and violently opposed to ANY transwoman that disagrees with her. I hope all of her little shock troops open their eyes, because they have hitched their wagons to the WRONG pony. Is this psycho who they really want to be associated with? Who they really want Trans activism to be associated with?

  • spiffy

    Suspended without pay for only one month? People have lost their jobs for lesser offenses.

    (If only these insights were brought to light before the whole Drag Race language gate happened…)

  • DarkZephyr

    @spiffy: AMEN. I was thinking the same thing. ONE month. Big freaking deal. This loony b*tch has actually caused certain Transwomen to self harm and others to contemplate it and she gets a tiny slap on the f*cking wrist? I don’t know who took over, but damn.

  • Gothrykke

    I didn’t realize Advocate meant advocating violence. Yes, I went there. I’m still not as awful as Parker, though.

  • Rusty Alcorta

    At 63 I fought long and hard to live as a woman, work as a woman and raise kids. In the old days we may have disagreed with other transwomen but we didn’t act like the new generation of transwomen. We marched and did everything we had to do including getting arrested and beat up by cops to get our rights. Many of my friends were arrested many times and the others would go and raise the money to bail them out. Now we have transwomen like this Molloy degrading other women they disagree with. I agree with DarkZephyr that she should get fired not just given a month without pay. If the Advocate advocates transwomen who hate transwomen well that’s their sh*t I have no reason to go there or listen to such transwomen. She’s not the only one acting like a b*tch, there are other transwomen out there hating on other transwomen and act like Parker Molloy wishing the worse on other transwomen and that’s the reason I moved away from the trans community and lived a life among straights after all my trans friends passed away.

  • james_in_cambridge

    Well, at least she was sane enough to write “you deserve better than me”. She’s right about that.

  • jayj150

    It’s disgraceful and grossly hypocritical that this person has gotten away with aggressively attacking gay and lesbian folks for years; repeteadly and publicly using the word ‘f#ggot’ and other homophobic slurs(not once apologizing for it) and neither The Advocate nor their fellow transactivist called Molloy out for it. It took for Molloy to mess with another transperson for The Advocate and fellow transsexuals to critisize her. Molloy gets away with open, unapologetic homophobia, while the likes of GLAAD, The Advocate and ‘our trans brothers and sisters’ remain shockingly quiet about it.

  • Jacob23

    What hypocrisy. Trans activists have used violence and bullying and threats against their ever-growing list of enemies for a long time. Why is attention suddenly being paid? Well, it is because a victim is trans, so all of a sudden trans activists care.

    Where were these people when Dan Savage was being stalked and a heavy glass jar thrown at his head? Where were they when gay filmmaker Diego Luna was being threatened with violence because he did a pro-trans film but used a word forbidden by trans activists? Where were they when a high level “transman” activist posted about bashing in the head of a lesbian with a baseball bat? Where were they just this past week when Laverne Cox did a video expressing support for the murderer and abuser of a 13 year old girl?

    Trans activism is suffused with violence and malice and fear. It is a reflection of the lack of character, lack of moral and ethical standards, and/or poor mental health of trans activists generally. It is not anything with which the LGB civil rights should be associated.

  • sectbrawn

    Hmmmmm, I see a pattern forming here. Miss Thing attacks people then turns around, issues a half-assed “I’m sowwy” and plays the victim. That sound about right?

  • QJ201

    People still read the Advocate?

    I had a subscription since I was 21…and cancelled it when Here Media bought it and turned it into shit.

    And malloy is a psycho lesbian.

    I’m sorry but the most fucked up, twisted, angry, pissed off, arrogant and condescending trans women I have met have all been transbians. It’s like these women loving trans women are 70’s era butch d*kes.

  • seaguy

    This mentally unstable person should be fired from the Advocate. Glad people are seeing Parkers true colors and they are not rainbow colors they are black like her heart.

  • pressuredrop


    I keep seeing the Laverne Cox prison thing being pointed out, but I would like to counter that she didn’t know what the prisoner had done when she was advocating for the prisoner’s equal rights, and Laverne publically apologized and stated this. I feel like it’s kind of a far cry from being comparable to Parker Molloy.

    I don’t know everything about Laverne Cox, but she seems like a sane, reasonable and likable voice for the trans community. She’s giving a lecture at my former college next month, and I’m really geared to go.

  • jayj150


    I respect her way less since the childkiller debacle. First, she showed that she is a publicity-seeking moron who gets on any ‘this is transphobic!!!’ wagon without bothering to even research what and who she is talking about. And she also contributes to prove the point that transpeople in general automatically assume any transperson is a victim and the rest of of us are out to get them.

    Secondly, I actually think that, although the person she was defending is by all means a monster and should not get the state to pay for their cosmetic surgery, AS A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE, she should not have withdrawn her support. Either you believe transsexuals should have their surgery paid by the state, or you don’t. She made it crystal-clear that her position on the issue is dependent on whether it’s going to be perceived as popular or not. I don’t think the state should ever(regardless of the severity of the crime) use public money to pay for transsexuals’ surgery, because I consider it cosmetic. You might disagree with me, but at least I am consistent. By withdrawing her support she demonstrated all this activism does not come from her heart, but from her need to be gain publicity. That’s moral clientelism and hypocrisy and its best and at its most obvious.

