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Web series ‘Michael And Michael Are Gay’ returns and straight people are already losing their minds

Still from episode two of

It turns out ideas, even ones as seemingly innocuous as open-marriage threesomes, really can be dangerous once they’re unleashed into the world.

A casual dinner party nearly turns into a crime scene when Michael and Michael — that’s real-life married couple Michael J. Feldman and Michael Rachlis — open up about their sex life in the new episode of their web series, Michael And Michael Are Gay.

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It’s the first episode back after the duo successfully crowdfunded back in March, and you can expect a new one every Tuesday for the next several weeks.

The latest installment features Andy Bean (Here and Now, Power) and Cloie Wyatt Taylor (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Futureman) as the Michaels’ straight dinner companions. It was directed by Ian Alda (Silicone Valley) and Annika Kurnick and shot/edited by Russell Lee Cramer.

Watch below:

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