Lisbon Deserves A Hand

Two Men Walk Down The Streets Of Portugal Holding Hands And The Result — Wuh? — Is Totally Awesome

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 1.46.19 PMWhy, hello again. It seems like only yesterday we told you about those two brave gentlemen who walked through Jerusalem holding hands and secretly filming the responses of your average jerk off the streets. (OK, we posted it like two hours ago.)

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Well, while that social experiment yielded a barrage of homophobic catcalls — much like when it was attempted in Moscow and Russia last month — the results in Portugal turned out to be far more encouraging. Almost ridiculously so. Almost definitely ridiculously so.

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Walking through Lisbon hand in hand for three days (with some coffee breaks in-between, we imagine), sprightly couple Lorenzo and Pedro received an overwhelmingly positive response. Sure, there were some curious stares, but no skunk-eyed glares, and no punches. Not even one neo-Nazi tried to kill them.

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In fact, as their confidence surged, Lorenzo and Pedro passionately made out a few times, and — really testing the limits of propriety — went in for an impromptu jag of Ring Around the Rosy. And by the look of the footage, people were just fine with that. (Which is pretty shocking —  we’ve been glared at by gay men in gay bars for far less.)

In short, the whole thing is pretty damn awesome. So let’s all move to Lisbon.



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