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WATCH: There’s video allegedly showing George Santos as a drag queen in Brazil

Rep. George Santos
Rep. George Santos (Photo: US Gov.)

The George Santos story continues to throw up more twists. Yesterday, a couple of people in Brazil came forward to say they remember Santos (previously known as Anthony Devolder) when he lived in Brazil.

They both said he did drag under the name “Kitara Ravache”. Santos today denied that he’d ever “performed” as a drag queen and slammed the media’s “obsession” with his life.

The drag claims about George Santos

Journalist Marisa Kabas spoke with Brazilian drag queen Eula Rochard, 58, who claimed she remembered Santos, 34, from the time he spent in Brazil in the late 00s. Rochard said Santos had a drag persona.

“Eula says she met Santos when he was 16 or 17 years old and became friends because they were both gay and enjoyed drag,” said Kabas.

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Rochard told friends she remembered Santos from doing drag in Brazil. Her friends doubted her, so Rochard went back through old photos to look for proof. She posted one to her Facebook account. This prompted Kabas to reach out to her.

Kabas said in a later tweet there’s nothing wrong with doing drag. However, it’s worth highlighting that Santos, the first out gay Republican elected to Congress, is a lawmaker within a party that has done little to advance LGBTQ rights. Many of its members are also anti-drag.

Drag beauty pageant

News agency Reuters followed up on the Kabas story. It also tracked down Rochard, and an acquaintance of Santos who did not wish to be named. Both said they remembered Santos in drag.

Rochard told Reuters that Santos wore drag at the first LGBTQ Pride parade in Niteroi in 2005. Three years later, Santos took part in a drag beauty pageant at Brazil’s Icaraí Beach.

Rochard added that Santos was a “poor” drag queen in 2005 with a simple black dress. However, three years later he returned with more money and a flamboyant pink dress. He still lost the beauty pageant, however.

Online, some say that a video posted in 2013 shows Santos in drag from the first Pride parade in Niteroi in 2005.

This is not the first time George Santos has been linked to the name ‘Kitara’. Last month, responding to a tweet by Ana Navarro, Brazilian LGBTQ activist Bruna Benevides suggested people ask Santos about ‘Kitara Ravache’.

Santos denies he ever “performed” in drag

Today, Santos posted a tweet addressing the claims. He said is not a drag queen and it is false to say he ever “performed” as a drag queen.

“The most recent obsession from the media claiming that I am a drag Queen or “performed” as a drag Queen is categorically false. The media continues to make outrageous claims about my life while I am working to deliver results. I will not be distracted nor fazed by this.”

Queerty has reached out to Santos’ office to ask if he denies wearing women’s clothing at a Pride festival in Brazil. We await a response.

Santos’ mother reportedly not in US on 9/11

In other Santos-related news, it appears official US government forms contradict another of the NYC lawmaker’s tales. Santos says his mom was in the World Trade Center when it was hit by planes in 2001. She survived the attack but died of cancer in 2016. Santos tweeted in 2021, “9/11 claimed my mothers life.”

However, on a US visa form in the early 00s, Santos’ mother said she had not been in the US since 1999. The Washington Post says Fatima Devolder applied for a visa in February 2003.

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Santos’ campaign website previously stated, “George’s mother was in her office in the South Tower on Sept. 11, 2001, when the horrific events of that day unfolded.

“She survived the tragic events on September 11th, but she passed away a few years later when she lost her battle to cancer.”

Santos has claimed his mom was a high-flying financial businesswoman. However, acquaintances of the late Mrs. Devolder dispute this and say she worked as a housekeeper.

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