Troye Sivan stands shirtless in white shorts singing into a microphone with his blonde curls blowing in the wind.

Troye Sivan is sexy — and he knows it.

The “One of Your Girls” singer (who was just named Rabanne’s first global makeup brand ambassador) opened up about feeling confident in his latest era and embracing sexuality in a new interview with Ssense.

“I think I’m sexy because I feel sexy,” Sivan said, explaining that “it comes from within.” The feeling, as he explained, was something he worked on after years of “being subjected to the internet” and critiques about his “lack of sex appeal” and body.

“Falling in love with my body and my sexuality and my expression of myself has been something that i’ve become really proud of and take a lot of joy from,” he added. “I hope everyone feels hot.”

Indeed, the pop star seems more comfortable in his skin than ever before — donning corsets and performing lap dances on his most recent tour, and slapping his own butt in the 4K-opening shot of the instantly-iconic “Rush” visual.

“[While making that music video,] I was like, ‘Well, let’s go for it,'” Sivan recalled. “Because you’ve been to those parties. I’ve been to those parties. Who are we censoring this for? It’s not like I am on the Disney Channel or something like that.”

To say the big swing paid off is an understatement.

The track from last year’s Something To Give Each Other scored him a Grammy nod, solidified his spot amongst gay-pop’s visionaries, and allowed him to plot a co-headlining tour with Charli XCX this fall. (Its title — “The Sweat Tour” — is fitting considering it’s easily the hottest gay ticket of the year.)

While the 29-year-old is satisfied with his career, he admitted to having “an existential crisis” about achieving success. It all stemmed from reading Alan Downs’ seminal self-help book The Velvet Rage.

The psychologist writes that men often overcompensate for internalized shame with achievements. And yes, all your gay friends have probably recommended it at some point.

“[The book] really threw me because I was like, ‘No, I’ve always had this idea that I do this because I love it,'” Sivan explained. “Stepping back and questioning … why do I feel the need to perform at a certain level … [and if] that’s coming from a place of shame … I don’t blame my baby self for doing that.”

Now, the “Honey” singer considers it “a blessing” that he’s yet to score a Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 or reach overwhelming popularity. “I’ve just realized what’s important to me and that there are other ways to sustainably have a career in music,” he said.

Furthermore, Sivan hopes future LGBTQ+ people feel inspired to just be their ordinary (and sexy) selves.

“Hopefully, let’s say in a couple of generations, queer kids are raised really beautifully and free of shame from day one,” he proposed. “Maybe they’ll all be flops. And they deserve to be flops if they want to!”

Check out more pics of Sivan embracing his sexy side on Instagram below.

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