  • pressuredrop


    I agree that she should have done her research before commenting on it.

    I also agree with the basic point that I don’t think government(s) should pay for gender reassignment surgeries. When I see people defending that point, I usually feel like they’re putting “social justice” activism before the “criminal justice” element in which prisoners are put in prison either as a punishment for a crime or as a way of preventing them from completing further crimes.

    I fully believe that claiming a gender identity that reflects one’s psychological make-up is a basic human right, but the surgery the bring that gender identity into physical being is costly and, according to many trans activists, decidedly not as important as the public acknowledgement of that gender identity. Many trans people decide not to get gender reassignment surgery and feel they do not need it, so the issue is obviously more psychological than physical. And, if you’re in prison, I have a feeling you might have some time to reflect on identity politics.

    In other words, if you want that top surgery so bad, you probably should have thought about that before you decided to shoot up a carload of nuns or whatever.

    However, I don’t think Laverne Cox was trying to be incendiary or gain extra attention. I don’t think, all things considered, that this is a throwaway issue to her. Perhaps she has re-thought her position the issue, which people (yes, even activists) are allowed to do, or perhaps she still agrees with her old position but chose to back off from it so as not to give this particular example anymore publicity. And you might see that position as indefensible, but in an era when many far less sensible debates have raged, I don’t think the concept of giving trans people in any context rights is necessarily a bad thing to at least argue about.

    Or, maybe you’re right, and she’s an awful attention-monger. I guess I’ll have to decide after hearing her speak in person.

  • Jacob23

    @pressuredrop: How do you do a support video without knowing whom you are supporting? What does this say about her integrity? Further, this was someone serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison. What did she think the life sentence was for? Shoplifting?

    She had the time to participate in a “support” video, but no time for 1 google search. Just one search would have revealed the full scope of this transgender’s depraved criminal acts against a child. Would have taken 2 minutes. But that would have slowed down the cheerleading for a fellow transgender. Sick. You can be sure that if the victim had been transgender instead of the perp, there would have been time to read up on the details. And BTW, the only reason she took that video down is because the victim was a child. If it had been a “cis” adult, there would have been no apology. We know this because trans activists regularly “support” trans killers of cis adults, including a “transwoman” who is in prison for cutting off her wife’s head. Why support such a person and not family of the murdered wife? Well, because the murderer is trans and the victim cis. Simple.

    I get that you are so enthralled with Cox’s celebrity, but maybe when she gives that lecture, you can ask her about the things that really matter. Like how she tells right from wrong.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Rusty Alcorta: You are very brave and I salute you.

    @jayj150: “Molloy gets away with open, unapologetic homophobia, while the likes of GLAAD, The Advocate and ‘our trans brothers and sisters’ remain shockingly quiet about it.”

    This is not entirely true. There are those Transwomen who have spoken out against the way Molloy treats gay men. Andrea James and Calpernia Addams are among the more high profile women who have rebuffed her (Andrea James has more than one piece published here at and there are every day Transwomen who I have seen speak out against her treatment of gays many times.

    @QJ201: The Advocate magazine and the Advocate website have become two separate entities that are no longer owned by the same people.

  • DarkZephyr

    @jayj150: P.S. when Transwomen do speak out against Ms. Molloy’s treatment of gay men and Transwomen, they tend to get scores of Molloy’s piranha like followers attacking them in outlandish ways.

  • pressuredrop


    Wow. “Enthralled with her celebrity?” Well, if you consider that she’s one of the most vocal public voices for trans rights on the circuit at the moment, and her role on a highly popular Netflix show is a big part of her extended platform, then yes, I am “enthralled by her celebrity.” I’m not going to go *avoid* seeing her speak for herself and give her a chance to prove you or other detractors right or wrong. It’s not as if I’m going out of the way to see her. Most of my friends, gay and straight, will also be there and expect me to go, which, in my opinion, speaks anecdotal volumes to her potential to reach a wide audience.

    And how do you know what she would have supported in hypothetical situations based on the reactions of other trans activists? In addition to being a straw man argument, you’re lumping all trans activists together, which it seems like you keep doing.

    I’m not buying your example. She made a mistake, but she hasn’t lost nearly as much face as Molloy has.

    And I’m not sure why you keep talking about how the prisoner is a child-killer, because as you’ve pointed out yourself, the issue would be no different than if she was in prison for drug dealing or stealing mailboxes or whatever. The fact that she was determined guilty for a particularly heinous crime means nothing, yet you keep trying to use it as further pathological fuel for your argument.

  • AgentCooper1989

    @pressuredrop: “I fully believe that claiming a gender identity that reflects one’s psychological make-up is a basic human right, but the surgery the bring that gender identity into physical being is costly and, according to many trans activists, decidedly not as important as the public acknowledgement of that gender identity.”

