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“Twinks 4 Trump” founder hosts “Corona Potluck” in his NYC apartment because of course he did

New York is having one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the country, but that didn’t stop Lucian Wintrich, founder of Twinks 4 Trump, from holding a “Corona Potluck” at his apartment in the East Village.

According to the New York Post, roughly 20 partygoers “jammed his artfully-decorated apartment, drinking and socializing under Wintrich’s massive erotic oil painting depicting the murder of Abel, encased in a gilded baroque frame.”

The invitation for the gathering, which was held on March 14, read: “They can’t diagnose us all… Don’t wash your hands. … Bring your fav dish!” It also included a picture of a little boy covered in chicken pox and a fork holding a coronavirus spore.

Wintrich says he was inspired to host the shindig by “the chickenpox parties that were all the rage in the 90s.”

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“The majority of folks I invited, if they got it, would recover fairly quickly and build up an immunity to the present form of COVID-19,” he tells the New York Post.

For the record: It is still not known if or for how long a person remains immune to COVID-19 after they have recovered from it.

Wintrich adds that nobody who went to his party was deliberately trying to infect anyone.

“The quarantine, itself, is serious to a degree,” he said. “I wouldn’t hang around folks over the age of 50 and risk infecting the more vulnerable.”

Also for the record: Nobody, regardless of their age, is safe from coronavirus. Just last week, a healthy 17-year-old from Los Angeles died from complications from COVID-19. And last weekend, a 40-year-old man from Miami, who had no prior health issues, also succumbed to the disease.

In addition to founding “Twinks 4 Trump,” for a brief while, Wintrich was a credentialed White House reporter for the alt-right blog Gateway Pundit. In 2018,  The Daily Beast reported his White House credentials had been stripped after he appeared on a white supremacist podcast. Wintrich, who rejects the “alt-right” label, disputed the report.

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