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Gay adult film performer accuses Next Door Studios exec of making death threats

Markie Moore, Next Door Studios, Rocco Fallon
Markie More

Just before Christmas, gay adult performer Markie More accused Rocco Fallon, vice-president of production and cinematography at the gay adult website Next Door Studios, of death threats (link NSFW). A day after More’s public accusations, fellow adult performer Paul Canon announced that he left Next Door Studios “for similar reasons.”

The online drama started when Fallon posted a December 19 Twitter message stating, “As we end 2018, I must say that I have never lived a year as dark as this one. I have seen some of those around me become monsters.”

In response, More — an actor who has appeared in 126 Next Door Studio scenes — wrote, ”Or could it be those people got sick of dealing with the monster that you’ve always been?”

More continued, “Can’t speak for everybody of course, just myself. Don’t you ever dare to threaten my life or those around me again.”

More eventually revealed details of Fallon’s alleged threats, writing, “My decision to leave Next Door was due to threats made by Rocco Fallon…. These threats have gone on for years. Anytime I disagreed with him or he became upset in any way, he would say he will and/or he has no problem hiring a hit man to do his dirty work.”

“Most of the threats were passive aggressive in nature. Until I decided to start giving them a sarcastic laugh. Then he began saying he’s looked into hiring hit men, and it’s a lot cheaper than I would think.”

More claimed that Fallon made these statements “countless times, every time … with sheer hate in his eyes.” When More calmly confronted Rocco about these statements on his last visit to the studio, More claims Fallon “immediately reacted with anger and began yelling at me.”

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More says Fallon later claimed his threats were “all jokes,” but their frequent occurrence and hateful tone made More doubt Fallon’s claim. More says Fallon also accused other adult film professionals of employing hit men too.

“I’ve never been a big fan of drama,” More continued. “But I think it’d be rather stupid of me if [Fallon] did indeed make true on his words and then all the sudden, I’m gone and he’s off in the free and clear. I’m in no way afraid of [Fallon’s] physical capabilities but when you have to look over your shoulder wherever you go, it can wear on you.”

On December 21, fellow adult film star Paul Canon — who has appeared in 19 Next Door Studio scenes — claimed on Twitter that he’d also departed from the studio “for similar reasons,” adding “[Fallon’s] a pr*ck.” Canon’s tweet seems to have since been deleted.

Paul Canon, Rocco Fallon, Markie More
Paul Canon’s now-deleted tweet about Next Door Studios VP of Production and Cinematography, Rocco Fallon.

Fallon hasn’t publicly commented on More’s and Canon’s accusations. Queerty has reached out to Fallon to ask whether More’s claims are true.

More and Canon’s accusations are all the more troubling when viewed in the light of four gay adult performers making serious accusations against BoyCrush studio owner Bryan Schwandt earlier this year. The young performers accused Schwandt of rape, coercion and harassment.

Soon after, Schwandt announced his retirement from BoyCrush studio, though it’s unclear if he still profits from its work.

In a June 2018 interview, former gay adult director Kevin Clarke called sexual misconduct with young performers, drug use, and coerced prostitution “an industry-wide problem.” Clarke also said that young industry whistleblowers and performers who try to form unions are often fired, blackballed or subject to public character assassinations for speaking out.

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