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WATCH: Erasure Teases New U.S. Tour With “When I Start To (Break It All Down)” Montage Video

Synth-pop duo Erasure won’t release “When I Start To (Break It All Down),” the first single from their brand new album, Tomorrow’s World, until September 26. (And the whole album doesn’t drop until October 4) But the clip above offers nice version of the song and a peek at their new U.S. tour, kicking off tonight in DC and wrapping in Seattle in October.

Lead singer Andy Bell is bummed about the lack of attention the album is getting, especially in his native England. He tweeted:

Erasure doesn’t seem to exist any more re. the UK media is concerned i.e. including radio they’d much rather support 19 or Psyco than Indies…

We have been Erased in place of the closet case

The boys may not be hitting the dizzying heights of Chorus or The Innocents anymore, but even their lesser efforts are better than most pedestrian Top 10 music. And, having seen Bell dominate the stage a few years back, we can confirm this is a tour you do not want to miss.

Image via Andrew Hurley

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  • dollyknockers

    We saw Erasure a couple of months ago on their “Toatl Pop” tour. In the UK the concerts where outdoors in the middle of forests. Despite atrocious weather that seemed to follow the tour around the country, it did nothing to dampen the enthusiastic fans that packed out every show.

    Erasure do not use dancers, acrobats, special effects etc. With Erasure it’s all about the music. Andy on lead vocals and Vince on synths and guitar. Backing vocals usually provided by “ever present” Val and another of equal ability. Just four performers on the stage but they have no problem in filling any venue with their presence. Where as Vince is known to prefer to stay out of the spotlight, Andy more than makes up for it with his stage presence. His interaction with the audience is second to none. You feel he is speaking to YOU as a friend he hasn’t seen in a while. Andys voice has matured over the years and his vocal range has grown. Every song is delivered “live”, no lip sync needed here and no Autotune, just pure talent.

    We are off to see Erasure on this tour when they get to Cambridge, UK and we are looking forward to it. If you have never seen them live you have missed out. Just make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.

  • JoeyB

    Ummm, the song is ok, not great. Maybe if they got back to making great music they would be covered in England. They seem to have fallen behind the times.

  • Adrian Acosta

    awww, I love Erasure but I don’t like how they autotuned Andy’s voice so much in this song. Let’s hope the rest of the songs on the album aren’t so autotune heavy

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