    Except that in many cases the surgery is deemed as medically necessary for the patient. If anything, whether or not GRS should be covered by any form of coverage, government funded or otherwise, needs to be viewed on a case by case basis. Yes, it is costly, but it’s not viewed as mere cosmetic surgery and is defined as a reconstructive procedure. Even if it is “more psychological than physical” that doesn’t remove it from the purview of medicine nor does it mean that psychological treatments can’t be medically needed.

  • inbama

    “You’re The Worst” on FX is by no means great comedy, but as Molloy has been one of the loudest language policewoman, if you have it on demand, please watch Episode 3.

    Near the end of the show are two of the most outrageously politically incorrect jokes I’ve ever seen. It is worth the whole half hour and will force you to laugh at yourself.

    Molloy and her followers can’t do this – they lack humanity.

  • Jacob23

    @pressuredrop: I didn’t ask you to not avoid her or to not attend her lecture. By all means, go. But if you have the chance to ask a question, rather than lob a softball or to ask about OITNB, why not use the opportunity to probe something meaningful, like how she tells right from wrong. Ultimately, it is something like that which should determine whether she is a role model, not whether she is vocal or popular on the circuit.

    How do I know that she would support a killer of an adult? Because she has. She supports CeCe McDonald, who stabbed a man to death with scissors and left him to die on the street. McDonald then lied repeatedly to police about what happened before finally admitting guilt and accepting a plea deal. Cox is working on a documentary supporting the killer. Now, this is not as stark a situation as the case of the child killer. That case involved murder while the McDonald case concerned a lesser category of homicide. The child victim is far more sympathetic than McDonald’s victim. But nevertheless, here is another case where a violent criminal – someone who took a human life – gets support and video tribute from Laverne Cox, while the deceased victim is forgotten. The common theme seems to be: whatever the circumstances, always support the transgender against the cis. If this is Cox’s moral system, then I don’t think that’s a good role model for anyone.

    Finally, I am not sure where you got that I believe that it would make no difference if the trans prisoner were in for vandalism. Of course it makes a huge difference. If we were talking about an imprisoned pot seller, Cox could have made a fair argument that prison is the wrong approach, or that sentences should be short. She also could make fair argument that a vandalized mailbox can be restored, and that prison is uncalled for. But intentionally taking a human life is the gravest of crimes in all societies. The harm that is caused can never be undone. Every country with a functioning justice system metes out harsh sentences for murder. For her to be so indifferent to this, even while she “supports” the murderer on video, is appalling.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Jacob23: What bothers me about some of your posts, and I say this with all due respect, I think that you sound so very anti-Trans. Can you explain why its SO important for you to boot the “T” out of “LGBT”? Does it not move you at all that Transwomen were an important part of what started it all, the Stonewall riots which ultimately have had *international* impact? Marsha P. Johnson, Jane County, and others. Drag Queens/Transvestites and Transwomen at the time were like sisters and they did NOT hate each other like “Janey-come-Lately” Parker Molloy hates Drag Queens now, they hung out in the same groups because back then they were all in the same boat. It wasn’t as common for Transwomen to be able to fully transition back then because of how horrible society and the laws were. Male bodied people in dresses and female bodied people in male attire all banned together despite how they may have inwardly identified (some were cis, some were trans) because they were harassed equally. And they all in turn banned together with gays, lesbians and bisexuals because our people back then were *ALL* harassed equally by the cops and by the very same bigots. *All* of our people at the Stonewall and places like them. When the riots took place a family was born and that family consisted of Gay men, Lesbians, Bisexual men and women, Transvestites & Drag Queens AND Transgender men & women. We have been LGBT ever since. Oh yes, I know the acronym has changed. People always say that the “T” was “added” later. Perhaps the LETTER was, but it was done to reflect the *reality* that the LGB community *also* included Transgender individuals of various sexual orientations.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Jacob23: Continued from above because of an idiotic slip of my finger.

    Anyway, GLB, LGB and whatever else you want to call it, alwaus included the “T”. So when it became “LGBT”, Trans people were not being “added”, they were being “acknowledged”. I know that people like Parker Molloy are horrible and homophobic, and I don’t blame you for hating people like her. BUT not all of our Trans brothers and sisters are like her and you may scoff at that term “brothers and sisters” but it IS a reality. It was a reality likely since before you were born and were a part of the community yourself. So why blame ALL trans people for the actions of SOME? Surely you have seen the monstrously hateful things many cis LGB people can sometimes say to Trans people as well? The hate doesn’t just come from the direction of the “T” sadly. And its not just the “Ts” that get marginalized by their siblings. The Ls and the Gs also often hate on the Bs. Its a mess if you ask me. I think that we all need to pull our heads out of our asses and come together like we did all those years ago. We are so much more potent united than we are divided.

  • TommyTWatson

    Parker is a fanatical witch hunter as well as an egregious fact-mangler who seeks to personally destroy anyone who dares dissent from Parker’s bitter and charm-free agenda. Don’t let the world ever forget about the “DRINK BLEACH” episode, because Parker would DEFINITELY not accord such forgiveness to a personal enemy. I am on the case and will never let go of this. Ever. Parker is a dangerous individual and will only reflect poorly on the LGBT cause.

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