WATCH: Frozen Anthem “Let It Go” Finally Gets The Drag Queen Cover It Deserves

Will there ever come a point at which we, as a culture, are no longer obsessed with “Let it Go” from Frozen? Let’s assume that the answer is no, and that like Plato’s dialogues we will still be discussing this song thousands of years in the future.

But shockingly, there are relatively few drag covers of the song. This is an unforgivable oversight on the part of the drag community.

Fortunately, Dixie Lynn Cartwright has stepped up with some lip-syncing (to her own voice, Queerty readers, including DLC herself, have pointed out), evocative wrist gestures, and clip art. Let it go, girl.

DLC’s been performing for about a decade and has a slew of lip-syncing videos, so we’re very pleased to see the new gay national anthem added to her repertoire.

Also recommended: Jackie Cox performing the song live on stage at Slurp Sundays in New York, featuring some delightful stagecraft.

Alas, we have yet to see a drag queen emulate Elsa’s crazy slut-walk through the castle at the end of the song. Someone please get on that.

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  • Dan Renzi

    I may or may not have practiced that walk while exiting the movie theater. And in front of my bathroom mirror a few times. (…today.)

  • JHennessey

    Just FYI… Dixie is actually singing this version. It’s not a lip sync!

  • dixielynncartwright

    Wow! Thank you for the recognition! Thanks so much!

    Just one note…I am lip-synching, but to my own singing voice. The article makes it sound like I don’t sing, and that’s kinda what I’m all about! :-)

    Thanks again!

  • dclee_chitown

    Dixie is lip syn’ing to a recording of her own vioice. (Try recording a video with live singing.). I can vouch for her that this is her. I stand in front of Dixie in the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus every week. This girl can belt it out – even when she not supposed to!

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