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It’s always especially disheartening when gays turn on their own, so let’s put the organizers of Beach Bear Weekend on blast, shall we?

According to Craig Jungwirth’s LinkedIn profile, he’s enjoyed a fruitful career as an engineer specializing in theme park rides, but this week he’s on a personal rollercoaster, the sight of which is enough to give us nausea.

Several member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the fabulous band of drag queen nuns hell-bent on making the world around them a more colorful and accepting place, have accused Jungwirth of harassment.

Jungwirth is the director of Beach Bear Weekend, and by the looks of it, he’s downright pissed at the idea of a man in a dress at his event.

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The Peacock Panache reports that the tensions kicked off when Jungwirth, from his now-deleted Facebook account, friended Sister Evelyn Tensions and invited her her to Beach Bear.

Inexplicably, Jungwirth soon after posted a message to Evelyn’s wall that said: “You are trespassed from BeachBear Weekend and FiremansBall.”

Evelyn, confused by what Jungwirth meant by being “tressespassed,” sent him a message asking for clarification, especially given the fact that she had no intention of attending in the first place.

That led to this bizarre exchange in which Jungwirth accuses Evelyn of being a “dangerous cyberstalker”:


The image may be a bit tough to read without zooming in, so here are some highlights:

Evelyn: So you friended me, specifically to tell me I’m NOT allowed there?

Craig: Stupid ass motherfucker. You’re trespassed in perpetuity.


Craig: And now you have violated Florida cyberstalking laws. Reported to the flpd.

Evelyn: Lmao. You really are delusional. Peace man.

Craig: Youre a dangerous cyberstalker

The ugliness then moved to Twitter, where Jungwirth boasts of his “proclamation from the mayor” that “everybody loves Beach Bear Weekend,” and that “all sisters are trespassed” from the event.

He went on to Tweet: “wtf are you wearing makeup and a dress for? Man up fuck.”

A scroll through Beach Bear’s Facebook page shows lots of odd activity on March 2 — a lengthy barrage of status updates showing screenshots of the Beach Bear wall (how meta) from the same cellphone.

Mixed into the strangeness is this odd bit of vitriol, echoing the same aggressive tone (note: in one of the above photos we found of Jungwirth, he’s wearing an MIT t-shirt):

If you’re not educated at Harvard and MIT and of a certain c persuasion, you shall be charged a supplement over the list price to attend BeachBear Weekend and FiremansBall. Pound sand. You had the opportunity to apply and graduate – if you weren’t disciplined to pay the piper then, you’ll pay now. Stay in school, kids. Stay in school. Just look at that 7.9% acceptance rate and weep. just went invitation only. Good luck getting one, son.

The Peacock Panache also uncovered previous reports of Jungwirth’s dangerous demeanor.

Earlier this year South Florida Gay News reported:

SFGN has learned that the newly appointed director of Beach Bear Weekend has a checkered legal past, which includes both civil and criminal issues.

First, SFGN has discovered that Craig Jungwirth, the new director had a permanent injunction and restraining order entered against him by a former employer, for conduct alleged to have been “threatening, erratic and violent,” according to court filings.

Additionally, Jungwirth, who was once arrested for stalking, is presently facing misdemeanor charges in Broward County Court for defrauding an innkeeper. He is fighting those charges vigorously, with counsel. The stalking charge has since been dropped, but court records also reveal that Jungwirth was evicted from his Wilton Manors apartment at 100 N.E. 23rd Street for non-payment of rent.

After being named to the Beach Bear posts, a number of local activists have been posting concerns that the new representative for “Bear Tourism” would be charged with defrauding an innkeeper. But the charges are still pending.

But that’s not all, folks. They added:

However, in researching the allegations, SFGN learned that separate from that incident, circuit courts from three different states (Florida, Ohio and Massachusetts) have entered restraining orders against Jungwirth for threatening behavior. They include representations that Jungwirth would “bankrupt” his ex-employers, and they would soon be facing “heart attacks.”

Additionally, at least four former colleagues from his job in Massachusetts have filed individual petitions for restraining orders against Jungwirth, expressing fear for their personal safety.

There’s no way Jungwirth represents the opinions of everyone involved at Beach Bear Weekend. By the looks of it we imagine there could be others involved who are perhaps reluctant to speak out for fear of being his next target.

But publicly harassing members of the community with such amplified grotesqueness cannot stand.

Time to dump him, Beach Bear!

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