UC Berkeley Swim Coach At Center Of Gay Scandal Just One Of Many Employees Accused Of Sexual Misconduct


Holy Oski-Wow-Wow!

A popular swim coach at UC Berkeley has been accused of sexually harassing a male co-worker for nearly two years. But it looks like his case is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to alleged sexual misconduct violations committed by employees of the university.

Todd Mulzet (pictured) has been the diving coach for both the men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams at UC Berkeley for three years. The alleged harassment happened over an 18-month period between 2014 and 2015.

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According to a 400-page report — yes, it’s 400 pages! — released by the university this week, Mulzet has been accused of falsely calling his co-worker “my boyfriend” at swim meets and of making repeated unwanted sexual comments towards the man, including asking him “When are you coming to the dark side?” and offering him $300 for a blow job.

Mulzet is not publicly commenting on the case, though the report says he denied many of the accusations to investigators. He did admit to making some of the remarks, however, though he said they were merely meant as “compliments.” He also said he believed the co-worker was speaking out in retaliation after Mulzet expressed frustration over his job performance.

But it appears Mulzet is far from the only UC Berkeley employee accused of sexual misconduct in recent years.  In fact, he’s one of over a dozen.

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The report mentions 17 — 17! — other cases that were investigated by the campus Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination dating back to 2008. Some of the reports include:

  • A male researcher who resigned after a co-worker allegedly fondled him in a lab.
  • A cafeteria worker who allegedly bragged about the size of his penis and used antigay slurs against a male co-worker.
  • A professor who invited a student to Hawaii for a “dirty smoke-filled weekend of unadulterated guilty pleasure and sins.”
  • A staff member who allegedly flirted with and texted unsolicited dick pics to a male intern.
  • A custodian who allegedly spied on a student in the shower.
  • A painter who was caught having sex in an empty dorm room then allegedly clogged a toilet with food wrappers and feces in retaliation for being reprimanded.

As a result of what is clearly a problem at the school, the university has announced a new Chancellor’s Committee on Sexual Violence, Harassment and Assault that will “examine and address culture issues.” New sexual harassment measures are also being instituted, and all campus employees are being required to complete a new sexual harassment training course.

As for Mulzet, the university says he will not be fired. Instead he will have his pay docked 5 percent for two months, totaling $455.30, or the cost of about one and a half $300 blowjobs.

Go, Golden Bears!

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h/t: The Daily Californian

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  • footwork61

    Would it be a funny if the victims of these alleged incidents were women? Is it funny because you think a man can’t be the victim of sexual harassment? Shame.

  • Billy Budd

    I am a professor but I’ve never fucked my students. Regardless of how cute and irresistible they were. We’ve got to have manners.

  • James Rumsey

    So im guessing the other 11 that you don’t mention in the article are heterosexuals?

  • skcord

    Is he the same guy who dated David Geffen in the 90’s? Also, he’s still pretty hot, he shouldn’t have to harass unwilling participants….

  • Dave Zornek

    When I was an undergrad @ UC Berkeley, one of the campus physicians was fired for molesting patients.

  • Jeff Medley

    This shows how the system works

  • Bob Kellerman

    Some of the things in this story are pretty overblown. Let’s start with that with the fact that a decent-looking swimming and Diving coach could get tons of gay students to do it with him happily if he wanted

  • martinbakman

    Offering a coworker money for a BJ? Can’t he find someone outside of work to bother?

  • davidjohng

    What is it with academic environments? They live in an unreal world onto themselves. I remember being at UC Berkeley along time ago when I was an undergrad and a grad assistant was harassing me for being gay. It was the 70s and the whole harassment thing hadn’t come out yet. I remember a professor calling me on the phone for a date and a law school dean woof whistling me. In grad school more recently there was a lesbian professor who was quite openly flirting and crossing the boundary with her 20-something assistants. I don’t recall asking for these responses but I am glad the law is finally coming after them and was a little shocked this coach didn’t get fired. I think he deserved it. As a professional I am aware of the importance of ethnical boundaries. I don’t have a lot of respect for academic professionals who cant think they’re above their own university policies which are there to protect their students.

  • Juan Torred

    Typical behavior in Universities with ppl who act entitled and above everyone else cushy job huggers.

  • brandon

    well… i hope he’s still there when i start there

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