Where Are They Now? 10 Famously Irresistible Kept Men

Calvin Klein’s boy toy Nick Gruber may think he’s the hottest model on the market right now, but he has to know he’s not the first cowboy at the rodeo.

Beautiful men have been hustling since the dawn of time, and whether they’re in it for the exposure or the Platinum card, they almost always wind up without. In honor of Nick’s brand new “image,” here are some of our favorite kept men of all time:


Scott Thorson

Easily the most noted of history’s kept boys, Scott Thorson was made famous by his May-December relationship with Liberace. He was hired as the pianist’s “personal companion” at 17 and was showered with money and gifts until the two split in 1982.

Where is he now? Thorson and Liberace’s romance was translated to film for HBO’s 2013 biopic, Under the Candelabra.


Nick Gruber

The modern-day Scott Thorson is currently famous for his on-again, off-again relationship with 70-year-old fashion designer Calvin Klein. Their tumultuous relationship is far too messy to summarize here.

Where is he now? Back together with Mr. Klein, and getting a fabulous image makeover to boot!


Casper Smart

Believe it or not, J Lo has been with her pretty boy toy for almost two years now! The pop star started dating Smart, her then backup dancer, a year after her divorce from Marc Anthony.

Where is he now? Cruising for blowjobs in New York City’s gay sex shops.


Rupert Everett

The English actor led a seedy life after running away from home when he was only 16. He told US Magazine in 1997 that he worked as a prostitute for drugs and lived with male suitors for as long as they’d have him.

Where is he now? Unhappy with his career at 54, Everett made headlines earlier this year for warning other gay actors not to come out of the closet.


Jesus Luz

The 26-year-old Brazilian model met Madonna during a Steven Klein photoshoot for W Magazine in 2008. The two had a high-profile romance for a year before a sudden split because—surprise!—Madonna said he was too young.

Where is he now? He’s still a model, but now also a DJ. We hope he’s still letting his inner thigh hair grow.


Harry Louis

This hunky Brazilian model made a name for himself in the porn industry before falling into Marc Jacobs’ lap of luxury. No one is really sure when they’re dating and when they’re not, but it’s safe to say they’re “back together” whenever a beach photo surfaces.

Where is he now? Making chocolates!


Ryan Nickulas

The A-List: New York star was one of the first to be cast for the show. He made the cut during the early stages when the show’s working title was “Kept”, and producers were searching for guys “dating extremely established, successful men.”

Where is he now? Who cares?!


Baptiste Giabiconi

This 23-year-old, 6’1″ model is said to be the world’s highest paid male model. He’s currently the face of Chanel, Fendi, and serves as legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld’s “muse.”

Where is he now? In Karl Lagerfeld’s bed! You would be too if you’ve felt what 10,000 thread count Egyptian cotton feels like.


Joey Stefano

The gay porn star was rumored to be the kept man of then-closeted music mogul David Geffen in the early ’90s. He had several other alleged romances before his untimely death in 1994.

Where is he now? The late star’s life is being turned into a feature-length film. Read Queerty’s exclusive interview with filmmaker Chad Darnell here.



Calvin Klein isn’t the only man with a Sean Cody boy toy! Director Bryan Singer was rumored to be dating a Sean Cody porn star by the name of Jess two years ago.

Where is he now? Still working for Sean Cody, but don’t act like you didn’t already know that.

Know any others? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Geoff B

    So they’re quasi famous for sleeping with rich men? Um, I’m guessing most of the posters here probably do more for our cause than any of these guys.

  • Snapper59

    How accurate is your historical data here? David Geffen and Joey Stefano? I’m pretty sure back in the day Geffen housed a blond muscular (straight) Falcon star who had that college boy look, the name escapes me at the present but the guy left gay porn pretty quickly after it was rumored he was Geffen’s kept boy.

    And I’ve read on DListed Baptiste split from “Kunty Karl” BUT left him a white cat that has stolen the Kunty one’s heart to the point it has it’s own secretary who’s purpose is to write down what it does when Karl is away. There are more than one instances of mega rich leaving their fortunes to their pet.

  • Jermaine

    Hey!! Ryan Nickulas is a great guy and him and his partner just recently welcomed twins!!

  • jmmartin

    Am I some kind of homophobe? Liberace makes my skin crawl, and I have never understood why his young male companion could stand being around him. Liberace exhibited every trait s8’s see in a gay man as stereotypical, for starters the “mincing” voice. Is it possible that younger gay lovers like Thorson are often “only in it for the money”? If true, it speaks poorly of gays in general and Thorson in particular. Is it possible Thorson is, himself, a stereotype? Just wondering….

  • Mr-DJ

    Best answer to “Where are they now?” was the “WHO CARES” to the A-LIST New Yorker.

  • broadshoulder

    Why the hell do you feature Rupert Everett? That twat is so far back in the closet he’s in fucking Narnia

  • musclemutt

    @broadshoulder: It counts for something that he was far out when it counted.

  • MacAdvisor

    jmmartin: Liberace did the best he could under the circumstances of his time. He was not brave for the cause, nor did he really bust open any doors, but he also lived and performed in a very, very different time and place. Be kind, remember some future generation is likely to judge us just as harshly.

    As for the relationship with Thorson, let’s just say it was complicated. Thomson was living with very restrictive conservative parents and Liberace was an obvious way out. The two also clearly cared for each other or the relationship could never have been so messy (the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference — that much drama is a very good sign of some strong attachments), but I, too, have some doubts they would have been together for so long if Liberace hadn’t been rich. On the other hand, I don’t think Thorson wouldn’t have become such a total mess if not for Liberace money, either. In the end, I don’t think Liberace was good for Thorson, but I wasn’t involved and prefer not to judge to harshly the lives of others.

  • Daggerman

    …Ah for goodness sake, if you are gay (which in reality most men are), nearly all of them lead hush-hush lives. But once they get smothered in millions of riches by old wrinkled poofs I don’t think they’ll turn any of it down…!

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